Iverson Ranch in Pictures

"Wild, Wild West Festival"

October 21, 2000

The "Ghost Riders in the Sky" sign over the entrance at the Iverson Ranch.
Tony was inspired as he walked through the gates of Iversons. He looked up and
saw what he deemed GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY and gave the sign this name.
He had to take this shot with the storm clouds forming above.


Photo by Ralph Merlino of Tony taking a photo of Barry at the Garden of the Gods.


Tony Montesione took this photo of Barry at the Lone Ranger Rock.


They served food at this gathering and they even had a chuckwagon, in the background.


A close-up photo of three of the look-a-likes. Thats Dale Park (Gabby Hayes),
Ermal Williamson (John Wayne) and Nikki Pelley (Dale Evans).


Dick Jones was captured in a photo by Tony Montesione. Dick was Buffalo Bill Jr.
in the 1955 television series, Buffalo Bill Jr and in the 1940 Hi-Yo Silver serial
and made many other appearances in the movies and on television shows
including the Gene Autry show, The Lone Ranger and Annie Oakley.


The gentleman above is Joel "Dutch" Dortch, the Executive Director
of Happy Trails Childrens Foundation. He is raffling off the holster
and silver six-shooter (See the next photo) and Clayton's image is also
on the box. The money will be used to benefit kids. If you want to participate,
you can contact Dutch for more information via email at: happytrails@happytrails.org


Close-up of the six-gun that is being raffled and the box with
Clayton's image on it as one of "The Good Guys".


This is Mr. & Mrs. Ed Iverson. Ed is the son of the owner who rented the Iverson Ranch
to various movie and television studios. Ed grew up on the ranch in the 1940's and 1950's
and was lucky enough to have seen and become friends with many of the cowboy stars,
including Clayton Moore.

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