with Chuck Courtney
"Log 55: Missing Child"

October 31, 1970

"Adam-12" opening screen.

Mr. Benton reports an assault but doesn't tell Malloy
& Reed that the culprit is hiding in another room.

Malloy suspects something is amiss and
writes a note to Mr. Benton.

Mr. Benton motions to the back room with
his cane after reading the note from Malloy.

Opening the door, Curtis Christie (Chuck
Courtney), is startled.

Reed goes after Christie after he
crashes through the window

Christie (Chuck Courtney) has a few words to
his uncle as he's being cuffed by Reed.

Curtis Christie (Chuck Courtney) is
cuffed and ready to be transported

Christie (Chuck Courtney) is not
happy with his uncle.

The ending cast credits with Chuck
Courtney's role as Curtis Christie.


A brief story with Chuck appearing as a nephew of Mr. Benton.
Chuck beats his uncle up and steals from him before Malloy &
Reed are able to arrest him.

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