with Chuck Courtney
"A Question of Discipline"

October 28, 1965

"LAREDO" opening screen.

Episode title screen. "A Question of Discipline"

Three bushwackers wait for a prospector to
get closer. Chuck Courtney is on the right.

After the prospector is ambushed, Chuck
(wearing burgundy pants) is about to go
down the hill.

Chuck and the other bushwacker were chased
back up the hill by the arrival of 3 Rangers.

Bushwacker Chuck Courtney takes
aim at one of the Rangers.

Chuck Courtney checks out the scene below.

Chuck takes aim for another
Ranger as they approach him.

Bushwacker Chuck Courtney was "shot"
by Will Smith but isn't through with his
scene quite yet.

Chuck grabs his gun, rolls over and makes
a final attempt to get a Ranger.


Chuck appears in the first 4 minutes or so of the beginning of this episode.
He appears as a bushwacker. Unfortunately, Chuck doesn't appear on the
closing credits screen. If you get the RTN channel, you can also see
this and other "Laredo" episodes.

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