"The Complete Series - Annie Oakley" on DVD!


The cover of the DVD set"The Complete Series
Annie Oakley" which was released on October 21, 2014


The information received is direct from VCI Entertainment Vice President Don Blair, a good and trusted friend
and who worked hand in hand with Terrie Davis who supplied all the necessary goodies to make this a worthwhile
collectors set. Knowing from past history of VCI's work of The Lone Ranger, Zane Grey, to name a few, VCI
takes special interest and care and makes each project such as this a labor of love, and with the close help of Gail's
daughter, VCI has put together an unforgettable package loaded to the brim with hundreds of photos,
interviews and an unseen new documentary on the shows' star, Gail Davis. Included is the original unseen pilot with
Billy Gray before the role was given to Jimmy Hawkins. This set is going to be the cream of the crop and includes
all 81 episodes. Also included are 16 of the original commercials.


This is what will be in the DVD package.

There are 11 Discs in a special Scanavo brand case. Each case is clear with double sided
printing on the cover wrap. Each case has 11 separate DVD trays (no stacking). This set
is priced at $99.99 suggested retail, and is available through Amazon or Deep
Discount or at VCI Entertainment at a discounted price. Please check Amazon.com at
"Amazon"or DeepDiscount.com at "Deep Discount" or VCI Entertainment at "VCI"or
your other favorite retailers for ordering. It was released on October 21, 2014. Also, be
sure to check out these special You Tube posting by VCI Entertainment at: "Annie Never
and "Annie Oakley and Lofty Craig"


Screen shot of Gail Davis as Annie

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