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UPDATED on December 16, 2001!

December 16, 2001: The Music of the Lone Ranger: In the past, some fans of The Lone Ranger and the music that you heard on the radio show or the television show, have been disappointed in not being able to find the wonderful book on the subject by Reginald M. Jones, Jr. Well, on December 30, 2001 or thereabouts, the book or a revised version of his first book on the subject, is being released. The title is slightly different from his first publication. The new book is titled Mystery of the Masked Man's Music : A Search for the Music Used on "the Lone Ranger" Mr. Jones original book, The Mystery of the Masked Man's Music : A Search for the Music Used on the Lone Ranger Radio Program, 1933-1954 was first released in 1987 and has been out of print for some time and very hard to find. You can pre-order it at or at or probably even through your local bookstore. Mr. Jones is indeed an expert on the music of The Lone Ranger and this will be an ideal book for your library if you are interested in the music. **UPDATED December 21st: I have learned that the book has a couple of minor corrections or revisions and otherwise is 99%+ the same as when first published.

December 8, 2001: Cheerios/Lone Ranger packages found in California! Lone Ranger fan, Joe R., reports that he found the Cheerios 60th Anniversary Lone Ranger packages at a Food For Less store in Pacoima (the San Fernando Valley) today. Joe went on to say: I'm sure the other Food For Less stores have it also. So, GO GET 'UM and enjoy!

December 7, 2001: Cheerios & Vandor updates: Fellow Lone Ranger fan, Jim Hollaert, has informed me that the Cheerios promotion isn't over yet and that he received the following as part of a message from Cheerios: We are sorry you have been unable to find a package with the offer for our Lone Ranger Lunch Box tin offer. Fortunately, this offer doesn't expire for some time, and the packages should be appearing on your grocer's shelf soon. This will allow you sufficient time to participate in this promotion. So, don't give up looking for the special packages yet and ask your grocer about obtaining them for you. Also, Jim sells the Vandor items and wanted to remind anyone who wanted to buy them for Christmas gifts, should place their order with him very soon for Christmas delivery. They are very nice and are very popular and selling very well. Here's the information for Jim's web site where you click on the STORE button to see the items: "JIM n' I ENTERPRISES" or can contact him via e-mail at:

December 6, 2001: The Lone Ranger returning to television? A Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger fan, JB, left me a message about the possibility of The Lone Ranger returing to television with a new 2 hour pilot film. JB referred me to the web site and here is the URL for you to go to and read it for yourself. This is the first that I have heard of it possibly coming back to television in a new version. Thanks for the information JB: "Cinescape/The Lone Ranger in a new television show"

December 6, 2001: Chuck Courtney on "77 Sunset Strip": Fellow Lone Ranger fan, Chuck Campbell, informed me that he caught Chuck Courtney appearing in an epsiode of "77 Sunset Strip" that was shown last weekend on the Goodlife channel. The episode is titled "The Court Martial of Johnny Murdo" and was probably originally broadcast in late 1958. Chuck's character was as Cadet Walter Lochrie. Thanks Chuck! For those of you that have the Goodlife t.v. channel and haven't been aware of it, Goodlife has been playing Warner Brothers detective series from the 1950's on Saturday nights. The detective shows are: "Bourbon Street Beat", "77 Sunset Strip", "Hawaiian Eye", "Surfside Six". But, even better, is on Sunday nights, when Goodlife broadcasts 4 hours of Warner Brothers 1950's t.v. westerns: "Bronco", "Maverick", "Cheyenne" and "Sugarfoot". They are great entertainment and if you have Goodlife, don't miss this opportunity to watch them and be sure to send a thank you to Goodlife and encourage them to broadcast even more of the 1950's westerns.

December 2, 2001: Cowboys & Indians magazine: "Cowboys & Indians" magazine did a poll to discover the 100 top westerns of all time and they combined television shows with films. "The Lone Ranger" television show placed a very respectable 26th out of the 100, that "Cowboys & Indians" listed as the top films and shows. You can find out the names of the other films and shows of the top 100, in the January, 2002 issue of "Cowboys & Indians" which I found at a B. Dalton Bookstore this afternoon.

November 27, 2001: More on the Vandor Lone Ranger products: Lone Ranger fan, Jim Hollaert wrote today to send me a couple of photos of the two new items. Jim also told me that he expects to receive his order from Vandor on December 5th. Anyone who wants to pre-order these items from Jim can visit his web site at: "JIM n' I ENTERPRISES" or can contact him via e-mail at: Jim told me: I have them on my web store under Lone Ranger Memorabilia as coming soon. I will be selling the bobber for $20.99, and the tote for $13.99 + shipping & tax (Calif residents only pay sales tax). Jim also told me: The tote is 7 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 6 1/4", and the Bobber measures 4" x 4" x 7 1/2". If you want to take a look at these nifty items, I have placed the photos on my collectibles page, that Jim sent to me: "Vandor pictures of the Lone Ranger collectibles"

November 27, 2001: Vandor update: Lone Ranger fan, Al D. from the New York area, wrote to tell me that there are indeed some Vandor Lone Ranger products now available. Al told me that he just found and purchased two items. This is how Al described them: The first is a Lone Ranger and Silver Bobber that is just great in detail and overall looks. You tap either Silver or the Lone Ranger and the bodies shake. Silver in a rearing motion, and the Ranger's body just bobs! Really nice item. The second is a good ol' tin lunchbox, but this one is unique in that it's in the form of an old tv set. The handle is coiled like an antenna and the rest of it is three dimensional for the tv screen, knobs, back of the set vent, etc. Again, a very nice and different type item. So, it does appear that you have at least two new Lone Ranger items to look for and hopefully they will be more plentiful than the Cheerios-Lone Ranger packages. I hope to add some pictures once I find them myself.

