"Heart of a Cheater"

June 2, 1955

A scene from The Lone Ranger opening.

Dan (Chuck Courtney) tells the Lone Ranger about
a bank robbery & murder in the town of Brayless.

Moose Miller (John Pickard) & Pecos Smith (William Challee)
are looking to hide out at the Jim Haskell ranch.

Jim Haskell (Eddy Waller) reading a letter
given to him by his daughter.

Shelby (Tommy Ivo).

Dan & his uncle, The Lone Ranger, discuss their next move.

Jim Haskell & his grandson, Shelby, confront the
Lone Ranger & Dan at the Haskell ranch.

The Lone Ranger & Dan Reid explain to Jim that they are
looking for Moose Miller & Pecos Smith.

Elizabeth (Natalie Masters) is the daughter of Jim
Haskell and the mother of Shelby.

Dan and his uncle, The Lone Ranger, have captured
Moose & Pecos and are about to leave the Haskell ranch


Shelby (Tommy Ivo) has just told his mother, Elizabeth
(Natalie Masters) that the masked man was The Lone Ranger.

Ending cast credits of "Heart of a Cheater".


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