"The Deserter"

April 23, 1953

The Lone Ranger rearing Silver in the opening.

Sgt. Macy (Robert Foulk) & Lt. Stevens (Keith Richards)
looking for a deserter.

Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) meeting up with
the Lone Ranger & Tonto.

Dan, The Lone Ranger & Tonto working
on their plans for the day.

Private Jack Carey (Rand Brooks) is given water by Dan.

Private Carey (Rand Brooks) explains his
predicament to the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger & Dan listen intently
to Private Carey's story.

Dan waits in the cabin along with the
Lone Ranger for word from Tonto.

Dirk Blaisdell (Gene Roth) & Smiley Hawks
(Lane Bradford) meet up with Private Carey.

Dan, the Lone Ranger & Tonto are about to leave after
capturing the bad guys & helping Private Carey.


First part of the ending cast credits.

Second part of the ending cast credits.


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