November 20, 2001: Vandor Lone Ranger products: I learned a few days ago, from a fellow Lone Ranger fan, that the Lone Ranger items from Vandor will not be out in time for the holidays. Instead, they are expected to be out sometime in January and still have no idea of what they will consist of.

November 20, 2001: Cheerios package update: The grocery store chain that carried the Cheerios-Lone Ranger packages in my area of eastern Iowa has removed the boxes, sometime on November 19th. There are 5 of these stores in my metro area and at least one store split up the packages into single boxes of Cheerios to fill their cereal aisle (no idea of what happened to the retro lunch boxes of course). Another store was out of them and a 3rd store never had them at all. The other two stores are smaller and probably never carried them at all due to the large amount of shelf space they took up. UPDATED: November 27, 2001: Another Lone Ranger fan wrote today to tell me that he found the Cheerios packages in a Wal Mart store in Schererville, Indiana.

November 12, 2001: Added a couple of photos to the Cheerios page: I added a couple of photos of the Cheerios/Lone Ranger retro lunch box after opening up the Cheerios package. The side bands are also uniquely marked with a pair of eyes in a mask on the back band. On the side bands, you can see more Cheerios/Lone Ranger history information and on one sidebands is a small graphic of the 1941Cherrios box. Fans on the East & West coasts are still looking for these packages but they have been found in Ohio now, so they should be coming. Here's the quick link to the page: "Cheerios & The Lone Ranger Rides Again!"

November 9, 2001: The Lone Ranger Stein: I received word today that a Lone Ranger stein can be ordered at the web site below. It's white with a great looking generic Lone Ranger graphic on the front of the stein and sells for $17.00 plus shipping. According to the web site, it can only be ordered until January 1, 2002 and then it will no longer be available. I don't know much about this web site but it's called "The Crimson Collector" but as always, check them out before you send them any money. The following link should take you right to the Lone Ranger stein: "The Lone Ranger" stein"

November 4, 2001: Cheerios and The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Get to your grocery store and check for the Cheerios 60th Anniversary and The Lone Ranger Rides Again promotion. I just found the new package and the retro lunch box that comes with it, just a few minutes ago. You can read all about it and see a couple of pictures of the package that I bought, at my newest page: "Cheerios & The Lone Ranger Rides Again!"

November 2, 2001: More regarding the Rhino tape & DVD from October 29th : I have received additional information regarding the upcoming release of some of the COLOR Lone Ranger episodes. I have been informed that the episodes have been repaired, cleaned up and are supposed to be uncut versions. As I receive additional information on additional episodes, I will let you know what I find out. If you have any suggestions as to what you might like to see as extras on the DVDs, let me know and I will be glad to pass them on to the powers that be. I'd like to see some of the old commercials for the sponsors (General Mills, Tootsie Roll, etc.) and perhaps even some of the commercials for the Lone Ranger television show promotions from the 1950's.

October 29, 2001: Lone Ranger COLOR episodes soon available on VHS & DVD! Thanks to Lone Ranger fan, Andy Wojciechowski, for giving me information about new Lone Ranger episodes coming out on VHS tape and DVD in November. I did some checking based on Andy's tip and found out the following: On or around November 13, 2001, Rhino Entertainment is releasing two volumes of Season Five (color) episodes on two separate video tapes. Volume One will consist of episode # 183, "The Wooden Rifle" & episode # 184, "The Sheriff of Smoke Tree". Volume Two will consist of episode # 185, "The Counterfeit Mask" & episode # 186, "No Handicap". Also, Rhino is releasing the same two volumes onto one DVD, Volume One & Two, which will consist of the same 4 episodes AND as an extra, the DVD will also contain the first two episodes of the Lone Ranger in black & white, episode # 1, "Enter The Lone Ranger" & episode # 2, "The Lone Ranger Fights On". The DVD will run $19.95 plus shipping and each of the VHS tapes will run $9.95 plus shipping. Nice looking graphics on the boxes too. Want to see more on these coming new items? Then follow the next link and do a search on the words: lone ranger : "Rhino Home Video"

October 27, 2001: The Lone Ranger Slot Machine by Bally Gaming: I received word that the Bally Gaming company hopes to place their "The Lone Ranger" slot machines in casinos in the near future. The games feature a picture of Clayton and Silver on the front of each machine. The games should be available by early 2002 and might even make it into casinos by the end of 2001. If you want to take a peek at this new machine, follow this link to a page I have made: "The Lone Ranger" slot machine"

October 20, 2001: Breyer "Silver" figures at Blain's Farm & Fleet stores: For those of you still looking for the Breyer "Silver" figures and who are near a Blain's Farm & Fleet store, you might want to check out their Toyland area which opened today. My local Blain's had two of the "Silver" figures and they are only $21.89. This package comes with the video "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" also. They didn't have the "Scout" figure but they did also have the Gene Autry "Champion" figure, also at $21.89 and it also came with a Gene Autry video tape. Farm & Fleet operates 33 stores, but in only three states, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Most other merchandisers who carry these items, price them at about $50.00.

October 8, 2001: The Smithsonian and The Lone Ranger Mask: Leo Pando has informed me of a page at the Smithsonian web site with an essay about The Lone Ranger mask. Leo and others have also informed me that the October issue of the Smithsonian magazine has a two page story on The Lone Ranger and it includes 2 photos of Clayton. I did find that the Lone Ranger mask at the Smithsonian, is at the National Museum of American History as part of their "Icons of American Popular Culture" exhibit. The mask is part of a 4 case exhibit which includes a baseball from Babe Ruth, Dorothy's "Wizard of Oz" slippers, Michael Jordan's basketball jersey, etc. If you want to read the essay, go to the following web site and read the article written by David H. Shayt. "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

September 22, 2001: Clayton Moore Auction at Ebay: Clayton Moore fans, Al. D., and Marie K. brought to my attention that there is an auction of items from Clayton's estate which includes 2 silver bullets and some costume clothing. You can get to the items by going to the front page of Ebay and then clicking on Live Auctions under Specialty Sites on the left hand side of the page. Then do a search on the words: clayton moore. The auction is on September 30th. Be sure to read the Live Auction rules and the item descriptions very carefully to make sure you know what is being sold. One of the pictures is very deceiving. You can check out these items at the Ebay Live Auction site: "Ebay"

September 17, 2001: Dennis the Menace and The Lone Ranger: If you didn't read the Dennis The Menace comic strip in the Sunday paper yesterday, you missed a nice connection with The Lone Ranger. Dennis is attempting to find a video that they can watch and after reading off a few titles, you can probably guess which video he decided to get. It's always nice to see a pleasant reference to the Lone Ranger in our everyday lives.

