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December 14, 2009: "Lone Ranger Transcription Disc available from Radio Archives": Lone Ranger fan, Steve Jorgenson passed along a web site which sells old radio show transcription discs. The web site suggested that framing these as display art, either on a wall or on a desk would be a nice use of these rare items. Steve did a search on this web site and told me that he found 4 Lone Ranger transcription discs available. Take a look here: "Radio Archives" Thanks to Steve Jorgenson for the information!

November 9, 2009: "More You Tube videos to check out"! A couple more interesting videos for you to check out, if you haven't seen them already. The first is a very interesting interview with Fred Foy conducted by Gary Rutkowski on May 5, 2008 and runs just over an hour: "Fred Foy Interview" The second video is a short Lone Ranger radio show re-enactment, with Fred Foy participating and performed in 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio: Lone Ranger Radio" Radio show re-enactment with Fred Foy participating as the narrator and as The Lone Ranger. There's bound to be other videos, so do some searching and you may be pleasantly surprised.

November 4, 2009: "Western Clippings and John Hart": Boyd Magers did a great job in remembering John Hart in the Nov./Dec. '09 issue of "Western Clippings" which arrived in the mail today. Starting on the first page, with the obituary for John, including a list of many of his acting accomplishments. Boyd continues with his interview with John titled "Getting to the John Hart of the Matter" on page 12. Finally, another interview with John on page 26, with Tom Weaver. In this interesting article, John talks to Tom about the "Hawkeye" series, meeting his future wife, Beryl Braithwaite and several interesting stories of how he made a living after the "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" tv series was cancelled. "Western Clippings" is an excellent newsletter and I do recommend it. You can get more information about becoming a subscriber at Boyd's web site at: "Western Clippings" **Additional: In Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins column on page 19, he also talks a bit about John.

October 30, 2009: "SCOOP has a John Hart: In Memoriam web page"! Tim Lasiuta contributing to SCOOP did a nice tribute for John Hart. You can connect to it here: "In Memoriam: John Hart"

October 28, 2009: "George Coan passed away today": George Coan was a huge westerns fan with lots of knowledge which he used to publish the TOCPS (The Old Cowboy Picture Show) newsletter. George did several issues on The Lone Ranger and/or Clayton Moore over the past years. Leo Pando is working on and publishing one final issue of TOCPS for George. I never met George but exchanged emails with him and I know that he was a true westerns fan who worked hard to keep the western genre alive. My deepest sympathy to George's family and many friends. George will be missed! George had a web site where he was publishing some of the TOCPS newsletters for free viewing. Check it out here: "TOCPS"

October 9, 2009: "Mother Goose & Grimm Lone Ranger cartoon today" You can see the Lone Ranger cartoon in the Mother Goose & Grimm comic section of today's newspaper here: "Mother Goose & Grimm"

October 8, 2009: "Lone Ranger Movie Information": Thanks to Kathryn Riley who sent me the following web site for some new Lone Ranger movie information. The web site is the Latino Review and you need to be able to play the video which is just over 7 minutes in length. Is their movie script information correct? Will Tonto (Johnny Depp) have a big role in this movie? It's interesting but not necessarily encouraging news to me and no, the actor for the Lone Ranger role is not yet chosen, according to this video review.
Check it out here: "Latino"

September 28, 2009: John Hart Tribute in the next issue of "Western Clippings" Boyd Magers will have a tribute to John Hart in issue # 92 (November-December 2009) of his excellent newsletter, "Western Clippings". Might be a good time for you to subscribe in order to receive that issue. You can get subscription information at Boyd's web site: "Western Clippings"

September 25, 2009: "Vivendi Entertainment Acquires Assets from Genius Products, Inc.": It appears that a company named Vivendi Entertainment has obtained distribution rights for many titles from Genius Products, including the brands of Classic Media. Classic Media owns the rights to The Lone Ranger and Genuis Products released the first two seasons of the Lone Ranger in a set in November 2008. Genius Products will continue in business and has inked a distribution deal with Vivendi. You can read the press release by Vivendi Entertainment here: "Vivendi Entertainment" . Thanks to Lone Ranger fan, Thomas Dischley for alerting me to this news item. Stay tuned to see what the future holds for the release of the remaining seasons of The Lone Ranger.

