with Chuck Courtney
"White Warrior"

March 11, 1958

"Cheyenne" show, with Clint Walker, opening screen.

Episode title screen of "White Warrior".

Neal Benedict (Chuck Courtney) with his father,
Matt Benedict (Morris Ankrum).

L to R: Cheyenne (Clint Walker), Neal (Chuck Courtney)
and Matt Benedict (Morris Ankrum).

L to R: White Hawk, Eli Henderson, Cheyenne,
Homer Duffield, and Matt & Neal Benedict.

L to R: Pinto Torrey, Eli Henderson,
and Matt & Neal Benedict.

Matt Benedict urges Neal (Chuck Courtney) to do
something about White Hawk talking to the girl .

Matt doesn't like White Hawk and tries to
get Neal to confront the Indian boy.

White Hawk (Michael Landon) and
Neal Benedict are about to begin a fight.

White Hawk knocks Neal to the ground and Matt
wants him to get back up and continue the fight.

Henderson argues with Cheyenne about the route the
wagon train is going to take as Neal & Matt watch.

Part of the ending credits list with
Chuck Courtney and his character's name.



A nice episode of Cheyenne with Chuck appearing in a number of scenes including a vigorous fight scene with
Michael Landon. My copy of this episode came from a Warner Home Video tape and it is of excellent quality.

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