September 13, 2001: Lone Ranger/Clayton Moore & Silver figure: Clayton Moore fan, Al. D., brought to my attention that there is a new collectible figure of the Lone Ranger on a rearing Silver figure, available at Betty's Attic. It's a resin figure, that is about 6" wide and 11.5" tall and is a limited edition, with 5,000 being available. The price is a bit steep but you can determine that for yourself. You can go to the following web address, do a search on the words: lone ranger. You can check out this item as well as the other Lone Ranger items, including the child's Lone Ranger guitar that is available at Betty's Attic: "Lone Ranger and Silver figure"

September 9, 2001: "The Son of Monte Cristo" on DVD: Lone Ranger/Clayton Moore fan, Al D., informed me that one of Clayton's movies, "The Son of Monte Cristo" (1940) is now available on DVD as part of a two movie disc set, released by Marengo Films. Clayton's role in this movie is Lieutenant Fritz Dorner. The second feature film on the DVD is "Cyrano de Bergerac" (1950). Also, Marengo Films has a DVD of "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1949) of the first three Lone Ranger television episodes and a bonus color Lone Ranger episode, "A Message from Abe" (# 204). The DVDs are priced at $14.98 each + $1.50 for shipping & handling each. Get more information from the Marengo Films web site at: "The Son of Monte Cristo" on DVD

September 6, 2001: Clayton Moore & Gene Autry movies coming to Westerns My "Western Clippings" magazine arrived yesterday and they mentioned that all 89 of Gene Autry's movies are going to be restored and with a contract with the Westerns Channel, they will all be broadcast on the Westerns Channel. The Westerns Channel will begin showing some of the restored movies beginning in January, 2002. Westerns Channel is financially involved with the restoral of the movies as they were with the Gene Autry television show episodes and the movies will be restored to the length as originally shown in the theaters.Thats all very good news in itself but it also means that 5 of those movies will have appearances by Clayton Moore. The Gene Autry movies that Clayton appeared in were: Barbed Wire (1952), The Cowboy and the Indians (1949), Night Stage to Galveston (1952), Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949) and Sons of New Mexico (1949).

August 29, 2001: TV Schedule Problems: I have been having problems getting in the Lone Ranger episode information for September. But according to the Western Channel, there will be a 12 hour Lone Ranger marathon on Labor Day, September 3rd starting at 7 :00 a.m. Central time. Also, for those who have never seen the 1981 movie "The Legend of the Lone Ranger", this movie will be shown several times on the Westerns channel during the month of September. The first time showing on the Westerns Channel will be at 7:00 p.m. Central on Sept. 3rd after the marathon ends. I think it will also be on the MoviePLEX channel on the 12th & 19th of September but can't confirm it for 100% yet. As for the regular episodes of The Lone Ranger for the rest of the month of September, you may have to check the Westerns Channel web site for the titles on a daily basis. For some reason, Westerns doesn't give advance episode titles for The Lone Ranger or for the Gene Autry Show. If I eventually get them, I will add them to the TV Schedule but for now, the episode number and title will be blank. I may be adding additional titles of movies as I get during September as the movies aren't very easy to find for September either. One movie you don't want to miss is the 1954 "The Black Dakotas" in which Clayton & Jay both appear in the film. Also, have you seen and heard the Rex Allen, Jr. music video clip that Westerns has been playing? It does include a picture of Clayton along with the many other cowboy heroes and I thought it was very well done.

August 22, 2001: Iverson Movie Ranch Wild, Wild West Days! If you have been wondering when the annual Wild, Wild West Days is going to be held at the Iverson Movie Ranch, I can now tell you the details, thanks to Mr. Ed Phillips. The celebration will be on September 22nd and 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day. The guest of honor will be "The Bronze Buckaroo", Herb Jeffrey, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday. There will be other celebrities, music, film festival, Western vendors, arts & crafts, a BBQ, a raffle, historic exhibits, and a classic car show. The whole family should be able to find something to entertain themselves with at this annual festival. If you find out the current location of Clayton Moore's bootprints, please let me know. Admission is $5 and this is a charity event for "The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Happy Trail's Childrens Foundation". All of the admission fees and raffle proceeds goes to the Happy Trail's Childrens Foundation. You can call for more information at: (805) 527-5343. Driving directions are: Take the 118 Freeway to Topanga Canyon - South to Santa Susanna Pass - Right to Red Mesa - Right to Iverson Lane.

