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December 29, 2000: Clayton remembered in T.V. Guide! If you are a collector of Clayton Moore memorabilia, be sure to pick up the T.V. Guide, currently available, dated Dec. 30 - Jan. 5. They give tributes to various stars who have died in the last year and they included a short but nice entry and photo of Clayton on page 34. The picture is a color one of Clayton with crossed arms holding his guns. Very nice picture and by Tuesday, this issue will probably be replaced by the next issue, so pick one up today. Thanks to my friend and a fellow Clayton Moore fan, Marie Kelly, for the tip on this collectible. Thanks to Frank Thompson, Clayton's co-writer on Clayton's autobiography, for his fine comments in the article.

December 27, 2000: The Lone Ranger mask on the History channel! I just added some information about a couple of History channel shows about the Lone Ranger's mask. It appears there are two different shows with the first on January 1st as part of what looks like a marathon of "History's Lost & Found" features. A similar or is it different mask story? is scheduled for showing on the 19th and the 21st. There appears to be only one showing of the show on January 1st. I'd suggest that you record the January 1st show and then one of the other shows on the 19th or 21st to make sure you don't miss what might be two different Lone Ranger mask stories. They may end up to be the same story but one never knows!

December 27, 2000: Still looking for Captain Action Lone Ranger & Tonto figures? In the event that you are still looking for the red outfitted Captain Action Lone Ranger and the Captain Action Tonto that came out a couple of years ago, here's a real deal. These sets include the actual figures and are presently on sale for $5.99 each, plus shipping. They were originally priced at $19.95 each. They are limited in number according to the web site so don't wait too long if you really want to get one. When you go to the front page, search on the words: "Lone Ranger" and it will bring up both items. The web site is: KBkids

December 15, 2000: New item! Thanks to a fellow fan, Kathy R., I checked at the Breyer Horses web site and found out that as I suspected last Spring, they are making a "Silver" figure available. You can't get it until January, 2001 but you can take a look at it and start saving your dollars too. The Gene Autry "Champion" figure from last year normally sells for around $50.00 and I would suspect a similar price for "Silver". The "Silver" figure will also come with a video tape with two Lone Ranger episodes on it. There should be a list of retailers you can find in your area, on the Breyer Horses web site, under Dealer Locator, as you CANNOT buy them directly from Breyer. You must buy them through dealers. Here is the direct link to this figure: "Click here to look at the Breyer Horses "Silver" figure for 2001

December 13, 2000: I hope you caught the newsreel! I hope that many of you were able to catch the Warner Pathe Newsreel on the AMC channel last Sunday. It was shown just before the movie started and if you missed it this time, watch for the next time that this movie is shown on AMC. I believe that this newsreel was specifically for this movie and will probably not be shown again for the Lost City of Gold movie on December 20th, but I could be wrong.

December 6, 2000: Movies to watch for in January! For those of you with the Westerns Channel, you have some good opportunities to catch some movies of Clayton & Jay. The ones coming in January for Clayton will include: The Black Dakotas, Apache Ambush, Bandits of El Dorado, and The Plunderers. For Jay, there are two, which are: Brave Warrior and One Little Indian. As the the time gets closer, I will list the schedules for these movies and others on any other channels in the T.V. Schedule part of the web site.

November 24, 2000: Please note the changes on my front page! I have made some changes on the front page so if you don't find something, you can click on a new page called Internal Links. Its a new page that has the buttons for all of the pages that are no longer on the front page. Due to the large amount of scrolling that had become necessary we reduced that column in size and put them into clickable buttons on the Internal Links page and subdivided the buttons into 4 major areas and a separate Links to other web sites button. It should make a faster loading front page and I will be increasing the quality of the pictures that are on the front page to improve them. I will end this News item with a link to the new page and I hope that after you get used to it, it will improve your visit to my web site tribute to Clayton. If you notice any problems, feel free to let me know. "Click here for the new Internal Links page"

November 21, 2000: December t.v. schedule information: I just wanted to remind you that in December among the movies, you will have an opportunity to see Clayton's first movie "The Cowboy From Brooklyn" from 1938 on the Turner Classic Movies channel (TCM) which more of you might have available. Clayton is billed as Jack Moore for this movie shown on December 14th. Only one showing so make sure those VCRs are working. Also, the second and third episodes of the Gene Autry shows will be coming in December as well. December is also a chance for you fans to see both the 1956 and the 1958 Lone Ranger movies as they will be broadcast on the American Movie Classics (AMC) channel. These two movies will only be shown once in December. (Also there is a rarely seen movie for Jay Silverheels, "Northern Pursuit" coming on next month plus a variety of common movies for Clayton, Jay, John and Chuck. As I noted on the schedule, you may wish to tune in 10 minutes or so early to see if they play the one minute newsreel from Warner Pathe News before either or both of the Lone Ranger movies. If you want to see what it is first, go to the AMC web site and view it there if you can. Its a nifty news reel and I hope you can get it saved to video. Its about the 13th newsreel from the bottom of the page and you just click on the text when you get to the page: "NEWSREEL: THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN - RIGHT INTO HOLLYWOOD!"

November 20, 2000: Some things to watch for in 2001: I wanted to let you know a couple of things to be looking for next year. In January, 2001, the Hopalong Cassidy television shows are supposed to be released either on video tape or DVD and as many of you know, Clayton appeared in one of those episodes called "Lawless Legacy". The company has been busy restoring them so they should be some dandies. As I learn when and where you can order them, I'll let you know. Later in 2001, around June, the Gene Autry shows are supposed to be released to DVD and those of you without the Westerns channel can finally pick up at least the 3 episodes in which Clayton appeared in. As I understand it, there will be four episodes per DVD with some extra goodies on them as well. Also, you can pre-order the two Lone Ranger movies from 1956 & 1958 with Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels as the stars, now, at, even though the actual release date won't be until January, 2001. They have some nice pictures of the DVD covers on the Amazon site so be sure to click on the picture to get a larger version. Really nice looking graphics and I hope they will be close to the ones used on the final DVD covers. No pictures of the VHS tape boxes yet but they sound very interesting. There is a good chance that there will be at least a couple of additional new Lone Ranger products coming out in 2001, so stay tuned.

November 17, 2000: Chicago Tribune on the Clayton Moore-Sotheby auction! An interesting article at the Chicago Tribune web site about the recent Clayton Moore memorabilia auction at Sotheby's. The article was written by Tribune staff writer, Charles Leroux on November 16, 2000. Thanks to Leo Pando for passing along the web site to me. Here is the link to get you to that article: "HI YO, SOTHEBY'S -- AWAYYY"

November 14, 2000: For those attending the Iverson Ranch festival in October: I would like to hear from anyone who may have photos or video of the bootprint ceremonies at the Iverson Ranch on October 21st. One of the honorees was Bobby Diamond (Joey Newton on the "Fury" t.v. series) and I'd like to get copies of any photos or video footage. Bobby was wearing a white, short-sleeve T-shirt. Please email me if you have photos or video of Bobby during that day. Steve Jensen

November 7, 2000: Iverson Ranch and the Lone Ranger Rock article & pictures! In case you missed the new button on the front page, I have added a couple of new pages with the assistance of several fans. Barry Woodbridge and Tony Montesione went to the October 21st "Wild, Wild West Days" with an open house at the former filming location. For those of us who couldn't attend this year's event, you can read and see what these two fans saw. Thanks also to Ralph Merlino for some photos he has kindly allowed me to use and to Jim Hollaert for information and a picture that helped me out. There are two pages so be sure to look at them both and maybe next year more Lone Ranger fans will get the urge to check out the Lone Ranger Rock at the Iverson Ranch. Thanks Barry & Tony! If you want to go straight to the pages, follow this link: "Rediscovering the Lone Ranger Rock"

November 7, 2000: Write the Westerns Channel: For those of you with the Westerns channel, you might want to send your requests in for some movies and serials that Clayton has appeared in or television shows that Clayton has appeared on. I think it would be nice to see some series such as: The Range Rider, The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock, Hopalong Cassidy or Annie Oakley. Clayton has appeared in at least one episode on each of those shows. There are many western movies in which Clayton has appeared in which are seldom or have never been shown on television. There are some other fine television western series that would be nice to see on the air again. Here is an address that you can write a nice letter to reach the Encore Westerns people: ENCORE MEDIA GROUP, 5445DTC PARKWAY, SUITE 600, ENGLEWOOD CO 80111. Give Westerns a pat on the back for what they have given us already and tell them that you just want to see more. There are even more series and movies in which Jay Silverheels, John Hart and Chuck Courtney appeared in so perhaps those would be even more good choices for Lone Ranger fans.