September 23, 2009: John Hart's death in the L. A. Times Dennis McLellan of the LA Times did a nice obituary story on John and it can be viewed on-line at: "John Hart dies at 91; the other 'Lone Ranger"

September 22, 2009: "John Hart, 91, died at about 2 p.m., Sunday, September 20, 2009": I just arrived home this evening, from a short trip, to find an email message from John's daughter, Robyn, informing me that her father, John Hart, died this past Sunday. Robyn and John's wife, Beryl, were with John when he passed away. Robyn wrote this: "We are having him cremated and a Memorial Service to spread his ashes in the ocean off the coast of Baja. This is a place he loved very much. He surfed up and down the California coast, including Baja. He could see where he used to surf from the deck of his home. the end of his life was wonderful. He had a beautiful life and a beautiful death. If you write about this to the fan clubs please tell people to not send flowers or cards, but instead make donations in his name to an orphanage in Baja. For more information go to "Rosarito Angels" . "Cha Cha was a good friend of Dad and Beryl. They were part of her circle of support for the orphanage. After all, supporting the orphans is what the Lone Ranger would do."

September 19, 2009: "Lone Ranger Lionel Train Set - 3 New Cars Just Added": Wow, for those of you who purchased The Lone RangerWild West Train Set, you now may want to add three new cars. They look nice and consist of: a Bullseye Ammo reefer car, a Strongbox Vault car and a Kemo-sabe coach car. The doors open on the reefer, there are two strong boxes in the vault car and all three cars are marked with The Lone Ranger mask logo. Very nice looking add-on set. My humble thanks to Richard Smith for bringing to my attention, this great addition to the Lone Ranger Wild West Set by Lionel. View the entire catalog here and the original Lone Ranger train set and the add-on 3 cars are on the bottom of pages 32 - 33. "Lionel Train Catalog - Volume 2"

September 16, 2009: "Jay Silverheels fans- "Passage to Marseille" movie is on tonight": Last minute notice but I wanted to let you know that one of Jay's movies is on tonight that he appeared in, titled "Passage to Marseille". It's on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) at 7:00 p.m. (Central)/ 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)

September 4, 2009: "Last week before the Hake auction ends": A few interesting items at the Hake Auction site for Lone Ranger items and the auction begins to close by September 10th: "Hake Auction"

August 23, 2009: "Lone Ranger related videos on You Tube": Lone Ranger fan, John Vermeer, passed along a couple more interesting You Tube videos. The first is one that I have never known about before and it is a Jay Silverheels in a 1970 Chevy Blazer advertisement which you can view here: "Jay Silverheels - 1970 Chevy Blazer Ad"
Another interesting video that John found was one that showed the syndicated opening and closing including the General Mills flag, a General Mills/Cheerios commercial, a part of episode # 13 "Finders Keepers", a Wheaties commercial, the wheat field again with "about the story next weeK" teaser, Betty Crocker frosting commercial and the ending credits. See it here : "Syndicated show cuts and ads" Thanks John for finding and sending these two additional videos for the fans to enjoy!

August 20, 2009: "Click on the New Stamp and watch the 3rd episode of the Lone Ranger": Not only can you watch the third episode of The Lone Ranger but you can click on the other stamps and watch other tv show episodes. You can view the stamps & watch the episodes at the Museum of Broadcast Communications web site here: "The Lone Ranger Triumphs"

August 20, 2009: "Leonard Maltin & Clayton Moore Stamp": Leonard Maltin has a very nice photo of Dawn Moore with an over-sized postage stamp of her father, Clayton Moore. The photo was taken during the August 11th dedication of the stamp in North Hollywood, CA. You can see the photo and others at the following web site. Be sure to note the photo immediately below Dawn's photo and also, about half way down the page, another photo of Clayton taken during the 1996 Golden Boot Awards. Thanks much to Dawn & Leonard for sharing the photo: "Dawn Moore & the Clayton Moore Postage Stamp"
Two more photos to look at of Dawn & her dad's stamp at the Zimbio web site. Photos # 20 & 21 which can be seen here with other photos from the stamps dedication ceremonies: "Dawn Moore & the Clayton Moore Postage Stamp at"

August 20, 2009: "Lone Ranger Change on WHT": From what I have seen, it appears that there will be a time change for The Lone Ranger broadcast on WHT. It appears that on September 7th, The Lone Ranger will begin to be broadcast at 4:00 p.m. (Central)/ 3:00 p.m. (Eastern). If you watch WHT, keep this in mind.

