"Gold Freight"

April 28, 1955

The Lone Ranger opening.

Dan (Chuck Courtney) arrives in town to see
if there is any message from his uncle.

Dan is standing next to Suede Nelson
(Richard Wessel) in the freight office.

Tonto (Jay Silverheels) confers with
Dan outside the freight office.

Dan is with Sam Slater (Ted de Corsia)
as he is confronted by the sheriff.

Left to right: Suede Nelson (Richard Wessel),
Sheriff Mason (Kenneth MacDonald) and
Jake Ronson (House Peters, Jr.).

L to R: Dan Reid, Sam Slater, Suede Nelson,
Sheriff Mason & Jake Ronson.

Dan, the Lone Ranger & Tonto discussing the freight
problem in town over a cup of campfire coffee.

Sam Slater, Dan Reid and Sheriff Mason
discussing the "shooting" of Jake Ronson.

Ronson and Nelson talk about their plot to
frame Slater and take over the freight business.


The good guys talk after the arrest of Ronson & Nelson.

Ending cast credits of "Gold Freight".


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