"The Hawk of Wild River"

with Clayton Moore


Title screen of "The Hawk of Wild River".

Movie credits with Clayton Moore included.

The Hawk (Clayton Moore) is about to
use a bow & arrow to deliver a warning.

The Hawk (on the far right)
and three fellow partners in crime.

The storekeeper (Lane Chandler) lets The
Hawk use his safe to store the stolen loot.

The Hawk murdered the Sheriff after increasing
the reward for the capture of The Hawk.

Smiley Burnette and Jack Mahoney as
Smiley Burnette and Jack Mahoney.

The Hawk (Clayton Moore) with
three of his gang members.

Steve Martin and The Hawk
are in jail but not for long.

L to R: Clayton Moore, John Cason
and Smiley Burnette.

The Hawk is shot and &
about to take a big fall

The End.
with Steve Martin & Jack Mahoney


Clayton plays the part of The Hawk who bosses a gang of thieves and murderers. Steve Martin/The Durango Kid
comes to the aid of the town of Wild River and the sheriff, Clark Mahoney. Jack Mahoney plays the part of the sheriff's
son and takes over the job when his father is murdered by The Hawk. This is an excellent quality of film that was released
and is enjoyable to watch, especially with Clayton Moore, even though he plays a very bad man. This film was released
on DVD by Sony in May, 2014 and I have been looking forward to seeing it for many years. Catch it on the Encore
Westerns channel or purchase a DVD of it from your favorite retailer!

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