Gene Autry

"The Carnival Comes West"

August 24, 1954


The opening screen to the Gene Autry show.

The title screen of this episode in
which Clayton Moore appears.

Carnival owner, Tom Golden (Clayton)
arrives back at the carnival.

Tom Golden discusses his recent troubles
with Pat Buttram & Gene Autry.

Golden is told about the trouble that Slim had in
putting up posters for the carnival.

Slim (William Fawcett) points out the two
culprits as they ride up with the sheriff.

The sheriff (Denver Pyle) arrives to settle a complaint
made by the two bad guys against Slim.

Pat points out a runaway buckboard with a small
boy aboard! Yes, Pat's wearing boxing gloves.

Slim & Tom Golden discussing their next move.

Gene asks Golden about an old photo of a trapeze
artist. This woman just happens to be living in town
under another name, Emma Conley.

Clayton, Ann Doran (Emma Conley) and
Gene at the end of the episode.

The cast of "The Carnival Comes West".

"The Carnival Comes West"

August 24, 1954

Directed by Ross Lederman



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