with Chuck Courtney
"Anybody Here Seen Billy?"

October 21, 1965

"LAREDO" opening screen.

Episode title screen. "Anybody Here Seen Billy?"

Chuck appears on the right side of the picture.
Chuck is one of the cowhands.

Chuck grabs the right arm of Chad Cooper
(Peter Brown), who is in the light blue shirt.

Chuck has a hold of Chad Cooper's foot.

Chad yells "Stampede" as Chuck is
about to throw another punch.

Chuck, on the right, looks behind him.

Chuck looks at the stampede and
prepares to get up to be a cowhand again.


Chuck appears as a cowhand with a herd of cattle, about 45 minutes
into the episode. Chuck appears in a brief fight scene with Chad Cooper,
played by Peter Brown. Chuck doesn't receive an on screen credit for this role.

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