Gene Autry

"Dry Gulch At Devil's Elbow"

September 8, 1953


The opening screen to the Gene Autry show.

The title screen of this episode in which
Clayton Moore appears as an outlaw named Bud.

Bud (Clayton) & accomplice overhear Pat's tall tale.

Bud is about to ambush Gene Autry who is going after Pat.

Bud (far right) and his accomplice capture Gene & Pat.

Bud tells Snap Larkin (John Doucette) why they brought
Gene & Pat to the hideout.

Bud (on the far left) and his pals

Bud and his pals enjoy Gene's singing.

Bud comes back after Pat knocks out Snap Larkin
and before Gene & Pat can escape.

Snap Larkin and his gang wait for the stage that they plan
to rob. Bud is at the right.

Pat drags Bud to the side after Gene ropes him off his horse.

The supporting cast of "Dry Gulch At Devil's Elbow".

"Dry Gulch At Devil's Elbow"

September 8, 1953

Directed by George Archainbaud



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