"Lassie & The Lone Ranger"

Peace Patrol with Jon Provost


Jon Provost with Clayton Moore & Silver

Jon Provost & Clayton Moore with Lassie & Silver

Clayton Moore with Lassie


These are publicity photos taken on the "Lassie" set in front of "Timmy's school" after we shot Mr. Moore's
guest appearance. Of course, I was a big fan -- what kid didn't love the Lone Ranger? I had met him before at
photo shoots. He was very kind...a big guy -- everybody was big to me -- with that great voice. My strongest
memory is that when we were done filming the episode, he gave me one of his famous silver bullets. I kept it for
years, but eventually gave it to a friend...don't remember who. Sure wish I had kept it now. I've thought about that
bullet a hundred times over the years.

Jon Provost "Timmy"

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*Thanks to Jon for sharing these photos with the fans of Clayton Moore and the Lone Ranger show!

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