"Captive of Billy the Kid"

with Clayton Moore


Title screen of "Captive of Billy the Kid".

Movie credits with Clayton Moore included.

Allan 'Rocky' Lane.

Clayton on the left as Paul Howard.

Clayton as Paul Howard on the Left
Allan 'Rocky' Lane on the right.

Another close-up of Clayton and Rocky.

Clem Bevans as 'Skeeter' Davis
and Clayton as Paul Howard.

LtoR:Nancy McCreary,Van Stanley,
Rocky, 'Skeeter' and Paul Howard.

'Skeeter' and Clayton in another close-up.

Paul Howard (Clayton Moore).

'Skeeter', Rocky, Paul, Van &
Randy Brown (Mauritz Hugo).

'Skeeter', Paul, Van and Randy Brown.

LtoR: 'Skeeter', Nancy and Paul.

Clayton as Paul Howard takes a quick look behind.

Van Stanley and Paul Howard.

Happy ending with Clayton on the left.

Final group shot at the end.



Clayton plays the part of Paul Howard and is a "good guy" this time. Allan "Rocky" Lane
tries to figure out who the killer is in a group of 5 people, each who have a piece of a map
which will lead to the buried treasure stolen by Billy the Kid. A nice film to watch.

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