"Frontier Circus"

with Jay Silverheels
"Dr. Sam"

October 26, 1961

The title screen for "Frontier Circus".

LtoR: Irene Dunne as Dr. Sam, Chill
Wills as Col. Casey Thompson, and
Ellen Corby as Abby.

Richard Jaeckel as Tony Gentry and Chill Wills.

Jay Silverheels as Chief Red
Cloud on the far right..

Chief Red Cloud is interested in Dr. Sam
for a wife.

Abby & Dr. Sam have been forcibly
taken to see Chief Red Cloud.

Col. Thompson has arrived to talk
to Chief Red Cloud about Dr. Sam.

Col. Thompson finally convinces Chief Red
Cloud that Dr. Sam says no to marriage.

Jay Silverheels on the left
and Iron Eyes Cody on the right.

Chief Red Cloud has shown that he speaks
the English language very well.

Col. Thompson is the first to be examined
by Dr. Sam as an example for the other men.

After the men at first denounce Dr. Sam she saves
a performer's life and changes their minds.

Dr. Sam has received a dream job offer
but will have to leave the circus to accept it.

Dr. Sam as played by Irene Dunne.

Regular cast list.

Guest star Irene Dunne.

Cast list for "Dr. Sam", part 1.

Cast list for "Dr. Sam", part 2.



A nice episode of "Frontier Circus" with a nice part for Jay Silverheels. The gist of the story is that Dr. Sam was hired by Col. Thompson
for their doctor but he is surprised when Dr. Sam turns out to be a female. After a cool initial reception, Dr. Sam and her assistant, Abby,
leave. On their way, they are captured by four Indian braves, who take them to Chief Red Cloud, played by Jay Silverheels. Col. Thompson
had second thoughts about his words with Dr. Sam and went after her and saw their capture. Thompson knows Red Cloud and talks to him in
his language. Unknown to Dr. Sam, Red Cloud understands and speaks the English language very well. After securing the women, Col.
Thompson takes them back to the circus and he reluctantly becomes Dr. Sam's first patient. A bit later, Dr. Sam displays her skills as she saves
a performer's life with emergency surgery in the circus tent after she falls. A short time later, Dr. Sam gets a dream job offer and eventually decides
to accept the offer and leaves the circus. The complete series of "Frontier Circus" is available on DVD through a release by Timeless Media Group.

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