August 21, 2001: John Hart visits Michigan: As most of you know, I also do a web site tribute to John Hart. John made a public appearance in the Michigan area during the 4th of July. Ed & Judy Gilkes were the hosts for John and Ed sent along some photos taken during John's stay. Please follow the link and then click on the appropriate link in the left column on the front page of my John Hart web site to view the pictures: "John Hart"

August 16, 2001: Lone Ranger and Tonto Whirligig: If you want a one-of-a-kind unique item, then you really need to check out the Lone Ranger and Tonto Whirligig that is on auction on Ebay. I have exchanged e-mail with the wife of the builder of this whirligig and obtained some facts that may be of interest to you. "This whirligig is one of a kind. There is no other like it. In fact, as far as detail and engineering, this is one of the finest he has ever produced. If someone is interested, they should bid on it through the auction. Because of the hand-carving and detail involved in engineering, each whirligig produced takes about 3 weeks to make, and cannot be mass produced. My husband is currently obligated for several more of other designs. If nothing else, you may want to advise your devotees, through your web page, that this item is available on the auction through Sunday, August 19 at 5:30 PDT." Donna also told me that her husband may be able to make a similar whirligig but it entails being put on a waiting list after paying a deposit due to the work it takes to construct this intricate item. Pretty clever how he brought in the "correct" spelling of Kemosabe into a whirligig design. Donna also told me that her husband has made many different types of whirligigs in the past. If you want to bid you can follow this link: "Lone Ranger and Tonto Whirligig on Ebay Auction"

August 8, 2001: Time to vote for the 100 best westerns ever made Thanks to fan Joe S. for alerting me to a vote that the magazine, Cowboys & Indians is conducting on their web site. You can vote for your favorite 10 westerns (TV shows or movies) of all times and be in the running for some prizes. Hopefully you will be including The Lone Ranger (TV) show (this is on the list) as one of your choices. At the bottom of the list are some blank lines where you can list your favorite TV or film westerns that are not included in the list. This is where you may write in the 1956 The Lone Ranger and the 1958 The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold movies since they are not in the list. Go to the web page listed below and then click on the link in the upper right part of their front page to take you to the brief instructions, the prize list and the list of more than 200 movies listed alphabetically: "Cowboys & Indians Vote"

August 7, 2001: Breyer's "Scout" figure is available: If you are looking for the Breyer "Scout" figure, you should check with your favorite seller as this model is apparently available now. One shop I know that has it is Triple B Models in West Branch, Iowa. Scout is listed in their Mid-year Releases section and they have it listed for $24 plus shipping. I think both the Silver and Scout figures would look great with a saddle and bridle so perhaps Breyer will add those as separate tack accessories if they get enough requests for them and will model them after the television series. Here's the web site for Triple B Models if you want a look at Scout. Click on their Mid-year Releases button: "Triple B Models"

August 3, 2001: Change to the T.V. scheduleI just learned that another of Jay Silverheels movies is going to be shown on the Westerns channel and once on the MoviePLEX channel this month. The first showing will be this coming Monday, August 6th and will run 6 different times this month on Westerns and once on the MPLEX channel. Just found out today about this movie and it's a new one for me to watch. I try mighty hard to get all of the movies listed but if you see one that I don't have on the schedule please email me the title and I will watch for it in the future.**NOTE-If you spot Jay in this movie, let me know where to look for him, as I didn't see him.

August 1, 2001: VCI updateA Lone Ranger fan, Philip in England, ordered one of the VCI Lone Ranger DVDs to see if it would work on their players there. The DVDs are marked for region 1 on the package but will work anywhere as the DVDs are actually encoded 0. Philip told me that the DVD he ordered, worked perfectly so you fans in other parts of the world might want to check the VCI DVDs out too. Just the DVDs, as the videotapes are only in the NTSC format and are not in the PAL format.

July 14, 2001: NEW PAGE added on House Peters, Jr.! I have added a new page for House Peters, Jr. to the web site. House has a terrific auto-biographical book out on his life and career and it's filled with facts and many, many photos. House will be glad to autograph it for you personally and it's a buy at $24.95 which includes shipping. I spoke with House tonight and he would be delighted to send you an autographed copy so be sure to tell him how you want it signed when you place your order and in your note to him, please let him know you heard about his book from this web site. The book would be a great addition to your library, so don't delay in ordering after you have checked out my web page on House. The twelve Lone Ranger episodes that House appeared in are also listed on the House Peters, Jr. page but House was in many t.v. western shows. A very interesting man and you can check it out on my page on House at: "House Peters, Jr."

July 6, 2001: Vote for a Clayton Moore movie at TCM!Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is going to have a viewer request film festival in December but the voting takes place from now until July 31st. You can go directly to the page with the voting button on it by following the link below. The button to click on after you get to that page is near the center right of the page. You have to fill out some information in order to vote and you need to know the name of the movie that you want to see them play in December so. You can see a list of Clayton's movies on my web site or on I'd suggest you pick one that you have never seen before but I don't think they will show any of his serials. My choice was "Along the Oregon Trail" from 1947 since I have never seen it but the choice is yours. It would be great to see even a couple of Clayton's movies shown on TCM in December and perhaps TCM will use the suggestions to schedule in the future. As far as I know, you can vote as often as you wish. "TCM Viewer Request Festival Voting"

June 29, 2001: Breyers Horse is relasing a Scout figure! Thanks to Lone Ranger fan Al D. for letting me know that Breyer Horses was coming out with a new Scout horse figure. I did some checking tonight and found the description and photo of Scout on the Breyer Horses web site. Scout is in a running pose for this figure and should make a nice grouping with Silver. I have also suggested to Breyer's, that two more horses, Victor and Smoke (Butch Cavendish's horse), would make a great set of 4 horses for Lone Ranger fans. If you agree, be sure to let Breyer Horses know what you want to see next. Check out the new Scout at Breyer Horses and then check with your favorite Breyer Horses retailer for the availability date and cost: "Breyer Horses "Scout" figure"

June 27, 2001: VCI Entertainment has EXTENDED their sale of "The Lone Ranger" movies! I received information yesterday, that VCI has extended their sale of The Lone Ranger and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold through July 31st, due to the big response they have received already. Also, they are going to reprint the Video Gazette edition with the Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels cover which also shows their sale merchandise. Support this company and they will be able to do additonal releases of DVDs and videos of equal quality and content as these Lone Ranger DVDs show us. On June 10th, I informed you of a couple of suggestions of future DVDs that I would like to see and you can let VCI know of your requests for future products via email or a letter. You can visit their website at: "VCI Entertainment"

