"Code of the Pioneers"

February 17, 1955

The Lone Ranger opening.

Dan (Chuck Courtney) talks to the Lone Ranger about
Tonto being on a trip to Washington D.C.

Marshall Bill Grant (Walter Reed) & Sam Hawkins
(Paul Keast) discuss the upcoming election for sheriff.

Marshall Bill Grant (Walter Reed) expresses his
concern to Mrs. Curtis about the recent increase in crime.

Mrs. Curtis is visited by Luke Potter (Harry Lauter) &
Elia P. Bradley (Lyle Talbot).

Dan & his uncle, The Lone Ranger, find the injured
Marshall Bill Grant after he was ambushed.

The bad guys, L to R: Luke Potter (Harry Lauter), Pete
(Ron Sha'an), Bradley (Lyle Talbot) & Ames (Bill Kennedy).

Jimmy Curtis (Barry Curtis) watches as Ames
& Pete steal the printing press.

Marshall Grant, the Lone Ranger & Dan about
to move in on the bad guys & rescue Jimmy.

Dan, Marshall Grant, the Ranger, Jimmy & Mrs. Curtis
discuss the latest newspaper edition, hot off the press.


Jimmy Curtis (Barry Curtis) shows Mrs. Curtis (Emlen Davies)
the silver bullet given to him by the Lone Ranger.

Ending cast credits of "Code of the Pioneers".


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