"Kansas Pacific" 1953

Clayton Moore plays the part of a man named "Stone"

Clayton is the 3rd from the right and getting his instructions from his boss

"Stone", in the brown jacket, is signing up to work for the railroad but his intentions are not good

Stone has just been fired by Capt. John Nelson, played by Sterling Hayden and in the middle is Cal Bruce, played by Barton MacLane

Stone has just been knocked down by Capt. Johnson and comes back after Johnson with more than his fists

"Kansas Pacific" is available on video and is a good film with Clayton Moore a definite bad guy in a black hat. It concerns the construction of the Kansas-Pacific railroad in 1860 as southern sympathizers do their best to delay and halt the construction. Eve Miller also stars in this movie, as Barbara Bruce. If you get a chance to pick it up or to view it you will enjoy it.

Stone is about to do another nasty trick and is going to use that rifle to accomplish his task

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