June 22, 2001: A fan's review of the VCI Lone Ranger videos & DVDs: Clayton Moore and Lone Ranger fan, Robert Booth has written his review of the VCI Lone Ranger movie re-releases. Read Bob's review here and if you want to offer your own reviews, feel free to send them to me and I will add them to the page: "VCI Video Review"

June 18, 2001: VCI Entertainment has "The Lone Ranger" movies on sale! I received a copy of the VCI "Video Gazette", issue 6, the other day and found that VCI has many DVDs and videos on sale, including the two Lone Ranger movies from 1956 and 1958. The Lone Ranger DVDs are regualrly $24.99 each but are on sale through June 30th for $18.74 and the VHS tapes are regularly $14.99 each but are on sale thorugh June 30th for $11.24 so now may be a good time to pick them, direct from the company that made them possible. Give VCI Entertainment at 1-800-331-4077 before June 30th to grab these at the sale price. Also, if you place an order of $75 or more, you get free shipping through June 30th as well. The "Video Gazette" has the cover with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels on it and apparently, copies of the gazette are no longer available but you can still buy the sale merchandise, so give VCI a call and mention the sale prices. You can also visit the website: "VCI Entertainment"

June 15, 2001: More news on the coming Lone Ranger collectibles in 2001: Thanks to another Lone Ranger fan, Ed S., I have learned some more about the collectibles coming soon. Probably the biggest and most interesting one will be the Cheerios 60th anniversary celebration by General Mills. From the information sent to me by Ed, The Lone Ranger will appear on the Cheerios box as he did in 1941. The Cheerios promotion will include a Lone Ranger collectible tin lunch box as an on-the-pack premium offer on a Cheerios box with Lone Ranger graphics. Over 2.5 million twin pack cereal boxes will be available for Cheerios and Lone Ranger fans....Those of you who are going to be in Las Vegas this Summer and in other casinos across North America will have an opportunity to see and/or play the first Lone Ranger slot machines ever made, this year (**NOTE...I just found out that the Lone Ranger slot machines won't be available until closer to the end of 2001 and will NOT be out this Summer).....Apparently another company named Funko, will be releasing Lone Ranger and Tonto "Wacky Wobblers" as their product sometime this year.....The last company, The Lyon Company/Vandor manufacturers, will be releasing some Lone Ranger products in collectible tin-ware and ceramics. If I get pictures or more information of some of these items, I will be posting them to the collectibles page. The last thing to mention, is that in the information that Ed S. sent to me, there was a mention of "Renewed interest in a feature film is currently being explored." Thanks Ed for providing the information, some of which I did not have or many details on.

June 12, 2001: DVD set includes "The Lost Episodes": Do you remember the video tape from a year or two ago titled "The Lone Ranger The Lost Episodes" from Goodtimes Entertainment, which had a variety of Clayton & Jay commecials, two complete episodes, Peace Patrol, first Lone Ranger cartoon, and lots more on it? Well, you can now buy that video in a DVD for $5.62 or you can buy it in a set of 4 DVDs for $22.46. The set contains "The Lost Episodes", "Hi-Yo Silver" 1940, and two DVDs with three episodes per DVD. These episodes are supposed to be: "Six Gun's Legacy, The Return of the Convict, Rustler's Hideout, Legion of Old Timers, Pete and Pedro and Old Joe's Sister. All four of these DVDs are available separately for $5.62 if you already have the episodes on DVD from another set. These prices are as listed on the web site but they may be available at other web sites as well. Also, these DVDs may be showing up in local retail stores too. "The Lost Episodes" tapes have been found at K-Mart and Wal Mart stores and other stores in the past. Perhaps these DVDs will also show up as well.

June 10, 2001: A reminder on the VCI Lone Ranger videos & DVDs: For those of you that are having trouble finding the new releases of 'The Lone Ranger" (1956) and "the Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" (1958) produced by VCI Entertainment, on DVD and VHS video, remember that you can purchase these directly from VCI Entertainment. Also, be sure you ask them to send out their latest catalog too, as it has a picture of Clayton/The Lone Ranger on the cover of the catalog. This catalog just came out and sounds like a dandy. Thanks to Al D. for the heads-up on the new VCI catalog information. VCI does carry a lot of interesting videos and dvds, including "International Lady" with Clayton Moore and VCI made it possible for us. The folks at VCI Entertainment also would like to know what fans want to see, so let them know, when you place an order with them. I have asked for them to consider re-releasing the serial "Gunfighters of the Northwest" (1954) as well as a the movie, "Along the Oregon Trail" from 1947 as both of these have Clayton in them and I have never seen either of these two productions. I hope to get a new page up soon, with a couple of reviews of the Lone Ranger features. In the mean time, check out VCI here: "VCI Entertainment"

June 8, 2001: Added some pictures of Clayton in "The Ranger Rider": I just added a few pictures from a Range Rider episode "Ambush in Coyote Canyon". You can access them from the Clayton Moore Television Credits Page or go there from this link: "Clayton Moore in a Range Rider" episode

June 8, 2001: Added pictures for another Chuck Courtney episode: I just added a few pictures from episode # 151. You can access them from the Chuck Courtney page or go there from this link: "The Quiet Highwayman"

June 6, 2001: Added pictures for another Chuck Courtney episode: I just added a few pictures from episode # 148, "Dan Reid's Sacrifice". You can access them from the Chuck Courntey page or go there from this link: "Dan Reid's Sacrifice"

May 30, 2001: Clayton in another Ranger Rider episode. I recently picked up a new "The Range Rider" video which had two episodes from the Range Rider series. One of the episodes was titled "Ambush at Coyote Canyon" and Clayton was in this episode. He played the part of Martin Wicketts, the Superintendent of the Eureka Mining Company. This video is available at The second episode did not have Clayton as a actor. The only other "The Range Rider" episode that I know Clayton acted in, is called "Saga of Silvertown".

