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December 29, 2005: Lone Ranger Calendar: Jim at "Jim n' I Enterprises" has a 2006 Lone Ranger calendar for sale and its a limited edition of 50. Click on the OUR STORE button and then click on the LONE RANGER COLLECTIBLES button and scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the calendar.

December 23, 2005: A Lone Ranger model for you artistic fans: Adam M., a friend and a Lone Ranger fan, thought fans might like to see another Lone Ranger item that will require you to be able to model and paint to complete it. It's cast in solid resin, has a base and is priced at $29.99. If you get one, send me a picture of your completed model. Learn more about it here: "Monsters in Motion"

December 23, 2005: Lone Ranger Stick Pony at K-Mart: The Dan-Dee International Limited stick pony is available in some K-Mart stores as well. At least in a K-Mart store in the state of new Hampshire but no white "Silver" model was spotted. If the stick pony is new to you, you can read my News item on December 9th. Thanks to another Lone Ranger fan, Mickey M. for sharing the information. Here's a picture of the ones that I found at Wal Mart in NE Iowa, but alas, no white one in the herd: "Dan-Dee Stick Pony" NOTE-12/12/2005 **Howard P. reports he found a white Dan-Dee stick horse at a store called Longs Drugs in Washington State. It appears that this chain is found in the western United States, Washington, California, Nevada, etc. Thanks for the information Howard.

December 22, 2005: "Classic Media and Dynamic Forces, Inc. are proud to announce a new agreement that allows for the collectibles company to produce all-new LONE RANGER merchandise": Mark Largent, a friend and fellow Lone Ranger fan with a great web site: "Largent's Lone Ranger Page" has passed along another piece of news of more Lone Ranger merchandise and collectibles, coming in the second half of 2006. "...Dynamic Forces will produce resin collectibles, lithographs and a trading card series inspired by the heroic masked man." The press release also mentions a new Lone Ranger movie to be released in 2007. Thanks for the information Mark. Read the press release here: "NEWSARAMA"NOTE**12/23/2005**Here's the Official Press release at Dynamic Forces: "Dynamic Forces"

December 13, 2005: More on the Lone Ranger Comic Book Series by Dynamite Entertainment: Mark Largent, a friend and fellow Lone Ranger fan with a great web site: "Largent's Lone Ranger Page" passed along a web site with some additional information on the coming new Lone Ranger comic book series. The information was apparently supplied to Comicon by Dynamite Entertainment, who has named writer Brett Matthews and artist John Cassaday to the project. Thanks for the information Mark. Read about it here: "Comicon"

December 9, 2005: Lone Ranger Stick Pony: The Dan-Dee International Limited stick pony is now available in some Wal Mart stores. We first heard about these stick ponies showing up in a limited number of retail outlets a year or two ago. They play a portion of the Lone Ranger theme song, whinnies and the head moves up and down. I didn't spot an all-white one (for Silver) in this particular display but I know a few exist. I took a picture of the display this morning and you can see the box of them here: "Dan-Dee Stick Pony" NOTE-12/12/2005 **Howard P. reports he found a white Dan-Dee stick horse at a store called Longs Drugs in Washington State. It appears that this chain is found in the western United States, Washington, California, Nevada, etc. Thanks for the information Howard.

November 29, 2005: New Lone Ranger Comic Book Series by Dynamite Entertainment is coming: Thanks to Jim Hollaert for notifying me of this interesting bit of information. Dynamite Entertainment released a press statement, dated November 28, 2005, that they and Classic Media intend to produce "a new ongoing comic book series featuring the Lone Ranger. The new Dynamite comics will feature the Lone Ranger, Tonto and more characters from the venerable franchise." You can read the full press release on the Dynamite web site. Thanks for the information Jim: "Dynamite Entertainment"