October 22, 2000: More Clayton Moore items added at Sothebys Auction site I see that additional items have been added at the Sothebys auction site. There were 74 lots up for auction but now they show 126 lots so you may want to take another look at the items. They are intermixed with the previous lots so you will have to go through them again. Again, good luck and the auctions end in about 7 days or so: ""

October 18, 2000: John Hart appearance: Just wanted to let you know that John Hart is going to make a personal appearance on October 29th, 2000 in Temecula, California. Go to my John Hart tribute page and click on John Hart News for the details. I've spoken with John several times by phone and he is a warm and friendly person and fans who have seen him at various festivals in the past, also attest to his friendliness. Be sure to check out the details at my John Hart, "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" web page: "John Hart as Hawkeye"

October 15, 2000: More on the January, 2001 release of the Lone Ranger 1956 & 1958 movies I received a press release the other day from VCI Home Video with more information about the January, 2001 release of "The Lone Ranger", 1956 & "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold", 1958 movies. Not only will both movies be available on (Special Edition) DVD, but you will have your choice of Wide Screen or Flat Screen versions and both movies and both formats will be available in VHS video format as well. The pre-order date will be January 4, 2001 and the movies will be street available on January 30, 2001. Both movies are about 85 minutes in length and the suggested retail prices of the DVDs will be $24.99 and the suggested retail prices of the VHS tapes will be $14.99. The VHS tapes will come in special boxes called: Silver bullet clam shell capsules.

October 15, 2000: See items on the Sotheby auction web site: Thanks to Clayton Moore fan, Randy Allamon, who informed me that he spotted his own painting scheduled for auction on the Sotheby's auction site. Randy had given the painting to Clayton a number of years ago. A number of other gifts to Clayton by fans are also being sold on the auction. You can view some of the items at the Sothbey web site but no bids are being taken yet. Be sure to check for additional pictures of the items as some of the lots contain multiple items. I am sure that there will be more items listed in the coming days. You will need to register before you can bid and bidding isn't permitted until October 20th. When you get to the auction site, do a search on the words: lone ranger. If you wish to purchase a painting direct from Randy, he will paint or draw a custom one to your specifications with your favorite icon. Here are the two web sites of current interest: "Icon Paintings by Randy Allamon" and ""

October 10, 2000: New Lone Ranger DVD available in November Marengo Films is releasing a Lone Ranger DVD in November. The DVD will have the first three television episodes and it will also include a bonus color episode, "A Message from Abe" which is episode # 204. will be one outlet for this DVD when it becomes available. There is more information on the DVD at the Marengo Films web site: Marengo Films

October 5, 2000: Rob Word biography page: I added another page with with biography information on Rob. Also there are a couple of nice pictures you will enjoy. For those of you with the Westerns channel and once in a while on the MPLEX channel on western Wednesdays, you have seen Rob from time to time. I'll add a link to this page direct from the other 2 pages but for now, you can view this newest page at: "Rob Word Biography"

October 3, 2000: Two new pages for you from Rob Word: I just added two new pages and they both involve Rob Word. The first one is the complete article that he wrote for the printed program used at the 18th annual Golden Boot Awards. These programs are are available from the Motion Picture and Television Fund. Interested parties should call (818) 876-1900 for info. Due to space limitations, only a edited version was used in the prgram. You can read Rob's full article here. The second page is about a print that Rob Originally painted in oil, on canvas. Rob donated a print, made from his painting, for the silent auction at the Golden Boot Awards. Two has two prints he is making available here. The prints are signed and numbered and more information on both pages can be found at the following: "Hi-yo, Clayton! A Remembrance by Rob Word" and "Masked Man" Clayton Moore Print"

October 3, 2000: VCI Home Video DVDs will be delayed: I got word from Lone Ranger fan Bob Booth yesterday and a confirmation from VCI Home Video today that the DVD version of the Lone Ranger feature movies have been delayed until January. Its not bad news as they have decided to add a bunch of great extra material and they need the extra time to do a quality job. The VCI spokesman wrote this to me: We want to make these the quintessential releases of the fabulous films with extras that will do both a trubute to Clayton & Jay and provide the fans, like ourselves, interesting and valuable content. I truly think it will be worth the wait fellow fans!

September 29, 2000: Visit the Iverson Movie Ranch and the Lone Ranger Rock on October 21, 2000: If you have been looking for an opportunity to visit the Iverson Movie Ranch and a chance to see the Lone Ranger Rock, here is your notice. The annual Wild, Wild West, Film Festival and Celebrity Footing will be held on Saturday, October 21st. Admission benefits the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Happy Trails Children Foundation. The day is planned for fun for the whole family. Activities include: Film Festival, a mix of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Sunset Carson, The Cisco Kid and Lash Larue films along with some good old cliffhanger serials; Music; Celebrity possibles include: Cliff Emmich, Steve Stevens, Robert Diamond, Bill Raymond, Tommy "Butch" Bond, Britt Lomond, John Alderson, John Hart, Dennis Fimple, and Steve Kanaly; Food: Great BBQ from the bach of a chuck wagon hosted by the Chuck Wagon Trailers; Western and Movie Memorabilia; Classic Cars; and Raffles. Walk through the famed Garden Of the Gods, visit the Lone Ranger Rock and view Nyoka Cliff. Located in Chatsworth, CA. From the 118 freeway take Topanga Canyon exit south, Turn right on the Santa Susanna Pass Road, Turn right on Red Mesa, Turn right on Iverson Lane. From the 101 freeway, turn north on Topanga Canyon, turn left on the Santa Susanna Pass Rd, Turn right on Red Mesa, Turn right on Iverson Lane. For more information you can call: (818) 833-1892. Iversons is open at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Call to verify the guests attending, before you make your plans. Its your chance to view the Lone Ranger Rock & the Nyoka Cliff, eat some good food from a chuckwagon and listen to some good music, whether your favorite guest is there or not. Thanks for the information to Mr. Ed Phillips.

September 27, 2000: NOW AVAILABLE! Hear an audio broadcast on Lone Ranger collectibles: The folks at Redband do various shows on assorted topics and one new show will be on Lone Ranger collectibles. It will be available on Monday, September 25th and you can click in at anytime and listen to the recorded show. It will be a featured item for a week and then it will be moved to their archives section. Give them a listen, starting Wednesday, September 27th, 2000 Go to: "Lone Ranger collectibles on Redband"

September 22, 2000: Trouble here at the web site: I was unable to add or change any information at this web site since late Sunday evening until now. Tripod switched to another server and apparently had encountered some problems along the way. All the newest entries here have the same date as I uploaded all the changes & new page today. Please note some additions to the T.V. schedule page as well.

September 22, 2000: Added an article by someone who viewed the Clayton Moore exhibit on September 18th: I just added an article written by Barry Woodbridge who went and saw the exhibit of the Clayton Moore items to be sold at auction at Sotheby's auction web site. A number of fans wrote who were concerned about the upcoming auction and Dawn Moore addressed those concerns in a mini-catalog that was available at the exhibit and Dawn was also present at the Beverly Hills exhibit. Barry includes some interesting information. Go to: "Guarding the Mask"

September 22, 2000: Do you want your own art exhibit of Clayton Moore? Randy Allamon has a new web page that he wants Clayton Moore fans to know about. Randy sent me a picture of the painting that he did for Clayton a number of years ago. On Randy's web site, you can see Clayton and Randy with the painting. The great thing is that Randy will create one of his pieces of art for you in water color, ink or oil. He will be glad to send you the details and he will be happy to do a design with anyone you choose. I'll give you Randy's new web site and his email address is there and other information as well. Icon Paintings by Randy Allamon!