May 30, 2001: Lone Ranger mask on "The Incurable Collector" show. Good friend Leo Pando from The Old Cowboy Picture Show, let me know this morning that on A&E's program, "The Incurable Collector", from Sunday, May 27th, there was a mention of the last Fall auction of one of Clayton's masks. This show will be repeated again this coming Saturday, June 2nd at 5:00 p.m. Central/6:00 p.m. Eastern time on the A&E channel. Not sure how much information there is and it could only be a brief mention.**NOTE...Another friend and Lone Ranger fan, Al D., wrote to tell me that it involves a quick trivia question before a commercial break and when they come back after the break, they give the winning bid price.

May 25, 2001: The Golden Age of Heroes or The Lone Ranger Rides Again by Tim Lasiuta. Tim Lasiuta has written an article regarding the Lone Ranger and the current authorized Lone Ranger, Scott Shepherd. You can read the article and an interview with Scott Shepherd, written by Tim Lasiuta on May 15, 2001 at his web site at: "Suite 101 "

May 15, 2001: ACG Comics on Clayton and Jay! I first read about a comic coming out with Clayton on the cover in an issue of "Western Clippings" by Boyd Magers. It was several months ago and I have just found the magazine for sale. In fact, they also released a second comic with Jay Silverheels on the cover of it. Clayton's issue is the ACG Star Western # 4 issue and Jay's issue is the Star Western # 5 issue and these comics are printed in Canada. There is a short biography on each man in their respective issues. In the Clayton issue, there is also a page with The Lone Ranger Creed by Fran Striker. In the Jay issue, they also include a short filmography for him. The pictures on the cover are rather generic and black & white and that is the extent of coverage for the two men. The remainder of the comics are various cowboy stories in typical comic book form but do not involve the Lone Ranger characters and are not related to the Lone Ranger. I did enjoy the stories and artwork and would love to see them do some actual Lone Ranger stories in comic book format. These comics will probably be tough to find and last week, I saw the Clayton Moore issue sell for around $26 on Ebay and the retail suggested price is only $5.95. I bought both issues, # 4 and # 5, and had them shipped to my home for $14.90. I got them from Ken Pierce Books in Franklin, Wisconsin. Their email address is: or you can visit their web site. The following is the web page for Ken Pierce Books which shows a list of cowboy comics the carry and on the page is the Star Western category. If you talk or write to them, please mention that you read about these comics from me on the "Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger" web site. "Ken Pierce Books"

May 8, 2001: What happened to the Studio FX-Official Lone Ranger web site? The Studio FX Official Lone Ranger web site was the one commissioned by Golden Books and created by Studio FX and had the potential to be a great source of information and interaction for Lone Ranger fans. There was to be a store front, games, short video clips, etc. but then it simply was never finished and then it went away. What happened to it? was asked of me by many fans and I now know the answer. Studio Fx was a victim of what happened to many companies in the past few months. They simply went out of business and as a result, the Studio FX/Official Lone Ranger web site went out of business too. Golden Books has no plans at this time to resurrect the web site through another company. Also, along with this line, Golden Books has been permitting a gentleman by the name of Scott Shepherd, to appear as their licensed Lone Ranger, at various events. Scott has appeared at a variety of events and sometimes he is in the costume of the Lone Ranger and at other times, he is not appearing as the Lone Ranger. Scott is the Executive Director/Founder of Frontier Rider Productions. If you want to read more about Scott, you can go to this web site and click on the Lone Ranger. To return to this page, simply click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close that page: "Scott Shepherd"

May 4, 2001: Gene Autry and Clayton Moore on DVD & VHS? Something to watch for in the future are the three Clayton Moore appearances on the Gene Autry Show. As of May 1st, Image Entertainmet has released the first two volumes of the Gene Autry television show on DVD. With the first two DVDs, it appears that they are being released in episode order with 4 episodes per DVD. The full retail price is $14.99 per DVD but I see that Ken Cranes has them for $11.24, Big Star has them for $11.99 and Amazon has them for $12.99. Don't have a DVD player? Well, the shows also are available on VHS tape format too, which are listed at retail for $14.99. Amazon sells the VHS version for $12.99 and Big Star sells the tape versions for $12.74 per tape. Image Entertainment only mentions releasing the first two volumes so it's unknown if they or some other company will release the remaining episodes and only if additional volumes are released, will we have a chance to get Clayton's performances on the Gene Autry Show. Stay tuned!

May 4, 2001: Added link to VCI Home Video I added a couple of links to VCI Home Video to the front page, near the bottom of the left hand column and at the bottom of the page, advertising the new and remastered copies of The Lone Ranger and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold movies. Either one of those two links will open a new web page for VCI. When you are done checking out VCI Home Video, all you need to do to return to my Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger page, is to click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the VCI page and it will close the window to VCI and you will have my Clayton Moore page in front of you again.