August 11, 2009: "Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger on a New Stamp": I've added a scan of the new Clayton Moore stamp which was released today. You can see it here: "Clayton Moore Postage Stamp"

August 10, 2009: "Last minute Clayton Moore Stamp Dedication information": Dawn Moore will be in attendance, along with family members of other stars who are being honored. These include June Lockhart (Lassie), William Boyd's (Hopalong Cassidy) wife, Grace, Red Skelton's wife, Lothian, and others. It will be at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 5230 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 at Tuesday, August 11th at 10:30 a.m. (Pacific). A mask that Clayton wore on public appearances and a silver bullet will be among the items on display. See the list of attendees and other information at the web site here: : "Lone Ranger - Clayton Moore Stamp Dedication"

August 7, 2009: "Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger on The Red Skelton Show" - Added a TV Guide scan: I located a TV Guide magazine from December 3 -9, 1955 and found a show description that also said that Clayton was the special guest star in this episode of "The Red Skelton Show". If anyone runs across a copy of this show, please let me know: "The Lone Ranger & Red Skelton"

July 17, 2009: "1936 Ash Can Edition of The Lone Ranger Pulp from Spartan Publishing Company": A rare, one copy known to exist 32 page Lone Ranger pulp novel. See information about it at the SCOOP web site at: "Lone Ranger - Ash Can pulp novel"

July 7, 2009: "Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger on The Red Skelton Show": Someone had entered on the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) that Clayton appeared as The Lone Ranger on The Red Skelton Show. I did some checking and found that according to a local newspaper tv guide in December, 1955, that Clayton was advertised as appearing with Red Skelton. A check of the New York Times tv guide mentioned only that Bill Williams, tv's "Kit Carson" star, was appearing on the show as a guest in a comedy sketch. I put together a small page with both ads on it: "The Lone Ranger & Red Skelton"

June 26, 2009: "John Hart's Lone Ranger episodes": On Monday, July 13th, season 3 episodes, starring John Hart as the Lone Ranger, will begin to be broadcast on WHT. The episodes will continue to be broadcast through part of September.

May 30, 2009: "The Lone Ranger & Tonto coming to the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad": Thanks to Eric French for sending me this interesting bit of information. If you're going to be in or near Bryson City, North Carolina this weekend or on August 22nd & 23rd and August 29th & 30th, you might want to stop by to see The Lone Ranger & Tonto save the day at the Historic Bryson City depot! Looks like you can listen to music, get a train ride, be held up and rescued by our two heroes. Check out the brochure for this event at the following web site: "The Lone Ranger & Tonto at Bryson City Depot"

May 21, 2009: "Steve Canyon, Vol. # 2, with Chuck COurtney episode": Chuck Courtney fans might want to add volume # 2 of "The Complete Steve Canyon on TV". Volume 2 is a 2 disc set and contains the episode "Operation Big Thunder" which was first broadcast on January 3, 1959 and Chuck appears as a tough guy. There are 12 episodes of the Steve Canyon shows in this set and are beautifully done. I'll try to get some screen shots up from Chuck's episode, in the next few days. You can order this volume as well as volume # 1 from: "Steve Canyon, Volume # 2"

May 16, 2009: "Limited Edition - 75th Anniversary Lone Ranger Statue by Dynamite": Thanks to Ken Pope for informing me of the pending July, 2009 release of a limited edition (75 statues) of Dynamite's 75th Anniversary Lone Ranger Statue. Ken also told me that there is a Pre-sale auction on Ebay also, for 3 of the statues, if that interests you. This is different from the 75th anniversary Lone Ranger bust. You can view it here: "Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Statue"

May 8, 2009: "Lone Ranger Mask on Antiques Roadshow": Actually, a Lone Ranger mask was appraised on an episode of the Antiques Roadshow several years ago. Bob Booth directed me to the episode on the Antiques Roadshow archives web site along with a transcript of the appraiser and mask owner talking about the mask and a photo of the mask. You can also watch the video of that portion of the episode as well. It was Episode: Reno Hour 2, Season 9. It also ran later on the second hour of a special Antiques Roadshow episode titled "Fame & Fortune".You can see it all here: "Lone RangerMask - Antiques Roadshow" Thanks to Bob for the information who got the information from Margie who has a Rifleman web site!

May 2, 2009: Clayton Moore in "Frontier Investigator": I have added a new web page with some screen saves from the 1949 movie "Frontier Investigator" in which Clayton had a role as Scott Garnett. You can find the permanent link to it on my front page by clicking on "Clayton Moore Film Credits" and scrolling down to the hot link: "Clayton Moore Film Credits" This is another Allan "Rocky" Lane starring film that Clayton appeared in.