September 15, 2000: Sotheby's Press Release! I just added a page with the Sotheby's Press Release on the upcoming auction. (See the next item below for more details) Also, I received an email invitation this afternoon for ALL Lone Ranger fans who will be in Beverly Hills on Monday, September 18th. Here is the invitation and please note that you must call and RSVP if you wish to attend the party so they can get an accurate count of attendees:

We would like to invite all Clayton Moore fans to a special reception and exhibition of his personal collection of Lone Ranger memorabilia on Monday night, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. the 18th of September at Sotheby's Los Angeles, 9665 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, at Bedford Drive. His daughter, Dawn Moore, will be there to greet everyone and lead a tour of the items on display. RSVP to Laura Maslon at 310-274-0340

This is a great opportunity for you fans to say hi to Dawn and you are encourgaed to introduce yourselves to her that evening. You are encouraged to pass along this invitation to friends and family. You may read the press release at the address given at the end of this News item. There is a small glitch in the page that we have not been able to fix. The picture of Clayton's Stetson should be under the photo of his outfit. This a glitch of our making and not by Sotheby's and we are still trying to get it working right but wanted everyone to see the Press Release as soon as possible since the Los Angeles exhibit starts tomorrow. The hours for the exhibit are 10:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. but you are encouraged to call Sotheby's first to verify the hours, especially if you are driving any great distance.The press release is at: Sotheby's Press Release

September 14, 2000: --Memorabilia from the Personal Collection of TV's Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, To Be Auctioned on "From October 20-31, 2000, will give fans of The Lone Ranger a rare opportunity to bid on memorabilia and personal items from the collection of Clayton Moore, the actor who portrayed America's most famous masked man for six years on the ABC television series and at public appearances long after the show's 1957 finale." I received the press release this morning from Sotheby's and I will try to find a way to add it to this web site. The press release is about 5 pages long and gives the highlights of the personal items of Clayton's that will be sold and estimates of the price range for some of the items. Some of the items to be included is one of his masks and several variations of it; the Pierre Cardin sunglasses that Clayton had to wear during the years the court banned him from wearing the mask; a complete Lone Ranger outfit, including the boots and a Stetson hat, all of which was worn on the show; two separate gun rigs that Clayton owned, one filled with the give-away silver bullets that Clayton gave to fans and a second gun rig which was made for Clayton during the time he was banned by the court from wearing the mask; a varied lot of Lone Ranger associated toys that Clayton had collected, Clayton's Rolex watch and other various items. The auction will begin On October 20th and that is when the items can be seen at the web site. BUT, there are some preview events where selected highlight items can be seen before then. The first one will be this coming weekend. Here is the information: "A preview exhibition showcasing highlights from the collection is scheduled to take place at Sotheby's Los Angeles (9665 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills) from September 16-18th, with a reception planned for the 18th. A second preview exhibition will be held at Sotheby's New York (1334 York Ave.) from October 22-29, following the exhibit at Sotheby's London (34-35 New Bond St.) from September 29-October 1." Be sure to check the Sotheby's web site on October 20 through the 31st to view and place your bid on the items. I will try to get the full press release added to this page as soon as possible. The Sotheby's auction web site is:

September 12, 2000: Want a new set of Lone Ranger videos? Then you might want to check out a new set of 5 videos that I spotted today at our local Wal Mart store. Its called "The Lone Ranger-The Collector Series" and was done by Goodtimes Home Video. It was priced at $17.96 at our Wal Mart and consisted of 5 VHS tapes each in a very attractive box, packaged together in one large display box. The first video is titled "The Lost Episodes", which I am assuming is the same video that you can purchase by itself, from time to time. The second video has two episodes, titled: "Legion of Old Timers" & "Pete and Pedro". The third video has two episodes titled: "Six Gun's Legacy" & "The Return of the Convict". The fourth video is titled "Hi-Yo Silver" and the fifth video has two episodes on it titled: "Old Joe's Sister" & "Rustler's Hideout". You might find this set at K-Mart too but I haven't checked there.

September 10, 2000: Emmy Awards remembered Clayton Moore: I just finished watching the portion of the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast tonight where they honor the actors and actresses who have died since last year's awards and I was very pleased to see that they remembered Clayton. Two different shots of Clayton along with the sound bite of "Hi Yo Silver" was a short but very honorable tribute to Clayton. Thanks Emmy Awards!

August 27, 2000:"The Lone Ranger Ring" by The Marshall Corporation! I just heard about a really nice piece of jewelry that you may want to look at as it looks great. I'll give you a web site address for the details. The ring(s) look absolutely beautiful. I say rings because there are three different versions and a price difference between the versions. The prices start at $190.00 for the Sterling Silver ring and the middle of the road is a combination Sterling Silver and Gold version for $290.00 and the top of the line is a 14 karat Gold ring for $590.00. Shipping is an additional $9.95. Its comes with a collectable display box and a special card. If you should place an order with them, please check the box marked Other as to where you heard about the rings and mention my web site as the one who informed you about the rings if its possible. The name of the company is The Marshall Corporation and they advertised recently in the program for the 2000 Golden Boot Awards, page 56. Even if you just visit their web site for now, you will enjoy their short presentation and the great pictures of the rings and the display box. It sounds as though they will have a children's version of the ring available before Christmas as well. The Marshall Corporation does have a toll-free number for ordering but they do not have any pamphlets to send out. If you wish to order by phone, you can call: 1-877-9LONERANGER or their NOT toll-free number of 1-727-536-9167. Here is their web site address: The Marshall Corporation

August 26, 2000: A new addition: I added a new page to the front page and it can be found near the bottom of the front page. A brief synopsis of Clayton's appearance in the Gene Autry episode, "The Carnival Comes West". Perhaps it will entice some of you to add the Westerns channel to your televison viewing. The first run of the Gene Autry episodes ends on Monday, Septmember 4th but start all over again with the first episode on Tuesday, September 5th. You still have plenty of time to get hooked up before Clayton's 3 Gene Autry episodes come back on again. Hopefully I will be able to show you a small sample from Clayton's two other Gene Autry appearances in the future. I also changed a couple of "New" buttons on the front page as well. Also, you might check out the Chuck Courtney page as I added a couple of new pages regarding 2 more Lone Ranger episodes that he was in: Sunstroke Mesa and Trigger Finger. I hope to have a couple more added soon.

August 23, 2000:"The Lone Ranger" (1956) coming out on DVD! AND "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" (1958) also coming out on DVD. Thanks to Bob Booth of Ohio for making me aware of these two movies coming to DVD via VCI Home Video on or about October 10, 2000. Contact VCH Home Video on or after that date for ordering information and details. Here is their web site address: VCI Home Video

August 21, 2000: A 2000 Golden Boot Awards Report: Don't miss a report on this year's Golden Boot Awards written by by Marie Kelly, who attended the event. This year's event was dedicated to the memory of Clayton Moore. Click the next line to go directly to it or you can always access the button on the front page: 2000 Golden Boot Awards!

August 18, 2000:Report on the Hollywood Bowl tribute to the Lone Ranger! I just added a report on the recent Hollywood Bowl concert which had a tribute to the Lone Ranger. Nothing but good reports on it so check out Barry's report to see what you and I missed. There is a button on the front page or you can click the next line to go directly to it: Hollywood Bowl!

August 18, 2000: Minor change to the front page. I changed the border color on the front page to make it easier to see for some people. It will be a temporary fix until I get the time to redo the front page and improve the picture quality at the same time. The pictures were adjusted a long time ago to assist in page loading time but most computers have increased their speed and and abilties to get around on the Internet and now I want to get the resolution back to where they are better quality.

July 31, 2000: Don't forget Clayton is on Gene Autry tonight! AT 6:00 p.m. Central time Clayton appears in the second of three Gene Autry shows.