April 25, 2001:Added pictures of the guitar & ring! I just added pictures of the Lone Ranger child size guitar and the Lone Ranger child's size ring from the "Betty's Attic" catalog to my collectibles page. More information can be found there and in the next News item dated April 23rd. Click the link to go directly to my collectibles page and scroll down near the bottom of the page: "Lone Ranger collectibles page"

April 23, 2001: New! Lone Ranger Collectible Guitar now available and MORE!! I had just learned the other day about some new Lone Ranger collectible items that would be available in the coming months. Today, I received a catalog which has one of the items in it. It's a child's size Lone Ranger collectible guitar and what makes it particularly nice, is that it has a nice graphic of the Lone Ranger (looks a lot like Clayton) and Silver on the front of the guitar and a graphic of Tonto (not a bit like Jay Silverheels) and some other graphics, including the words, "The Lone Ranger" written in rope-like lettering. Each is individually numbered and its a limited edition collection and is child-sized (28.25 inches in length). Its made of wood veneer and comes with tunable strings and an acoustical sound. The price is $34.00 and can be seen in the latest issue of "Betty's Attic" catalog: Collectors edition XIII, Catalog # BM-0104. You can also order the Breyer "Silver" model and video set from this same catalog but it's a might steep at $52.00. I can tell you that the video in this set is "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" from 1958. On March 21st, I did a News item about where you can purchase this Breyer "Silver" and video set from a place in Iowa for $36.50 plus shipping and you may also find it in your local area. I'm not done yet, as in this same catalog, "Betty's Attic", you can also see and order the Marshall Corporation children's collectible Lone Ranger secret compartment ring for $35.00, on the back page of the catalog. Also, this company has a Roy Rogers children's collectible guitar with Roy & Trigger graphics, also for $34.00. Now for the important information you will need: If you want a catalog or have a question, you can call 1-800-311-0733, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time; Their ordering number is 1-800-294-4068 and is good 24 hours a day. See the web address for Betty's Attic at the end of this News item. You may or may not see these items in their other catalogs called: "The Lighter Side" or "Things You Never Knew Existed". One last thing, is that you need to be on the lookout in the coming months for additional Lone Ranger products including items as ornament(s), items in ceramic and items in tin. Also, in October there will be a special item to be watching for but I can't tell you anymore about that right now. Now, here is the web site for "Betty's Attic", where you can do a search on the words: Lone Ranger and see all the items. If you get a chance to tell them where you got this information, please mention to them that you first saw this on this web page. (I don't get a darned thing for it but maybe they will continue to send me their catalogs) Thanks. "Click here to look at the Betty's Attic/The Lighter Side catalog

April 19, 2001: DVD Update! A fellow Lone Ranger fan and friend, Ken P. in Arizona, wrote to me on Tuesday to tell me that he just received his DVD copy of "The Lone Ranger" and it is a 2 disc set. One DVD has the movie and the second one has the specials including bios, photo gallery and the interviews with Michael Ansara and another with Dawn Moore by Leonard Maltin and some trailers. Ken hasn't had time to watch it yet and is still waiting for the "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" DVD to arrive. Most video sellers have the notice on their sites that the DVDs will be released on or about April 24th.

April 17, 2001: Updated the T.V. schedule today! I updated the T.V. Schedule today but wanted to point out a couple of things.There will be a one-time broadcast of one of Clayton's movies, "Masked Raiders" on Tuesday, May 8th on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel. I haven't seen this movie before so be sure to catch it. Also, both the 1956 & 1958 Lone Ranger movies will be broadcast on the AMC (American Movie Classic) channel in May and if you are still trying to see the original Warner Pather newsreel advertising the release of the 1956 "The Lone Ranger", be sure to tune in a few minutes early in case they play the newsreel. Also, on Wednesday, May 9th, Clayton returns as The Lone Ranger as Season 4 begins with "The Fugitive". One last thing I wanted to mention is that some of Clayton's movies are going to be shown on the MPLEX channel on Wednesdays so those of you without the Westerns channel but who do have the MPLEX channel have a chance to add some films to your library. "Apache Ambush", Bandits of El Dorado" and "The Black Dakotas" are a few examples. The TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel is also showing some great movies too.

April 8, 2001:New story in pictures! I just added a new story in picture form about Clayton's role in a World War II Army Air Forces training film.Clayton mentioned in his book about doing these types of training films, so be sure to read a copy of Clayton's auto-biography for more information on these. This particular film ran about 7 minutes in length and it's the only one that I know the title of. If you know of any similar training films please let me know about them. The link can be found on the Internal Links page under the "Clayton Moore Associated Stories" heading or just click on the following hot link: "Target-Invisible"

April 6, 2001:UPDATE Some disappointing news on the VCI Home Video release of the two Lone Ranger movies on DVD. I received this from Amazon today, where I had placed my order for the DVDs: Greetings from We have recently learned that the official release date for the DVD "The Lone Ranger (Special Edition)" has been postponed indefinitely. We will ship the item to you as soon as copies are available, but unfortunately, it is currently unknown when our suppliers may expect to fill our orders. We are very sorry for the disappointment. If we discover that this release has been cancelled, or will otherwise not be available, we will notify you as soon as possible. I did check at the VCI Home Video web site and they now have a refurbished web site and a new notice about the two movies. It appears that the VHS videos and the DVDs will be available on April 24th now and they include this bit of interesting information: The DVD of "The Lone Ranger" (1956) will also include..."biographies, The Lone Ranger Creed, and a photo gallery; plus a special interview with actor Michael Ansara, who plays the part of "Angry Horse" in the film." The DVD of "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" will contain biographies, The Lone Ranger Creed, a photo gallery; plus archival footage that will have special meaning for all western film fans -- the induction ceremonies for both Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels into the Cowboy Hall of Fame." If you want to read more about it, go to the VCI Home Video web site and read their press release, dated April 2, 2001: VCI Home Video

April 3, 2001:New story I just added a new story that a fan submitted about his winning an item on the Clayton Moore auction at Sothebys Internet auction from last October. I have heard from several of the winning bidders from the auction and all have been pleased with their purchases. Privacy concern is the reason for not disclosing the full name of the author. The link can be found on the Internal Links page under the "Clayton Moore Associated Stories" heading or just click on the following hot link: Winning Bidder