April 28, 2009: "Lionel Lone Ranger Train Set Update": Thanks to Tony Giordano who passed along some information that he found out about the Lone Ranger train set by Lionel. Tony said he just retirned from attending the Train Collectors Association Meet in York, PA. Tony said he spoke with some people from Lionel who informed him that the Lionel Lone Ranger train set will be available in August, 2009. If you want to take another look at it, go to the following link, go down to the bottom of the page and use the right arrow key to go to pages 32 & 33: "Lionel Lone RangerWild West Set"

April 24, 2009: Lone Ranger movie rumors: Joe Southern, of the Lone Ranger Fan Club, passed along a couple of interesting web sites, including an MTV blog site. Are these good or bad news items? Read and you can decide. Here are the two web sites and thanks to Joe for sending them along to me: "Lone Ranger in 3D?" and this one: "Lone Ranger & Green Hornet movies linked?"

April 23, 2009: "American Profile magazine": I read through the April 5 - 11, 2009 issue of American Profile magazine yesterday and on page 4 there is acolumn titled ASK. Readers can ask questions and this issue had a a woman asking for information about Clayton Moore. The answer was just a paragraph long but included a quote from Dawn Moore in regards to the new stamp coming out in August. They also included a black & white photo of Clayton & Silver. You can view the question & the answer & be sure to watch the changing photos at the top of the page for a portion of the photo of Clayton & Silver as it rotates, here: "American Profile - Clayton Moore"

April 20, 2009: Clayton Moore in "Sheriff of Wichita": I have added a new web page with some screen saves from the 1949 movie "Sheriff of Wichita" in which Clayton had a key role as Lt. Raymond d'Arcy. You can find the permanent link to it on my front page by clicking on "Clayton Moore Film Credits" and scrolling down to the hot link: "Clayton Moore Film Credits" This is another Allan "Rocky" Lane starring film that Clayton appeared in.

April 18, 2009: "Lone Ranger Comic Strip book coming in November, 2009": Thanks to Stan Landman for telling me about a new book, due out on November 15, 2009 by Dynamite Entertainment. "This deluxe hardcover collection of Cary Bates and Russ Heath's Lone Ranger comic strip features over 500 comic strips originally syndicated from 1981 through 1984, complete with historical material." It will have 396 pages but not many other details yet but you can find it at "The Lone Ranger Strip Archive HC (Hardcover)"

April 17, 2009: Clayton Moore in "Captive of Billy the Kid": I have added a new web page with screen saves from the 1952 movie "Captive of Billy the Kid" in which Clayton had a big role as a man named Paul Howard. You can find the permanent link to it on my front page by clicking on "Clayton Moore Film Credits" and scrolling down to the hot link: "Clayton Moore Film Credits" Clayton plays the part of a "good guy" in this Allan "Rocky" Lane starring film.

April 5, 2009: Clayton in "Radio Hams": Thanks to Bobby Adams for directing me to the You Tube website where you can view a good quality copy of "Radio Hams", a 1939 short film with Clayton Moore appearing twice, very briefly, as the ship's radio operator. "Radio Hams" can also be seen tomorrow evening (6:30 p.m. Central time) on the Turner Classic Movies channel and repeats again on April 26th. Check my TV schedule for further details. If you don't have TCM, check out the You Tube version here: "Radio Hams" on You Tube with Clayton Moore

April 5, 2009: Lone Ranger newspaper strips comics: Lone Ranger fan Steve Jorgensen passed on information for the fans interested in the old Lone Ranger newspaper comic strips. Here are a couple of sources of old Lone Ranger comic strips that Steve found: "STRIP ADVENTURE NO. 8" and "Lone Ranger 1993 newspaper strip reprints" and a 3rd one that I have mentioned several years ago: "Comic Strip Showcase, Volume 1: Starring The Lone Ranger"

April 2, 2009: Rick Bulger's "Meet the Man Behind the Mask" is updated: Rick has informed me that he has added the audio portion of Clayton's answers to the questions he posed in a radio interview in 1979. It's nice to hear Clayton's voice again. In the future, you can find Rick's web site on my Lone Ranger Related Links page, found on my front page. You can check out Rick's web site and be sure to click on the Interview here: "Rick Bulger's interview with Clayton in 1979"

April 2, 2009: The Lone Ranger has new Owners?: Thanks to Joe Southern for passing along this interesting bit of information. It appears that The Lone Ranger, will once again, have a new owner. I'll include the web page with the information but it appears that a U. S. company called Boomerang Media is buying The Lone Ranger and other brand names from Entertainment Rights PLC. Boomerang Media is being backed by a Chicago-based private-equity firm, GTCR Golder Rauner. I don't know if it's a completed deal yet or not but it will be good to have it back in the U.S.A. and hopefully, this company will manage it better. You can read all about it at the Chicago Tribune web site: "Entertainment Rights sells The Lone Ranger?"

