"It Takes A Thief"

with Chuck Courtney
"A Very Warm Reception"

February 6, 1968

"IT TAKES A THIEF" opening screen.

Episode title screen. "A Very Warm Reception"

Behind this portrait is what the spies want.

Coming down the stairs is
V. W. Murrow (Chuck Courtney).

Murrow (Chuck) is sneaking about the mansion.

A cautious Murrow (Chuck) looks for
any sign of the prowling guards.

Murrow (Chuck) nears the portrait room.

Murrow (Chuck) is unaware that he is on
being watched on a hidden camera.

Guards waiting in the portrait room make
for a short appearance for Chuck as they
open up on him with automatic weapons.

The ending cast credits with Chuck
Courtney's role as (V.W.) Murrow.


Chuck plays the part of a chauffeur/spy,
at least for a few minutes, before he is cut
down while trying to find & steal a microfilm.

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