Clayton Moore's Lone Ranger Outfits up for Auction - June 22, 2013!

Dawn Moore, daughter of Clayton Moore, is putting up for auction, three Lone Ranger outfits. These outfits were in her father's collection. Also up for auction are: "Clayton Moore’s Lone Ranger Stetson, three pair of boots, and his famous Bohlin double-holster gun rig with “silver” bullets will also be part of the sale, along with signed Lone Ranger comics, books, awards and other personal items." The auction is being handled through Brian Lebel's Old West Show & Auction. See below for the auction press release with the details of the auction.

Here is the press release for Brian Lebel’s 24th Annual Old West Auction, June 22, 2013 "Auction - Press Release as a PDF file.


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