Cheerios & The Lone Ranger Ride Again!


The front of the special Cheerios and The Lone Ranger package
which came out in November, 2001


Cheerios is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with a salute to "The Lone Ranger" with a special promotional package and a free retro lunch box. You get the retro lunch box free when you buy the special two pack of Cheerios. The lunch box looks great!

The special 60th anniversary package contains a Cheerios box much as it appeared in 1941, which featured The Lone Ranger radio version of the Lone Ranger figure on the front of the package. On the back of the 1941 package is some great information on the history of Cheerios and a small picture of a Cheerios box advertising The Lone Ranger Frontier Town. They have a small piece on the Cheerios association with The Lone Ranger as well. The second package is the 2001 version of the Cheerios box and has no reference to the Lone Ranger on it.

The lunch box is sandwiched between the 1941 and 2001 Cheerios boxes. I can't see the back or sides of the box due to the packaging and all of the package is wrapped in cellophane. The lunch box is about 5 inches wide and about 4 inches tall and appears to be gray and blue as the principal colors with a nice looking old-style Lone Ranger drawing on the front (top) of the box. It has a red plastic handle. The package gives the value of the lunch box at $5.99, so considering that I paid $5 for the entire package, I think I made a great purchase. Now, do I open the package or not?

On the one end panel, is additional Lone Ranger and Cheerios history and an advertisement on the November 13, 2001 release of the Rhino Home Video Lone Ranger, color episodes from season Five, on VHS and DVD. One last thing to mention, is that there is a cut out your own Lone Ranger mask, on the back of the special cardboard strip which is part of the packaging. Check your grocery store shelves for this BIG package (about 25 inches wide and it was in a special, non-cereal aisle in a local HyVee store) and don't delay! You might want to think about picking up a couple of the packages. Finally, please take the time to write a note to General Mills or at least call them on their 1-800 number (found on the package) and express your thanks to them for remembering The Lone Ranger with this special promotion.They deserve a pat on the back for this fine promotion.

Back view of the entire Cheerios package.

Top view of the retro lunch box.

Bottom side of the retro lunch box.

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