with Chuck Courtney

December 21, 1964

"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" opening screen.

Chuck's episode is "Memo from Purgatory".

Ski (Chuck Courtney)pulls down the shade on the
window after Phil (James Caan) enters the building.

A close-up of Ski (Chuck) after Phil
meets Tiger (Koenig), leader of the Barons.

Chuck on the left as Ski as the
initiation begins part 1.

Phil dumps Ski (Chuck) onto a chair after
running the line with Ski as interference.

L to R: Ski (Chuck), Phil (Caan) & Tiger (Koenig).

"Tiger" (Walter Koenig) decides on the punishment that will
be forced upon Phil (Caan). Chuck is against the brick wall.

Phil (Caan) is told that he will lead the
Barons in a street fight with an empty gun.

Ski (Chuck) on the right, smiling after learning
of what will happen to Phil (Caan).

Ski (Chuck Courtney) right
behind Phil (James Caan).

Ending credits of "MEMO FROM PURGATORY"
showing Chuck's role of Ski.



An interesting episode with Chuck playing the part of a member of a New York street gang called the Barons. James Caan is the
star of the episode, as a writer who wants to become a Barons gang member, so he can write about his experience. Walter Koenig of
Star Trek fame, is the leader of the Barons. I caught this episode from watching the RTN (Retro Television Network) and hope you
get a chance to view this episode.

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