July 31, 2000: Video information: I was at 2 local K-Mart stores over the weekend and they both have a Goodtimes Video cardboard display box of videos at 2 for $10. Both stores had the excellent video "The Lone Ranger, The Lost Episodes" in case you still haven't found a copy and at $5, its still a great buy. While there, I also checked their regular video section(s) and they also have another interesting video. Jay Silverheels was in a movie called "One Little Indian" and he played the part of Jimmy Wolf. The movie also starred James Garner, Vera Miles, John Doucette and others. Its been a hard one to find up to now but K-Mart now has it and only $6.50. If you have been looking for this one, check your K-Mart stores or your other favorite video sellers, as its an apparently new re-release. Also, at one K-Mart store, they had a copy of Jay's "Saskatchewan" movie, also in the Goodtimes display for $5.00.

July 23, 2000: Radar Men From the Moon coming on DVD: Thanks to Clayton Moore fan, Joe McCarthy, I learned about an upcoming release of "Radar Men From the Moon" on DVD. According to the web site, this DVD will be available on July 25th. The original theatrical date according to Amazon was January 9, 1952. I don't have any information on additional features on the DVD if there are any. The price is $13.96 and the List Price is normally $19.95. Thanks for the heads up Joe!

July 20, 2000: Clayton on his 3rd Gene Autry episode! On Monday, August 7th, at 6:00 p.m. Central, those of you with the Westerns channel can catch Clayton in his 3rd episode as a guest star on Gene Autry. The episode is titled "The Carnival Comes West". The broadcast of his first episode, "Ghost Mountain", is tomorrow night, July 21st. Clayton's 2nd appearance will be shown on July 31st. For the original broadcast dates of these 3 episodes, check my Clayton Moore Television Credits page.

July 17, 2000: Followup on the Ken Crane's DVD company from July 12th: I received some additional information from a spokesman at Ken Crane's and I learned that they won't know the title of the color episode until they receive it on about August 1st. Also, Ken Crane's also carries the 5 DVD Collector set as well as the DVD of the full length 1938 serial, "Hi-Yo Silver" and the first 3 television episodes also. If you go to their web site, do a search on the words: Lone Ranger. You can call them at: 1-(800) 624-3078. They are located at: 15251 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, CA 92683 and their email address is: The web site is Ken Crane's DVD/LaserDisc

July 16, 2000: Lone Ranger Hallmark figure now available!:In the event that you might have missed it, Hallmark stores held their Christmas 2000 ornaments debut yesterday, Saturday, and in some places, it continued on today. Many ornaments were available, including the Lone Ranger on Silver ornament. See my Collectibles page for a picture of it. Many of the ornaments were preordered but I did see a single Lone Ranger ornament on the shelves of two of the 4 four stores that I checked at. Hopefully there will be more coming for those who did not preorder. Check at your Hallmark and maybe you will be able to add one to your collection. If you get a chance, send a thank you to Hallmark for remembering our hero. You might also mention in your thank you, that a Tonto/Scout ornament would look really nice for Christmas 2001. Thats what I aim to do myself.

July 13, 2000: Hollywood Bowl: Just a reminder that on August 11th and 12th, at the Hollywood Bowl, 2301 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA is the THE GREAT AMERICAN CONCERT. The singing group, "Riders in the Sky" and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, led by conductor John Mauceri, will combine in a salute to the state of California's 150th birthday in a concert each evening. The "Riders in the Sky" will sing the songs of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and perhaps the best part will be the end of the show with the shooting of fireworks, dedicated to the "masked man", The Lone Ranger. If you plan to be in the Hollywood area one of those 2 days, you can call (323) 850-2000 for more information. Or you can visit the Hollywood Bowl web site, but this is a fairly long-to-load web site. Hollywood Bowl Information

July 12, 2000: Another DVD of The Lone Ranger: Ken P. in Arizona pointed me to this web site that carries a DVD titled: LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER: CLAYTON MOORE COLLECTOR'S EDITION by Marengo. It also advertises a bonus of an additional color episode included and its priced at $11.19. I am not familiar with this company so do your homework and ask questions by calling them at: 1-(800) 624-3078. They are located at: 15251 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, CA 92683 and their email address is: The web site is Ken Crane's DVD/LaserDisc

July 8, 2000: Lone Ranger Celebriduck: I have seen these floating ducks on various auctions but now you can buy them direct for your kids bathtubs. A floating duck made to look like the Lone Ranger with his hat and holding a rope. You can check them out by clicking on Celebriduck: Celebriducks!

July 7, 2000: Reminder of Clayton on the Gene Autry Show: I just added some episode information about the first of three Clayton Moore's appearances on the Gene Autry show. Check my T.V. schedule for July 21st at 6:00 p.m. for "Ghost Mountain". Clayton also appears on an episode on July 31st but no episode information available until around July 17th.

June 19, 2000: Clayton Moore to be honored by the Golden Boot Awards: On Saturday, August 5, 2000 the 18th Annual Golden Boot Awards will be held in Beverly Hills, California. According to the information I received today, the 18th Annual Golden Boot Awards will be dedicated to Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger. Dale Robertson will be the Master of Ceremonies of this event at which the following 6 people will be Golden Boot Award honorees: Tom Berenger, Robert Stack, Melissa Gilbert, L.Q. Jones, Donna Hall and Howard W. Koch. A Founder's Award will be presented to Dale Evans. Also to be honored as the Backbone of the B-Westerns: Gregg Barton, Myron Healy, Walter Reed and House Peters, Jr.

June 19, 2000: Reminder on the Hollywood Collectors Show: This approaching Saturday and Sunday, June 24th &25th, fans in the California area can see John Hart and Mason Alan Dinehart III at the show and then on Sunday, Michael Ansara also will be appearing at the Collector's show. Many other stars will be there as well. See my May 6th News entry for additional details.

June 17, 2000: Clayton Moore on the Gene Autry show in July: On July 21st and July 31st will be two of Clayton's three appearances on the Gene Autry television show which is currently being shown on the Westerns channel. The times are 6:00 p.m. Central time each day so check my T. V. schedule for the details and episode titles. The third appearance may be in August so keep watching for it then and as soon as I know, I will add the information here too.

June 8, 2000: GOLDEN BOOKS OFFICIAL LONE RANGER WEB SITE IS OPEN! And be one of the first to check out this unique and very well done salute to The Lone Ranger. They have everything from great sounds to video clips and a nice history lesson on The Lone Ranger begining and evolution from the radio to the movies and lots, lots more. The store front isn't running yet but lets hope Golden Books has plenty of unique and nifty items of merchandise to fill its shelves. This is a fabulous web site and my compliments to Golden Books for getting the excellent firm of Studio FX Inc. to help them build it. Wow! Click here and go to the Golden Books Official Lone Ranger web site!

June 4, 2000: Chuck Courtney fans with the Westerns channel: The other day, I watched a movie called "Arrow in the Dust" and it stars Sterling Hayden. Although most of the actors aren't credited in the movie, I think Chuck Courtney was in it as Trooper Obeck or Orbeck and he is the bugler. He is seen in closeups several times and I am almost certain that its Chuck but if anyone gets a chance to see it in the 4 times its still being shown on Westerns channel, send me an email whether you think its Chuck or or not. Hayden mentions him by his character's name a couple of times but I am not certain of what it is. Check my t.v. schedule for information but it will be shown June 6th (twice), June 19th and June 25th.

June 1, 2000: New page on Ralph Littlefield: Be sure to check out a new page I added this morning on actor Ralph Littlefield. Ralph portrayed the character of Jim Blane, a good friend of John Reid (The Lone Ranger) and the silver mine operator on the Lone Ranger television show. Ralph was only in episode 2 but he did a great job on that episode and had a varied career before that. There is a direct link button on my front page and I will add one here as well. My thanks to Ralph's daughter, Joy Fuller, for her wonderful assistance and for the pictures and information which she provided. There is also an email address for Joy if you have any other information regarding her father's t.v. and/or radio show. Click here and go to the Ralph Littlefield page

May 31, 2000: Late t.v. entry for Clayton!! I just added a new movie listing for Clayton which comes on this Friday, June 2nd at 1:00 p.m. Central time. Its the first time that I have seen it and for those of you who get the GTV or Goodlife TV or remember it as the Nostalgia channel and have it on your cable or satellite, you can see the 1946 feature movie "The Bachelor's Daughters".