November 19, 2005: Dave Holland Died! Just received word from Leo Pando, that Dave Holland died on Monday, November 14, 2005 of esophageal cancer. Dave was an author and a western films expert and will be sorely missed by his family and friends. Dave had written the 1989 book that many Lone Ranger fans are still eager to obtain, "From Out of the Past: A Pictorial History of the Lone Ranger." Deepest sympathy to Dave's family and his many friends, for their loss. You can read the L.A. Times obituary for Dave for more details. His funeral was held this morning: "Dave Holland obituary"

November 17, 2005: Western Clippings: There is an old "Bound & Gagged" cartoon in Boyd Mager's "Westerns Clippings" newsletter, dated November-December, 2005, issue # 68. The cartoon was dated February 20, 2001 and is on page 4. It's titled, The Lone Ranger's Masking Tape and shows The Lone Ranger unrolling it from the spool. A clever cartoon.

November 15, 2005: Lone Ranger Clothing now and in the future! Jim Hollaert informed me that they are carrying a new line of Lone Ranger clothing. At the present time, you can order 2 different T-shirts. Additional Lone Ranger clothing will be available in mid-January, 2006. One T-shirt, that is available now, has the image of Clayton Moore & Silver on it. One of the items, that will be available in January, will be a 3 piece playset for children which includes a shirt, mask and hat. Check it all out at Jim's web site by going to the OUR STORE button and clicking on the "Coming Soon" button: "JIM n' I ENTERPRISES"

November 12, 2005: Lee Powell's contract to play the Silver screen's first Lone Ranger up for auction: Hake's Americana & Collectibles next auction, December 13th - 15th, will include the actual contract that Lee Powell signed, for him to play the first Lone Ranger of the Silver Screen. This information comes from SCOOP and you can get the preliminary information from their web site, here: "Hi-Yo, Hake's Auction!"

October 28, 2005: Lone Ranger Comics at Hakes: At today's SCOOP web site, they have an article about the early Lone Ranger comic books: "SCOOP and The Lone Ranger Rides Again at Hake's"

October 26, 2005: Pre-Order"When The West Was Fun" on DVD and/or VHS: This Brad Marks Production can be pre-ordered NOW! Please use the entry form as this show is only available from Brad Marks International at this time. See my News item from September 6th for a bit more information on this fun and unique TV special from 1979 which features Clayton Moore and many, many more western stars. Get the order form here and tell Brenda that you heard about this Pre-order from the "Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger" web site: "When The West Was Fun Pre-Order"

October 19, 2005: Artist Tom Gill dies: Leo Pando reports that Tom Gill died last night. As many of you probably know, Tom drew The Lone Ranger comic book for Dell, for 20 years. A memorial service is being planned for a later time. Thanks for the information Leo. On May 27th, I had a News item about Tom and I gave you a web site for more information on him and that link is still active, if you want to get more information on Tom's artistic life. Update on 10/21/2005: "Tom Gill Dies"

October 19, 2005: Animated Musical Galloping Pony - "Silver": Lone Ranger fan, Ed S., advised me this morning that he found the item made by Dee Dee International that collectors may be interested in obtaining. This item was sold 2 or 3 years ago through another store and was difficult to find. Ed found the item in a Wal Mart store for $16.76 last night. As Ed describes it, it is an updated kid's toy of an electronic horse head on a broomstick that plays a version of the William Tell Overture. Ed said that he was unable to find one an all white or Silver version. Thanks for the information Ed.

