"Dan Reid's Fight for Life"

November 18, 1954

The Lone Ranger opening.

Red Dixon(Mickey Simpson) & Gus Gotwals (Henry Kulky)
have just shot Ranger Roy Barnett.

Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) renders aid to the wounded
Texas Ranger, Roy Barnett (John Stephenson).

Dan and Roy Barnett await the arrival
of the Lone Ranger & Tonto.

Pancho (Nacho Galindo) sees Red & Gus approaching
with their prisoner, Dan Reid.

The Lone Ranger & Tonto are about to enter the rear
entrance of the cave where Dan is being held prisoner.

The Lone Ranger lights up the cave for Tonto
& himself with the aid of a candle.

Dan has regained consciousness and listens as Juan,
Red & Pancho plot their next crime.

Red Dixon & Juan try to get information from Dan.

Red & Pancho are smoked out of the cave & captured.


Dan & the Lone Ranger are about to bring
Juan Pedro Cardoza(Nestor Paiva) to justice, .

Ending cast credits of "Dan Reid's Fight for Life".


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