May 22, 2000: John Hart joining Mason Dinehart & Michael Ansara: Just wanted to let you know that John Hart is also planning to appear at the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th. See the special page that I did for Mason and on page 2 are the details on where and when this show takes place. ALSO, if you go on Sunday, June 25th you can also see Michael Ansara as well. Mr. Ansara has appeared in mumerous movies and t.v. shows including The Lone Ranger t.v. show and "The Lone Ranger" movie from 1956 . Mr. Ansara also appeared in the first episode of "Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans" t.v. show with John Hart. Click here and go to Ray & Sharon Courts Present Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show
or Click here and go to my Mason Alan Dinehart III page
or Click here and go to my John Hart page

May 17, 2000: Official Lone Ranger web site: I just found out today that the official Golden Books Lone Ranger web site is still being worked on and the launch date is now expected to be around the middle of June. "It will be a real winner" of a web site is what I was told to expect so be sure to check it out and you can sign up now for their email list to receive an update on the launch. Click here and go to the official Lone Ranger web site by Golden Books and Studio FX

May 10, 2000: Another Clayton Moore video you can obtain: You can purchase one of the hard to find movies that Clayton appeared in titled "The Gay Amigo" from 1949. It was the second feature movie featuring The Cisco Kid, played by Duncan Renaldo and of course his sidekick, Pancho, played by Leo Carillo. About a year later, the popular television series, "The Cisco Kid" became a very popular television western. In this movie, Clayton plays the part of a Lieutenant. I have never seen the movie myself and have not seen it for sale anywhere else. It sells for $9.99 plus shipping and after you get to their main site, click on the B-Western Roundup and then on The Cisco Kid. Click here and go to VCI Home Video

May 6, 2000: Mason Dinehart III tentative personal appearance: Just wanted to let you know that Mason Alan Dinehart III is tentatively planning to appear at the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show on June 24th and 25th. See the special page that I did for Mason and on page 2 are the details on where and when this show takes place. ALSO, if you go on Sunday, June 25th you can also see Michael Ansara as well. Mr. Ansara has appeared in mumerous movies and t.v. shows including The Lone Ranger t.v. show and "The Lone Ranger" movie from 1956 . Mr. Ansara also appeared in the first episode of "Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans" t.v. show with John Hart. Click here and go to Ray & Sharon Courts Present Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show
or Click here and go to my Mason Alan Dinehart III page

May 6, 2000: I ordered the Lone Ranger DVDs from here: I ordered the 5 DVD set of the Lone Ranger's first 10 t.v. episodes from on May 2nd and received them on May 4th. Very quick service and the best price yet. This set cost me a total of $41.70 which included the shipping via the U.S. Postal Service. is charging $34.96 for the set of 5 DVDs plus the shipping which will vary, depending on where you live. They show they currently only have 24 sets in stock. Click on DVD Movies for the product and then search on the words: the lone ranger. They also carry the Hi-Yo, Silver! / The Legend Of The Lone Ranger (Double Feature) for $17.49, if you have been looking for that DVD as well. Click here and go to

May 2, 2000: So you still haven't seen the Hollywood newsreel with Clayton & Jay?: Then you should go to the AMC (American Movie Classics) web site and watch it there, as long as you have the right software to view the Quicktime movie. Its a bit small but its better than missing it. Also, AMC is showing "The Lone Ranger", 1956 once again on Tuesday, May 9th at 1:30 p.m. Tune in a few minutes early and perhaps AMC will show the newsreel then as well. Meanwhile, you can see this clip at the following web site and its near the bottom of the page:

April 28, 2000: Hi-Yo Silver Away!: Kathy Wedvik wrote some catchy lyrics and joined up with the pleasant sounding voice of Shayne Vaughan, who did the demo and vocal for a nice tune called "Hi-Yo Silver Away". I'll give you two URLs to go to so you can read the lyrics and listen to Shayne as he sings it. I'll also include a third URL where you can order a cassette copy of the song as well if you wish, for a moderate charge. Here are the URLs:
"Hi-Yo Silver Away"lyrics by Kathy Wedvik
"Hi-Yo Silver Away"Vocal by Shayne Vaughan (Click on Hi-Yo Silver)
Jumpin' Jack RecordsOrder a cassette copy

April 27, 2000: Late addition to the T.V. schedule for April 28th for Jay Silverheels fans: I just added an entry for the 1942 feature movie, "Valley of the Sun" in which Jay appears as an Indian. Its short notice but it will be broadcast on Friday, April 28th at 5:00 P.M. Central time on the Westerns channel. ALSO, I will be adding several more movies, which I just found out about, later tonight for Clayton, Jay and Chuck.

April 26, 2000: Another source for 10 Lone Ranger episodes on DVD: Tower Records shows the DVDs are available as a special order item at their web site and those of you near a Tower Records retail store might check with them. On their web site, Tower Records shows the set is discounted to $42.99, plus shipping of course. I found the DVDs as well as other videos by doing a search on the name: Clayton Moore under Video/DVD and it was on the 2nd of 3 pages for Clayton. If you are interested in VHS videos for Clayton, they carry a number of them for Clayton and some are only $5.99 but most are special order which sometimes means they won't be able to get them. Click here and go to Tower Records

April 26, 2000: Chuck Courtney, Clint Walker & Michael Landon? According to a report from fan Judy B. you can see all three of these men in an episode from the "Cheyenne" t.v. show (which ran from 1955 to 1963). Chuck was in the episode titled "White Warrior" which I believe was originally broadcast on March 11, 1958. I don't know his character on the episode but hopefully Janet will let me know. Clayton, Jay, Chuck and John appeared in movies and t.v. shows which even they had forgotten about and many times they aren't even listed in the credits. Some of the Cheyenne episodes, including "White Warrior" are available on video. Also, 2-3 weeks ago, while checking out our local guide, I ran across a movie that was currently being played at the time called "Teenage Thunder" and was a nice little movie starring Chuck. It was on a channel we receive which normally only carries racing type programs from car racing to boat racing. They show one and only one movie a week, on Saturday night but they show it twice. I was lucky enough to stumble across it during the the first showing and got it taped during the late broadcast but unfortunately, not enough time to add it to my t.v. schedule. The channel is called SV (Speed Vision) and is normally one that I bypass. If you don't recognize a face in a movie or an old t.v. show, watch the credits, as that's how Janet spotted Chuck. Don't forget the item below as this appears to be a rare opprortunity to watch Clayton in one of his earlier roles and "Sergeant Madden" is not currently available on video.

April 19, 2000: Lone Ranger on DVD! Yes, thats right, the first 10 episodes of the Lone Ranger t.v. show are coming to DVD. Thanks to Ken P. & Marie K. for letting me know about this. I just spoke with a representative of Madacy Entertainment and he informed me that the DVDs should be available by May 1st. The representative did not have a copy of any of them yet so he doesn't know what the DVDs may contain in terms of extra material yet, if any, commonly found on DVDs. When I find out, I will let you know here. The 10 episodes are sold as a set of 5 DVDs, with two episodes per DVD, for $49.98. The amount of sales will determine if additional episodes will become available for sale. I believe that they are also releasing the episodes on VHS tape in the EP mode as well. Madacy Video is a part of Madacy Entertainment Group. Under company information is the address, phone number and email address for Madacy Video but you may wish to wait contacting the company until May 1st when they should have the DVDs in hand. Madacy Video

April 10, 2000: Cowboys & Indians correction: I just picked up the May issue of Cowboys & Indians and they corrected their photo glitch of substituting John Hart's picture for Clayton's in their March issue. On page 30 is their correction with a nice color photo of Clayton. Even the wonderful Harry Carey, Jr. sent the magazine a response to their error and they included it in their Letters section.