October 16, 2005: How The Lone Ranger is ranked in SCOOP's top 15 Western TV shows list: SCOOP has named their top 15 TV western shows (They couldn't limit the list to only 10) and you can see how The Lone Ranger was ranked here. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are pictured as well: "SCOOP's Top Fifteen Western TV Shows"

October 6, 2005: VCI Video Corral sale special: Clayton Moore fan, Bob Booth, reports that at the VCI Video Corral web site, fans can purchase both the 1956 & 1958 Lone Ranger films for only $9.99 each. Your choice of the DVD Special Editions, which I recommend, as they have the "extras" which are the Michael Ansara interview, the Dawn Moore interview with Leonard Maltin and more on the 1956 "The Lone Ranger". On "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" DVD Special Edition, you get extras of the Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductions of Clayton Moore in 1991 and Jay Silverheels in 1993, the original theatrical trailer and more. Video tape versions are also available but don't have the "extras" on them. After viewing the Sale page, do a search on Clayton's name or any of your other favorite actor's names and see what other items you might add to your order. Check them out on page 2 of this web site: "Video Corral"

October 5, 2005: The Lone Ranger & the WWE? Mickey M. reports that in the November, 2005 issue of WWE SmackDown! magazine, there is an article on WWE Champion Wrestler Batista and his lunchbox collection, on page 39. Mickey reports that in a photo, Batista is seen holding an old Lone Ranger lunch box. Isn't it amazing where The Lone Ranger character will pop up! ADDED: 10/12/2005: There are actually two photos on that page, where The Lone Ranger lunchbox can be seen. I think it is the 1954 version.

September 28, 2005: Mother Goose & Grimm: Check out today's comic section in your newspaper for the Mother Goose & Grimm cartoon. Another cartoon about The Lone Ranger and a new sidekick for him. And no, it's not a woman!

September 19, 2005: The Lone Ranger & Tonto BLOG: Joe Southern has begun a Lone Ranger BLOG, as a part of his Lone Ranger Fan Club web site. Joe invites fellow Lone Ranger fans to post your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in regards to all aspects of The Lone Ranger. Perhaps you are a radio show fan and have a favorite episode or perhaps you are a TV show fan and have a favorite episode. Who was your favorite Lone Ranger bad guy/actor? Maybe you have an idea for some new Lone Ranger collectible. Check it out and give Joe's BLOG a try: "The Lone Ranger & Tonto BLOG"

September 15, 2005: 56 years ago today: It was 56 years ago today, September 15, 1949, that The Lone Ranger debuted on television on ABC.

September 10, 2005: B-Western Lobby Card Calendar for 2006 with The Lone Ranger: Larry Welch is taking orders for a B-Western 2006 Calendar for mail delivery in November. Larry is using lobby cards for the artwork and they will have covers of heavy 11x14 index stock in full color and all pages are printed on heavy stock, similar to the lobby cards from years ago. The calendars will feature hundreds of birthdays and death dates, quotations, trivia and factoids about the stars and the movies. Larry told me that he is using a lobby card from the 1958 Lone Ranger movie, "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" for the month of June. Other months will feature these stars: Tim McCoy, Ken Maynard, Lash LaRue, The Durango Kid, Hoot Gibson, Tom Tyler, Tom Mix, Tim Holt, Bill Elliott and Tex Ritter. The cost of each calendar is $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Larry has other calendars too, a Columbia Serial calendar and a 50's Sci-Fi/Horror calendar. Go to Larry's web site for details, to view the covers and for information on how to purchase: "2006 Calendar"