March 26, 2009: "John Alvin Died": I just learned that John Alvin Hoffstadt, usually credited as John Alvin, died February 27, 2009 from complications after a fall. John appeared in many films and television shows, including westerns. John also appeared in 5 episodes of The Lone Ranger: "The Masked Rider" December 15, 1949 Episode # 14, "Bullets for Ballots" May 11, 1950 Episode # 35, "The Black Widow" August 24, 1950 Episode # 50, "Trouble at Black Rock" February 8, 1951 Episode # 74 and "The New Neighbor" December 18, 1952 Episode # 93. John was born October 24, 1917, in Chicago, Illinois. John is survived by his wife, daughter, son and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Deepest sympathy to John's family and friends for their loss.

March 22, 2009: Updated the Clayton Moore Stamp Campaign page: I updated the Campaign for a Stamp page today to reflect the successful stamp campaign and to include a note I received from Dawn Moore, Clayton's daughter, thanking everyone who contributed in any way to the successful campaign. Check it out here: "Clayton Moore/The Lone Ranger Stamp page updated!"

March 11, 2009: "Three seasons of "The Lone Ranger" available in Australia": I see that a company in Australia is selling the first three seasons of "The Lone Ranger" as separate seasons. The distributor of the dvds is listed as Sony Pictures. Season 1, an 8 disc set, has a bonus feature of a the first episode of "The Lone Ranger" Animated Series. Season 2, a 4 disc set, has a bonus feature of the original "The Lone Ranger" Opening. Season 3, with John Hart as the Lone Ranger, an 8 disc set, actually includes a cover with John Hart on it and a bonus feature of "Lassie" guest starring The Lone Ranger - "Peace Patrol". *Unless you have a DVD player that plays the PAL format - Region 4 (Australian & New Zealand format), don't bother purchasing these sets. I would be curious to hear from anyone who has viewed these Lone Ranger episodes. I've seen them advertised on Ebay as well. The cover of the Season 1 set has the same photo of Clayton & Silver that will appear on the postage stamp in August. For your information only! You can view the covers of the 3 seasons and both the 1956 & 1958 movie covers as well here: "Australian Lone Ranger DVD sets"

March 5, 2009: "The Silver Bullet" newsletter will be late! Joe Southern reports today that "The Silver Bullet" newsletter is going to be a bit late but wil be mailed once they get it printed.

March 4, 2009: "Lone Ranger: Adventures with Historical Western Figures in Old Time Radio" by Tim DeForest! Lone Ranger radio show fans might find this article by Tim DeForest an interesting read. Tim writes about the interesting historical figures that the Lone Ranger met in shows that were broadcast in 1944. Characters from Kit Carson to Teddy Roosevelt made their appearances in different radio shows. You can read the article on the Old Time Radio Show Catalog web site and can be found here: "Tim DeForest & the"

March 1, 2009: Russ Conway died January 12, 2009! I've learned that actor Russ Conway (Russell Zink) died on January 12, 2009 in Laguna Woods, CA at the age of 95. Russ appeared in 4 episodes of The Lone Ranger: "Sheep Thieves", "Sinner by Proxy", "A Son by Adoption" and "The Bounty Hunter". Russ was well known as the father of The Hardy Boys, Fenton Hardy, on that popular Disney t.v. series first seen on the Mickey Mouse Club. Russ played in numerous television shows and movies in his long career as actor. Belated deepest sympathy to the Zink family for their loss.

February 21, 2009: "Lone Ranger Wild West Set" by Lionel! Thanks to Richard L. Smith for alerting me and all Lone Ranger fans to a very nice looking Lionel train set. Included in the set is an "operating Lone Ranger and outlaw car", a General-style steam locomotive, a gondola car with load and a baggage car with Wild West sounds! Also included are Lone Ranger & Tonto figures as well as Silver and Scout. Check out the 2009 Lionel catalog with pictures of the Lone Ranger train set set and a full description of it here: Go to the bottom of the page to find the page number and arrow keys. Use the right arrow keys and go to pages 32 & 33 to see the Lone Ranger train set. "Lionel Lone Ranger Wild West Set" Thanks again to Richard for making me aware of this set!