April 8, 2000: Scary Monsters Magazine and Clayton Moore! I ordered issue # 34 of "Scary Monsters Magazine" today for the article on Clayton Moore that is in the issue. My payment went to an address in Highwood, Illinois. One of the visitors to my web site, wrote a guest book entry that mentioned the article. Tonight, another Clayton Moore fan wrote and told me that he picked the magazine up and said the article on Clayton was great. The pictures and the printing weren't the best but the article was..."a very heartfelt article written by a true fan, just inserted in a strange setting. ", according to Al D. The magazine runs $7 on the newstand and I sent for it and it ran me $10, postage paid as none of the comic shops in my area carry it. If you want more information on this magazine and its publisher you can go to their web site at: Scary Monsters Magazine

April 8, 2000: Captain Action blue Lone Ranger news: I just wanted to let you know that the new blue outfitted Captain Action Lone Ranger figures are arriving at various shops around the country. It appears that mostly comic shops are receiving them so you may want to check with your area stores. I have a mail order in for a couple at Comic Quest and the owner, Jim, told me that he received his order on April 5th. Contact information for Comic Quest is: COMIC QUEST, 2136 MORGAN AVENUE, EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 47711; phone: 812-474-1133 or 812-474-1017(FAX) or you can email them at:
LATE ENTRY: I received my two Captain Action Lone Ranger's in the mail today, a couple of hours after I wrote the preceeding news item. AND, just to clarify something that I did not know until tonight, the blue Lone Ranger Captain Action is ONLY the outfit and accessories. The figure is NOT included. Al D. informs me that Playing Mantis is doing their best to release these as they they were originally done, including the same type of box. If you purchased the Red Lone Ranger Captain Action last year, you would have the actual figure (body) that you need to use with the blue outfit. I hope this clears things up a bit.

April 5, 2000: TOCPS salute to Jay Silverheels! I am late in letting you fans know that I received the latest issue of the newsletter from "The Old Cowboy Picture Show". It was a great issue with lots of information about Jay. George Coan put together a nice issue and was kind enough to use some photos that I sent to TOCPS. Its a great issue and follows closely on the heels of the documentary on Jay on the Canada History channel last February. Lots of interesting facts and its an issue worth getting from George. You can send George Coan an email about how to get a copy and you may want to sign up for a years worth of issues by making a donation to help pay the costs of printing and mailing the issue(s). Their previous one was a fine tribute to Clayton Moore. There is a link to TOCPS on my links page or you can go direct from here: The Old Cowboy Picture Show web site

April 4, 2000: Classic Images and Clayton Moore: Clayton and Lone Ranger fan, Al D., sent me the following message today: "Just a quick note to let you know that the new issue of CLASSIC IMAGES has a 2-page article on Clayton Moore with photos, so viewers of your site might be interested. It is the APRIL 2000, No. 298 issue. There is also a small image in color on the cover of the 1-sheet poster to Jesse James Rides Again." I checked with the owner and he advises that the cost is $4 for U.S. and $5 for foreign if you are interested. If you want to see what the cover looks like, you can check out the cover at: Classic Images web site

March 30, 2000: Hallmark Pre-Order Deadline is April 1st! My local Hallmark dealer told me today that the official deadline to preorder the Lone Ranger Christmas ornament and most other ornaments is April 1st. If in doubt check with your dealer or you may be scrambling to find them on the shelves. My dealer also informed me that they have special permission to get their orders in by April 15th due to their not even getting the Dreambook2000 in for their customers yet.

March 22, 2000: Gene Autry and Clayton Moore: Those of you with the Westerns Channel can start watching closely on May 1st, as that is when the Gene Autry television shows start. The first show is at 6:00 p.m. Central time. Clayton guest-starred in three of the shows so you have to get those on video while you can. As I find out the dates they will be shown, I'll add them to my T.V. Schedule page. The Gene Autry Show ran from 1950-1956 and according to my information, Clayton was in 2 shows in 1953 and in 1 show in 1954.

March 21, 2000: Another chance to catch Jay Silverheels on Texas John Slaughter! The Disney channel is rerunning the Texas John Slaughter series and the two episodes that Jay appeared in will be coming up on April 2 and April 4. Both early in the morning unfortunately but set those timers if you missed the shows last month. See my t.v. schedule for the information. Thanks to those of you have used the Starpages voting icon as described in the next message. I know it may take a long time to load their page but voting one time is enough.

March 20, 2000: Vote for my page: Starpages is a celebrity web page finding site and you can vote for your favorite web sites there. This page has been listed for quite some time but I just added the icon where you can click on the star and register a vote for my page. I'd appreciate it if you would vote even one time for my page. You can vote for any web site once a day but I will be happy for you to do it just one time for me. The orange colored star icon is near the bottom of my first page (My index page). Just click it and you will be taken directly to my web page listing where you can cast your vote. Or: Vote now!

March 18, 2000: New Lone Ranger Hallmark Christmas Ornament! I picked up the new Hallmark Christmas Dreambook2000 last night and they do have a Lone Ranger ornament that will be out for this year. Its a generic-faced Lone Ranger on a galloping Silver, hanging ornament and is priced at $15.95. Not all the Hallmark stores have the Dreambook2000 yet but if you find one, the ornament is on page12. I'll try to get a picture of the ornament added to my collectibles page a bit later. Its should be a popular ornament so if you can pre-order it, I'd suggest doing that as the lunchbox in 1997 was hard to find in many stores. Click the next line to take a look at it: New Hallmark Ornament!

March 11, 2000: "Peace Patrol" is available: I just found out that is selling the Lassie 2 episode video titled "Lassie-To Fetch a Thief". Its a two episode video and one of the episodes is the "Peace Patrol" episode with The Lone Ranger (Clayton) and Silver making an appearance for a U. S. Savings bond related story. The episode was originally broadcast on May 10, 1959. This video is put out UAV and the copy I had bought a year or two ago was done by Sony and Nickelodeon. The Sony version had excellent quality but I haven't seen the UAV version. Amazon is selling it for $11.99 and it comes in a clamshell box. Just do a search on Lassie and go through a number of listings until you find: Lassie-To Fetch a Thief.

March 7, 2000: Meet one of the co-writers of "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold": I was lucky enough to recently run across, Eric Freiwald, one of the two co-writers of the 1958 movie. Eric gave me some interesting information about his involvement with The Lone Ranger television show and the movie and other things he has been ivolved in during his writing career. There is a button on the front page or click here to go directly to it: Eric Freiwald

March 7, 2000: Big Reel magazine: I received the March, 2000 issue (# 310) of "Big Reel" magazine, which is a movie, video and Hollywood collectibles magazine yesterday. On the cover is a nice drawing of Clayton Moore (unfortunately covered partially by a big advertisement) by MARIO DEMARCO. Inside the oversized magazine is another drawing collage of 3 views of Clayton (on page107). On page 109 is a long article by Paul Holbrook about Clayton and The Lone Ranger and a copy of The Lone Ranger Creed. Mario is a talented artist and he also has drawings of Rex Allen and Duncan Renaldo in the issue, along with a nice article on Rex Allen by Bob Phillips. Another magazine worth grabbing. The single issue price is $3.00 at a news stand, if you can find it. If you want it but can't find it, you can call the publisher, Antique Trader Publications, Inc. at (319) 588-2073 or email them at:

March 7, 2000: Western film festivals: In the Big Reel magazine are a number of advertisements for film festivals coming up for this year. One such festival will be the 10th Annual Hopalong Cassidy Festival on May 5th and 6th, 2000 in Cambridge, Ohio. Subject to their health and availability will be the appearance of a number of stars, including, John Hart (Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans and The Lone Ranger), Richard Simmons (Sgt. Preston of the Yukon), Dale Robertson (Tales of Wells Fargo), Grace Bradley Boyd (wife of William "Hopalong Cassidy"Boyd) and others. More information on the Hoppy festival can be found at this web site, under Special Events:
Also advertising is the Memphis Film Festival where Mason Alan Dinehart III is appearing (see my page about Mason on the front page to this web site) along with Beverly Garland, Peggy Stewart and others. The recently added highlight to this festival will be the appearance of legendary announcer, Fred Foy. The Festival will recreate a Lone Ranger radio show with Mr. Foy, complete with sound effects. This should be a fun festival too. The Memphis Film Festival has a web site where you can obtain additional details at:
Or check out the ads in Big Reel or similar type of magazines as there are lots of different festivals across this nation.