March 30, 2001:New Lone Ranger's children's ring for sale! If you want a nifty little ring, you might like to see the Marshall Corporation's latest Lone Ranger item. It's a children's ring with a secret compartment and the rings are complete with individual serial numbers. It's a fairly heavy ring and it comes in a neat & colorful display box and also comes in it's own special purple drawstring pouch with a nifty silver-colored graphic on the pouch. It's only $24.95 plus $5 for shipping & insurance. Take a look at it at the Marshall Corporation web site and if you order by phone (1-877-956-6372), please mention to the company that you heard about it from this web site. I don't get a thing out of it but I'd like them to know that you saw it mentioned here: The Marshall Corporation

March 30, 2001:IT'S BACK!! I am very happy to have this page restored as of March 29th when Tripod put this page back up. It was mistakenly removed after a major glitch by Tripod in which many Tripod sites were removed in error due to a technical hitch. I did have to move some files around, so in the event a page or or a picture doesn't work, be sure to let me know. This site was removed just a couple of days after my wife, Mary, passed away on March 3rd. See the next News item for a little more on that. I did get some of this site working on a another URL but since this one is now working, I will remove the back-up page very soon. It's taken a lot of email messages and some phone calls to Tripod to get this page back and operating. I know that I have missed some things that have happened in the past two months, so if you have run across something that other Clayton Moore or Lone Ranger fans in general might be interested in, be sure to let me know about it and I'll add it here. I will give you the information on an affordable Lone Ranger children's ring shortly. I purchased one and it arrived yesterday and is very affordable. Also, the T.V. schedule is pretty much up-to-date too. The T.V. schedule is just a guide for you and I am sure that I miss some of the movies that may be on, especially in your local area. Again, thanks to everyone who has written or called me during my wife's illness and also after her death. It was very much appreciated.

March 21, 2001:UPDATE Some of you may know but for the benefit of you who don't, my wife, Mary, passed away on March 3, 2001 after the long illness she had to endure. It's been a very trying time for me and during this time, Tripod mistakenly removed my Clayton Moore web tribute page due to a major technical error on their part. Thanks to so many of you for your get-well and sympathy messages on behalf of my wife and my family. You don't know how much it meant for us to receive those messages and notes......Steve

March 21, 2001:UPDATE I wanted to pass along a little bit of news that I have and I'm sure that you may be able to bring me up-to-date on some things I have missed out on in the past two months. One thing is that I checked with a Breyer dealer in West Branch, Iowa who just received a shipment of some of the new Silver figures and has them listed for $36.50 plus shipping to wherever you live. If you are interested in them and can't find a Breyer dealer near you, I know that they would welcome a call from you. They also told me that they will offer a 5% discount on orders over $100 (prior to shipping charges), that they take various forms of payment and that they are an authorized Breyer dealer. Just mention to them that you heard about them from me if you would please. Here is their information: Triple B Models, 5732 350th St NE, West Branch, IA 52358 and their phone is: 319-643-2392. Their web site is: Triple B Models

February 25, 2001:UPDATE Just a quick update while I am again at home for a brief time. My wife remains in an Intensive Care unit and I will probably not be able to do much on the web page through the remainder of February and into March. Again, thank you for all of the messages and forgive me for not being able to acknowledge all of the messages that you have sent. They are definitely appreciated and I thank you....Steve

February 11, 2001:UPDATE I am home briefly to take care of some business but I did want to thank many of you who have sent messages of good wishes for my wife. Mary remains in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and has had several setbacks in the past two weeks. The good thing is that she has had 3 stable days now and is beginning to make a little bit of progress, so there are signs of good days ahead. It will be a slow process and I regret that I will be unable to to keep up with the web pages for Clayton & John, but I do plan to return to them and I know that you will understand and will say an extra prayer for my wife....Steve

January 28, 2001:I'M SORRY!!! I apologize for the lack of current news and a February T.V. Schedule. My wife suffered a serious health problem on January 15, 2001 and is still hospitalized. I will not be able to make updates for quite a while, while I try to spend my time with her in a hospital about 90 miles from our home. I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts directed to my wife Mary, as she has a long & difficult journey ahead of her in the coming weeks.

January 3, 2001: Clayton remembered in "Entertainment Weekly": If you are a collector of Clayton Moore memorabilia, you may want to pick up the January 5, 2001 copy of "Entertainment Weekly". Its a tribute issue to the stars who have passed away in the last year and Clayton was included. Thanks to Clayton fans, Marie K. & Al D. for both passing along the information to me. Al did mention that they have the wrong death date for Clayton by having it read the year 2000 instead of 1999. Also, we lost another fine actor earlier this year when Gregg Barton passed away. The latest newsletter from "The Old Cowboy Picture Show", which I received yesterday, had a nice article in it on Gregg. Gregg was in several episodes of The Lone Ranger but was in many other cowboy shows from Gene Autry to Annie Oakley to Wagon Train. Gregg left us on November 28, 2000. I always enjoyed watching Gregg, even though he played the"bad guy" a lot of the time. I highly recommend the TOCPS newsletter, as you get a lot of information in exchange for a donation to help George keep the presses running. Check my links page for his web site and details on how to order a subscription.

January 1, 2001: The Lone Ranger's mask on the History channel! The History Channel's "Lost & Found" program on the Lone Ranger mask, shown today, is the same as the one I saw on the shows scheduled for later this month. The History Channel apparently just packaged it with different shows in the next broadcasts. Just for your information and if you missed todays showing, you can still watch it during one of the other broadcast dates as shown on my T.V. Schedule page. It's your chance to see what Dave Holland looks like too.


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  • Clayton Moore passed away on December 28, 1999

  • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver

  • Clayton's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6914 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Tonto's horse was named Scout

  • Jay's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6538 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

  • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version. Clayton also defines it as meaning "faithful friend"

  • Clayton Moore's autobiography was published in the Fall of 1996 and copies are available from your favorite bookstore, in hardback or paperback

  • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

  • The two Lone Ranger feature movies by Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels were: "The Lone Ranger" 1956 and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" 1958

  • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed

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