January 30, 2009: Jay Silverheels photos on the January 25th SAG Awards broadcast! Ken Pope has informed me that two photos of Jay Silverheels were shown during the January 25th broadcast of the Screen Actors Guild Awards program. Ken said that photos of Jay in his role as Tonto and a second photo of Jay in his later career years, was shown during the Trailblazers feature. Thanks for the information Ken!

January 30, 2009: WHT schedule changes! For those of you who get the WHT channel, note that the two Bat Masterson episodes that John Hart appeared in will be shown in February but the dates have changed to Feb. 24th & 25th, due to schedule changes. I have noted the changes on the TV Schedule page.

January 27, 2009: A "Supernatural" Lone Ranger in the 2010 movie? Joe Southern of the Lone Ranger Fan Club sent the following link to me today. In a magazine interview, movie producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, said that the new Lone Ranger movie: "I think it'll have a supernatural element to it. It's the same writers as Pirates and it'll have a similar kind of thing to it." "Supernatural Lone Ranger"

January 18, 2009: Al Dittrich's Lone Ranger Collection now on the JUST KIDS NOSTALGIA website! Al Dittrich's huge Lone Ranger collection is now on the JUST KIDS NOSTALGIA website. Al's Lone Ranger collection did not meet the reserve price on Ebay, so the collection has been moved to Just Kids Nostalgia. The last bid for everything at the Ebay auction was for $62,627.00 If you want to see some nice looking Lone Ranger collectibles, browse through Al's collection. Each item is now available for separate bidding: "Al Dittrich's Lone Ranger Memorabilia Auction"

January 15, 2009: From Earle Graser to Brace Beemer! Jim Widner has put together a web page about the death of Earle Graser in 1941 and includes the three radio episodes which involve the transition from Earle Graser as the Lone Ranger to the new Lone Ranger, Brace Beemer. Also included is the news story about the death of Graser, from the New York Times on April 9, 1941. You can find it here: "Radio in transition - The Lone Ranger"

January 14, 2009: Chuck Courtney in "Steve Canyon" in an upcoming DVD release! Chuck Courtney fans will have an opportunity to add another television appearance of Chuck Courtney to their collection. Chuck appeared in one episode of the 1958-59 television series "Steve Canyon" titled "Operation Big Thunder". The episode is included in Volume Two which will be released on or about March 3, 2009. Volume One has already been released and is available for purchase. Volume Two with the Chuck Courtney episode, "Operation Big Thunder", is available at the pre-order price of $19.95 with world-wide shipping & handling included, for a limited time. I suggest that you pick up Volume One too, as that volume also contains an episode with DeForest Kelly who also made 3 appearances on The Lone Ranger. A photo of DeForest is also seen on the following web site from his episode "Operation Jettison". The 3rd and final volume of "Steve Canyon" will follow volume two. These episodes are/will be fully restored and will look better than when they first appeared on television. Here's the link to get additional details including a picture of Chuck in a scene from his episode: "Chuck Courtney in Steve Canyon"

January 11, 2009: Al Dittrich's Lone Ranger Collection now on Ebay! Al Dittrich's huge Lone Ranger collection is now on Ebay. This will be your only chance to bid and obtain the entire collection. If the reserve is not met by the January 16th ending time, each item will be listed separately, beginning January 17th, exclusively on the JUST KIDS NOSTALGIA website. See everything in Al's collection here: "Al Dittrich's Lone Ranger Memorabilia Auction" **NOTE: The link to Ebay was changed due to problems with the cap guns being listed. This has now been corrected!


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  • Clayton Moore died on December 28, 1999

  • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver

  • Clayton's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6914 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Jay Silverheels died on March 5, 1980

  • Tonto's horse was named Scout

  • Jay's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6538 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Chuck Courtney died on January 19, 2000

  • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

  • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version. Clayton also defines it as meaning "faithful friend"

  • Clayton Moore's autobiography was published in the Fall of 1996 and copies are available from your favorite bookstore, in hardback or paperback

  • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

  • The two Lone Ranger feature movies by Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels were: "The Lone Ranger" 1956 and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" 1958

  • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed

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