March 5, 2000: American Cowboy magazine: As I reported on February 28th, there is a nice combination article on Clayton Moore and Rex Allen in the April issue of American Cowboy, on page 58. I just found it on the magazine rack at Waldenbooks today. I had checked at a B. Dalton's store last night and they didn't have it yet. There is a nifty article on page 6, which shows a small picture of Clayton and mentions about him and The Lone Ranger in a piece titled, "The Handshake as Symbol". Then, on page 8, there are several letters from readers and they concern the memory of Clayton and some of the other great cowboys that we have lost. There is a nice, 4 page article on Harry Carey, Jr. and his wife, Marilyn, in the same issue. Its a good keepsake item to have of Clayton and for Rex and Harry as well.

February 29, 2000: More sightings of "The Lone Ranger The Lost Episodes" videos: I was at the local Wal Mart store today and in their video aisle, I saw a rack of Goodtimes Home Video tapes and in the rack were some more of those delightful "Lost Episodes" videos. So, if you haven't found them yet check out your Wal Mart stores. The gal says that they just put them up in the past day or so and that they will only be there a limited period of time. The price is the next best part----$5.00. It would make a great gift to another Lone Ranger fan, family member or friend.

February 28, 2000: American Cowboy magazine: Leo Pando reports that the March/April 2000 issue of "American Cowboy" will be on the newstands very soon and that the magazine reprinted a long letter that he had written earlier about Clayton Moore and Rex Allen. Leo went on to say that there is a 3 page tribute to Clayton Moore and Rex Allen in the same issue. Leo does a lot of writing for George Coan's monthly newsletter, The Old Cowboy Picture Show.

February 25, 2000: March issue of Classic Images: Lone Ranger fan John T. in Arkansas reports in the March issue of Classic Images there is a nice obituary on Chuck Courtney. Thanks for the information John!
UPDATE on February 29th: Bob King, the editor for Classic Images, informed me that this issue is available for $4 postage-paid for U.S. addresses. Foreign orders are $5. Send a personal check or money order to:
Classic Images
301 E. Third St
Muscatine, IA 52761

February 25, 2000: Lone Ranger related commercial: Thanks to a tip from Lone Ranger fan, Kurt J. in Illinois, I managed to see an Ernst & Young commercial last night on the History Channel. I didn't get it recorded however but am sure it will be on again and on other channels too. It involves a mask, a feather and a cloud of dust and was rather a nice commercial. Thanks for the tip Kurt. I liked it too!

February 22, 2000: TOCPS Newsletter is available: I just received my copy of The Old Cowboy Picture Show newsletter which is a wonderful tribute issue to Clayton Moore. Its going to be a nice keepsake and is loaded with information about Clayton in its 12 pages. George Coan and Leo Pando have once again combined their talents to produce a fitting tribute to Clayton. If you want your copy, go to George's web site at:
You can find a phone number or an e-mail address there to get you the information you need. The next issue is dedicated to Jay Silverheels so ask George about being a full time subscriber so you you won't miss any great articles in the coming year.

February 16, 2000: Updated Golden Books official web site: I recently checked the "official" web site of The Lone Ranger and they have added a couple of nice things. The official web site can be found at:
and when you get there, click on the image of Jay-Clayton-Silver and it will take you to the new area. Just sit and watch and hear the radio search for The Lone Ranger and see what happens to the radio. Very nicely done and a nice little tribute to Clayton too. If you want to see an idea of what they may have on The Lone Ranger web site by May, 2000, click on the Howdy Doody line, on the first page. The Howdy Doody page looks very nice and I hope The Lone Ranger will be as good or even better. You will need a couple of downloadable programs to enjoy the full Howdy Doody page.

February 13, 2000: Western Clippings tribute to Clayton Moore: I received my copy of issue # 34 of the Western Clippings published by Boyd Magers the other day. The issue, 32 pages in length, is full of information and I caught several things in the second reading of it that I missed the first time. Its a good momento for $6 and if you want a copy of it, I wouldn't delay in purchasing a copy as Boyd said he only had had around 100 extra issues. If you get a chance to get a copy of the Great B Westerns filming locations guide by Tinsley Yarbrough, sold by Boyd, do so. I think Boyd had 25 or so of them left and I thoroughly enjoyed it when I first obtained it about a year ago. It goes for $6 also and he gives information about the major western filming locations, including The Lone Ranger. Tinsley Yarbrough has a nice article in issue # 34 too and its about the filming locations for The Lone Ranger televison show and movies. If you wondered about the location of The Lone Ranger Ranch and Corriganville, Tinsley answers it and other questions in the tribute issue. Contact Boyd & Donna Magers via e-mail for details at:

February 11, 2000: ERROR in Cowboys & Indians magazine: In the March 2000 issue of Cowboys & Indians is a small tribute article to Clayton but they inadvertently used a picture of John Hart instead of one of Clayton for the article. Its unknown if the magazine will reprint the article with the correct picture in their April issue. Thanks to Marie K. for telling me about the misprint. UPDATE on February 12th: Cowboys & Indians subscriber, Jeff, reports that he received a message from the magazine's Executive Director and that the error will be corrected in the next issue. Thanks Jeff!

February 3, 2000: Information on the Jay Silverheels documentary: I just received some information about the documentary on Jay Silverheels, which is coming up on February 9th for you lucky fans in Canada. There is a brief summary of what is in the documentary and details on ordering a copy of the 1 hour video. There is a button on the front page, right below the Mason Dinehart button, to get to the latest press release on the documentary. Be sure to check out both of these pages if you haven't already done so!

January 31, 2000: Check this out!! I just added a special page, the first of hopefully several pages, on one of the "kids" who appeared on The Lone Ranger show. The first one is on Mason A. Dinehart III and he was in episode # 162, "The Tell-Tale Bullet". I have a button for this page on my front page and I think you will find it interesting as Mason told me a little bit about what he remembers during the filming of the episode. There are actually two pages about Mason so be sure to check them both.

January 26, 2000: Video-The Lone Ranger The Lost Episodes: I almost forgot to mention that I was at my local K-Mart today and in the video area, in a self-standing cardboad display of Goodtimes Home Video tapes, was the "The Lone Ranger The Lost Episodes" tape. They were priced at two tapes for $10 but I think you can probably buy one for $5. You can always ask. Incidentally, there were 6 copies of this particular tape in the store that I visited. Those of you who are still looking, don't pass up the possible opportunity to get this great tape. Briefly, there are two complete episodes with original network commercials, the first Lone Ranger cartoon, some other commercials that Clayton and Jay did and a whole lot more!

January 26, 2000: Toy Shop magazine has a nice article on Clayton: I picked up the February 11, 2000 issue of Toy Shop magazine and it has a nice article about Clayton in it on page 8. The article was written by Bill Coulter who is a free-lance writer from Ohio. The issue is # 221 and is Volume 13 No. 3. The front cover has a mention of the article on the inside. This is a big newsprint style of magazine.

January 26, 2000: The Old Cowboy Picture Show Tribute issues! The Old Cowboy Picture Show also puts out a nice monthly newsletter and their March issue, will be sent out in February and will cover Clayton and the Lone Ranger in general. The following issue, April, will be about Jay Silverheels. TOCPS has their own web site at:
You can contact George Coan for subscription information by email at:

January 26, 2000: Western Clippings Tribute to Clayton Moore! Boyd Magers of the bi-monthly "Western Clippings" is doing a tribute issue to Clayton in the next issue, #34, which will come out in early February and will be 28 pages in length. A year's subscription (6 issues) is $27.25 for 1st class mail and a bit less for the slower bulk mail. Boyd also told me that he will have a few extra single copies of the Clayton #34 issue for $6.00 each. Contact Boyd or Donna at:

January 26, 2000: Blue Captain Action Lone Ranger figures: In the event that you run into a dead end trying to find the new Lone Ranger figures coming out late in February or by the middle of March, Jim at Comic Quest tells me that he will carry them and they will run $10.99 each plus shipping. Comic Quest is in Evansville, Indiana and you can contact Jim via email for the details:
Although currently under reconstruction, Jim has a web site at:

January 26, 2000: Lone Ranger hinged porcelain boxes: I've noticed a number of porcelain boxes with hinged lids with the Lone Ranger on Silver, being sold on Ebay. I was curious as some were selling for more than $35 plus shipping. I found out that the item came out last year and one shop that I found, sells them for $25 plus shipping. One such shop who gave me some information, is Christine's Closet. Chrissy said they are currently out of the boxes but are expecting more in, early in February. You can see a picture of the box at her web site and find her email and a phone number there to call for additional information:

January 25, 2000: Chuck Courtney Memorial Service: There will be a memorial service for Chuck at Forest Lawn Cemetery on Wednesday, January 26th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Internment, which will be private, will follow the memorial services.

