in "Trail of the Killer"

March 4, 1955

"Buffalo Bill, Jr." title screen

"Trail of the Killer" is the name of this episode.

Billy The Kid (Chuck Courtney) and his partner
Charlie Bowdre have just murdered a posse and
are deciding what to do next.

Judge Wiley (Harry Cheshire), Calamity (Nancy
Gilbert) and Buffalo Bill Jr. (Dick Jones) have
heard that Billy The Kid is in the area.

Billy tells Bowdre that he will head for Wileyville.

Billy arrives in Wileyville for supplies.

Billy competes with Bill in a shooting contest
after Calamity challenges Billy.

Billy's lack of table manners shows when invited
to eat with the Judge, Calamity & Bill.

Billy & Bowdre are planning to ambush
the posse that's chasing them.

Ending guest credits. A nice little episode of
Buffalo Bill, Jr. and Chuck does a great job
as bad Billy The Kid.


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