September 6, 2005: "When the West was Fun: A Western Reunion": Do you remember that TV special that was on in 1979? Clayton appeared in it with many other western stars and it was a really nice program. You say that you haven't seen it for years and have been wondering if you ever will see it again. Well, you will soon be getting your chance, as the Brad Marks Production will be released onto DVD in the near future. The release date isn't known yet but perhaps we will know later this week. Brad Marks has a radio show in California and he is going to be discussing "When the West was Fun", the 1979 t.v. special, this Thursday, September 8th, at 1 p.m. Pacific time/3:00 p.m. Central time/4:00 p.m. Eastern time. It's a one hour call-in radio show, The Hollywood Headhunter, so you are invited to call in and ask questions during the broadcast. Here is the web site for the radio station, and I believe that you can listen in, Live, at this web site, World Talk Radio, This is the schedule page and just go down to Thursday and click on The Hollwood Headhunter, WTR Studio A, this coming Thursday: "Brad Marks, The Hollywood Headhunter". If you can't listen to the Live broadcast, it appears it will be available later as an archive show. I have a page about Rob Word and this is when he got to meet Clayton in person, during the filming of "When the West was Fun". If you haven't looked my web page before, you missed a funny incident with Clayton during the filming of this special. Check it out here: "Hi-Yo, Clayton! A Remembrance by Rob Word ". Cowgirl Margie has a great web site about this t.v. special with a great photograph of Clayton & Chuck Connors as well as a cast photo from the t.v. special. Don't forget to look at her page 2 on this special: "Cowgirl Margie and When the West was Fun " Margie has been very persistent over the years, with getting this wonderful t.v. special brought back to the public and she deserves a lot of praise for her tireless effort. Thanks "Cowgirl" and thanks for sending me the information on the upcoming radio show!

August 26, 2005: Hake's Auction # 185 now open: Hake's Auction # 185 opened on August 24th and there are several very interesting items. A search with the words Lone Ranger revealed 40 items. A search under the words Clayton Moore, revealed one additional item. This auction ends in 26 days, so you have time to look over the various items on auction. For example, there is a Kix Bomb ring from 1947; a "Jesse James Rides Again" lobby card with Clayton pictured; a 1940 Lone Ranger advertising calendar, a 1940's Lone Ranger puzzle that looks like a comic strip and more. Check it out here: "Hake's Auction # 185"

August 23, 2005: Western Video Corral: I wanted to make you aware of a video & DVD web site where you can pick up some of your favorite movies and western TV shows. It's a division of VCI Entertainment. One current good buy is a VHS tape of "The Far Frontier" for $3.99. It's a Roy Rogers film and Clayton Moore appears in it.: "Video Corral"

August 19, 2005: World Harvest/LeSea Broadcasting and The Lone Ranger Those of you who are able to watch WHT should take note that they will begin to broadcasting seasons 1, 2 and 3 beginning September 26, 2005: "Old catalog pages of Lone Ranger toys"

August 1, 2005: Lone Ranger Fan Club Special: Joe Southern, of The Lone Ranger Fan Club, has an August sign up special. Check out the details of his attempt to get at least one member signed up from every state in the United States, every province in Canada and every country in the world at his web site : "Lone Ranger Fan Club Secial"

July 22, 2005: Christmas catalog page addition Added a couple more photos of some Lone Ranger items that were in a 1952 Montgomery Wards Christmas catalog that is currently on sale on Ebay through July 27th. You can find this page by going to my Internal Links button on the front page and then look for the button for Old Christmas catalogs, but for now, click here to go directly to the web page: "Old catalog pages of Lone Ranger toys"

July 6, 2005: Christmas catalog page addition: Thanks to a kind Ebay seller, I have added a page from a 1957 Aldens Christmas catalog which shows a Lone Ranger cap, over and under, shotgun. You can find this page by going to my Internal Links button on the front page and then look for the button for Old Christmas catalogs. I'll make it a bit easier for you and you can click on the following link to go directly to that page: "Old catalog pages of Lone Ranger toys"

June 27, 2005: Lone Ranger on Familyland Television Network: Another opportunity to view "The Lone Ranger" will soon be available to those of you who have access to the Familyland Television Network. Beginning July 4th, 2005, The Lone Ranger can be viewed on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. (CDT) or 8:30 p.m. (EDT) and again on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. (CDT) or 3:30 p.m. (EDT). Familyland Television is available through the Sky Angel Satellite system which requires that you have a DISH brand satellite system, unless you happen to be on one of a few cable systems which carry Familyland. Familyland also broadcasts weekly episodes of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans", "Annie Oakley" and "Bonanza". I have no knowledge as to which episodes they will be showing and I have no knowledge of any cable systems that carry Familyland. You can get more information on Familyland & Sky Angel Satellite here: "Familyland Television Network" **If any fans have access to Familyland, please contact me at the email address on my Home page and perhaps you can answer a couple of questions for me.