January 24, 2000: TV GUIDE TRIBUTE to CLAYTON!: Bill Goff in Virginia sent me an email stating that he just bought the latest TV Guide, Jan. 29 - Feb.4 issue and inside is a 3 page and a 3 photo tribute to Clayton Moore. The article was written by Ed Weiner and Bill told me that there is no mention on the cover that there is a tribute to Clayton on the inside so he was pleasantly surprised. Bill told me that the three pictures are: (1) Clayton as the Lone Ranger, (2) Clayton and Jay as the Lone Ranger and Tonto with Silver & (3) Clayton with Noel Neill in "The Adventures of Frank and Jesse James". For some reason, the newet TV Guide doesn't show up until Tuesday around here. Thanks for the information Bill. I appreciate the information that Bill or anyone else gives to me about news items, magazines, other Lone Ranger related merchandise that doesn't make it in my area or is late in getting here. UPDATED: I just found a copy of it myself. The cover can be any of 4 different covers of professional wrestlers. In my copy, the article starts on page 59. Its a well written article and Ed Weiner did a great job in a short space.

January 20, 2000: MORE SAD NEWS TO REPORT! Chuck Courtney, who played the part of the Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid, died yesterday, January 19, 2000. Chuck died at his home in North Hollywood, California. Chuck leaves his wife, Geraldine, son, Dustin, Daughter, Elizabeth and step son, Lincoln, step daughter, Kim and his sister Connie. I speak for a lot of friends and fans when I say that he will be missed greatly by us all. My deepest sympathy to his wife, Jeri, to his children and other family members and to his many friends.

January 17, 2000: Gene Autry television shows are coming to the Westerns channel: Just in case you wanted another incentive to get the Westerns channel added to your line-up, the Gene Autry television shows are supposed to show up sometime this Spring. Thanks go to two loyal Clayton Moore fans, Marie K. and to Leo P., for passing along the information so I can include it here. Clayton was in 3 episodes of the Gene Autry show. I don't have those episodes myself so this will be a great opportunity to obtain them.

January 17, 2000: I'm trying to obtain some information if anyone has a good copy of the "Real People" episode that had Clayton on it and I am looking for anyone that has a good copy of a show called "When the West Was Fun" that was on t.v. in or around 1979. Just curious as to how many good copies there out there, considering the ages of the two shows. If you haven't checked your tape for a while, you may want to do that as video tapes have a limited life and you may wish to get a copy made onto a fresh tape.

January 14, 2000: Addition to the T.V. schedule: I make changes to the t.v. schedule at various times but wanted to let you know that added another Texas John Slaughter episode possibly on Sunday, January 30th at 3:00 a.m. CST. I added it because it is another episode involving Geronimo and in the episode from the day before, Jay plays the part of Geronimo. I don't know if Jay plays the part or if its another actor but didn't want anyone to miss if he happens to be in it. I am not familiar with the series at all myself. The Disney Channel doesn't show this episode airing on that day at all. Stay tuned.

January 13, 2000: Video Tapes: I've fielded a number of video tape questions in the past few days and perhaps some information would be useful here. The only way that I know to buy one or both the Clayton Moore/Jay Silverheels Lone Ranger movies, is by buying the "Lone Ranger 3 pack". I have seen it at Suncoast Motion Picture Company stores, found in many shopping malls, even here in Iowa, although I haven't looked for it lately. It contains both movies and the first 3 t.v. episodes on 3 tapes. I just checked at and they show they have it but availability is not guaranteed and it sells for $12.74 there and around $16 at Suncoast. If you have a Sam Goody store, ask them about ordering it in. Another good tape to get your hands on is titled "The Lone Ranger The Lost Episodes". Lots of neat things in this tape with the first known Lone Ranger cartoon, two complete Lone Ranger episodes with original network commercials, some commercials that Clayton and Jay did, the 1958-59 Peace Patrol savings bond information and lots more. K-Mart and Wal Mart had these at one time for around $5 but no longer. In checking today, I see that Amazon has it for $8.99 but it is only titled "The Lone Ranger" so its not easy to find. Just do a search on Lone Ranger under DVD/Videos and then check under the list provided for the first one with a price of $8.99. Today it comes up directly under the Lone Ranger 3 pack for $12.74. Click on the small picture and it will bring up a larger picture of the video front cover. Farther down this page is a list of other video sources to try if you can't find it near home first. Some places carry some of the other episodes as well. There is no place that currently sells the color, last season episodes.

January 7, 2000: Clayton Moore Public Memorial Service! I received word from Dawn Moore that the family has decided to have a public memorial service. Dawn wrote the following: "I have arranged for a memorial service open to all to be held at the Autry Western Heritage Museum in Burbank, California on Sunday, January 16th at 11:00 am. As I am sure you have gathered, I am an extremely private person and this decision was not an easy one for me but, I felt compelled to offer a chance to all of my father's fans a chance to share in a final goodbye and I know they will show our family the gracious respect my father has shown all of them throughout his career."

January 4, 2000: Jay Silverheels Documentary UPDATE! The following information comes from Viewer Relations, Canada History Television: History Television will be broadcasting the Jay Silverheels documentary on February 9th at 9:00 pm ET here in Canada. After that date, the film will be available through our Viewer Services line at 1-877-843-9371.

January 3, 2000: Just before they showed the movie, "The Lone Ranger" on AMC this morning, they showed a short newsreel from Warner Brothers. I hope many of you got to see it. For those of you who did not, it was an old newsreel clip of about 50 seconds in length. It showed Clayton and Jay together on Silver and Scout. It was titled "LONE RANGER RIDES -- AGAIN IN HOLLYWOOD". Clayton and Jay are in costume and ride up to the front of Warner Brothers and are welcomed by the president of Warner Brothers, Harry Warner. They are seen shaking the hands of other Warner Brothers executives and there are some good closeups of both actors. Then Clayton did some fancy gun twirling for the camera. The film was from Warner Pathe News but I am not sure of the year. It was a great little clip and I had not seen it before and they did not show it again before the second movie. If you get a chance to catch the movies in their other showings this month, be sure to tune in a couple of minutes before the scheduled time, have your VCR ready to capture the short clip, if AMC will show it again. Its well worth it and I just wonder how much other similar newsreel footage there is out there. Thanks to AMC for showing that one.

January 1, 2000: Jay Silverheels fans will have a chance to see Jay in a series that I do not ever remember seeing before. Jay was in at least two episodes of the Texas John Slaughter series and they will be shown on the Disney Channel later this month. Check out my t.v. schedule for the 27th and 29th. If anyone knows if Jay was on any other episodes of Texas John Slaughter, please let me know. The series starts on Monday, January 17th on Disney. The series ran from 1958 to 1961 and starred Tom Tryon.


  • Clayton Moore passed away on December 28, 1999

  • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver

  • Clayton's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6914 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Tonto's horse was named Scout

  • Jay's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6538 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

  • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version. Clayton also defines it as meaning "faithful friend"

  • Clayton Moore's autobiography was published in the Fall of 1996 and copies are available from your favorite bookstore, in hardback or paperback

  • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

  • The two Lone Ranger feature movies by Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels were: "The Lone Ranger" 1956 and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" 1958

  • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed

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