"The Quiet Highwayman"

January 27, 1955

"The Quiet Highwayman" title
added by me to this screen shot

l to r: Frank Atkins, Sheriff Lathrop and Ed Bates. One of these three men is an outlaw.

Gil Canby is the land agent in town and one of the leaders of the gang of outlaws.

The Lone Ranger, Tonto and Dan discuss the Quiet Highwayman.

Dan has the drop on the sheriff and his deputies, allowing the Lone Ranger & Tonto to escape.

A nice close-up of Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney).

The Quiet Highwayman and his 2 henchmen as they hold up Ed & Flora Bates for $2,000 in cash.

A close-up of The Lone Ranger.

It doesn't appear that Tonto and Dan are completely convinced about what they are being told.

Dan, The Lone Ranger and Sheriff Lathrop have followed the gang to muddy Red Mesa.

The Lone Ranger has dressed up to resemble the
look of Gil Canby in a plan to get near the gang.

The cast list of "The Quiet Highwayman"
Episode # 151.


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