"Frontier Investigator"

with Clayton Moore


Title screen for "Frontier Investigator".

Cast list for "Frontier Investigator"
with Clayton Moore as Scott Garnett.

You get a small bit of the story
about to come with this text.

Kenny Lane (Harry Lauter) is
about to be attacked by a sniper.

Jed (Tom London) and Rocky Lane discuss
Rocky's plans to hunt his brother's killer.

Rocky saves Nugget Clark from a stage
robbery and drives the stage to town.

LtoR: Rocky Lane, Scott Garnett (Clayton Moore),
Janet Adams (Gail Davis) and Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller).

LtoR: Nugget Clark, Molly Bright
(Claire Whitney) and Rocky Lane.

LtoR: Erskine Doubleday (Robert Emmett
Keane) and Milton Leffingwell (George Lloyd).

LtoR: Leffingwell, Nugget,
Scott, Rocky & Doubleday.

LtoR: Nugget Clark, Janet Adams
and Scott Garnett.

One of the bad guys, Flint Fleming,
played by the great Roy Barcroft.

Ed Garnett (Francis Ford) and
Scott Garnett (Clayton Moore).

Ed Garnett (Francis Ford) and
Scott Garnett (Clayton Moore).

Close-up of Scott (Clayton)
after he hears a gunshot.

Scott reads a note that his wounded
father hands to him on the stage.

Scott (Clayton) is facing off with Rocky after
mistakenly believing Rocky shot his father.

Someone gets shot in this scene.
Is it Rocky, or Scott or is it....

LtoR: Nugget, Molly, Janet & Rocky
as the film nears the end

Scott speaks with his father, Ed
about merging the two stage lines.

The final scene with all the "good guys" together.



Clayton plays the part of Scott Garnett, son of the owner of a stage line competing with
another stage line for a lucrative mail contract. To complicate things, Scott is in love with the
daughter of the owner of the competing stage line. Unknown to the stage line owners, a third party is
involved in the fight for the mail contract. Rocky Lane gets involved in the conflict as he pursues the
gunman who murdered his brother, Kenny, at the start of the film. Clayton plays another good guy in this film.

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