"It Takes A Thief"

with Chuck Courtney
"The Lay of the Land"

April 30, 1968

"IT TAKES A THIEF" opening screen.

Episode title screen. "The Lay of the Land"

Henchman/guard Frantz (Chuck Courtney)
unlocks the door.

Frantz (Chuck Courtney) is summoned by
Munday but doesn't take the bait.

Frantz (Chuck) is next summoned
by a pretty woman.

Frantz is suspicious.

Frantz (Chuck) is summoned by the woman
again but he just smiles and ignores her.

Frantz finally unlocks the door when
the woman prisoner "faints".

This is Frantz's (Chuck Courtney) last
appearance in this episode, knocked
out by Munday.

The ending cast credits with Chuck
Courtney's role listed as a henchman
(henchman/guard named Frantz).


Chuck plays the part of a henchman/guard, in approximately
the last 15 minutes of the show. Chuck gets punched out by
Alexander Munday. Chuck is called by the name of Frantz.
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