June 19, 2005: Parade Magazine, Sunday, June 19, 2005: If you get Parade magazine in your Sunday newspaper, did you catch the Personality Parade section on page two? There was a black & white photo and a question asking what happened to the two stars (Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels) of The Lone Ranger t.v. show. If you saw it but didn't notice the caption on the photo, read it again as mention is also made of John Hart, as well, as in the text answer.

June 14, 2005: Lone Ranger Bumper Stickers: Joe Southern of the Lone Ranger Fan Club is selling some nice looking bumper stickers. If you are a member of the fan club, you can purchase them for $2 each and non-members can also get them, for $3 each. Get the details and see them at the bottom of the page at The Lone Ranger Fan Club web site: "Lone Ranger Bumper Stickers"

June 11, 2005: Hake's Auction # 184 with 51 Lone Ranger items: If you haven't done so yet, you might wish to check out the recently opened Hake's Auction # 184 to view some interesting Lone Ranger items: "Hake's Auction of Lone Ranger items" and also 4 items under a search of Clayton's name: Hake's Auction with Clayton Moore

June 8, 2005: More on the European release of The Lone Ranger DVDs: As mentioned in earlier News items, March 1st & 4th, 2005, Lone Ranger fan Joe McCarthy from Ireland sent me photos of the Lone Ranger 5 dvd set of season 5, plus his review of the set. You can view the photos & Joe's review on my Collectibles page but you can click here to get to that page right away: "Lone Ranger Collectibles Page 2"

June 7, 2005: Closeout & Clearance Sale at "Jim n' I Enterprises" : Jim Hollaert just announced that they are having a clearance and closeout sale of assorted merchandise in order to make room for new items. Jim told me that "There's some pretty good deals on some rare items." Go to Jim's home page and follow the directions to the list of items that have been reduced. Sounds like a good opportunity to possibly add to your collections so check it out: "Jim n' I Enterprises"

May 27, 2005: Tom Gill article: SCOOP reports that "The Albuquerque Tribune ran a great feature article on Lone Ranger comic artist Tom Gill." on Friday, May 20, 2005. You can read the article at the following web site: "Tom Gill article"

May 27, 2005: Silver Bullet newsletter: Joe Southern reports the latest edition of The Silver Bullet newsletter will be in the mail very soon so subscribers, watch your mailbox!

April 22, 2005: Lone Ranger merchandise: I ran across a couple of new items of Lone Ranger merchandise that are available at the Betty's Attic web site. A T-shirt and a pair of lounge pants made with Lone Ranger material. Only one size of inseam but three adult waist sizes. The T-shirt is coordinated to go with the pants. Check them out here and the close-up of the pants to see the graphics used on the pants and the front & back of the shirt: "Betty's Attic Lone Ranger items"

April 5, 2005: Latest Lone Ranger/Clayton Moore mask appraised: Fellow Lone Ranger fan, Rick Bulger, informed me today that he caught a part of a"Antiques Roadshow" broadcast last night. On it, was a gentleman who lived next door to Clayton as a young boy, who brought a Lone Ranger mask to be appraised. Rick told me that it was a purple colored mask (as they used on the show) and that it was signed by Clayton Moore and dated 1951. Rick caught only this segment but I think it was the latest episode of Antiques Roadshow. I believe, but am not 100% sure yet, that this is the Reno, Nevada stop, Part 2, Program # 911 and it was first broadcast last night on PBS (Public Broadcasting System). On my local PBS station, this episode will repeat Thursday, April 7th at 8:00 p.m. so you may want to check your local PBS schedule for a rebroadcast. You can go to the Antique Roadshow web site and from their broadcast schedule button, you can see if it repeats in your area. Here's the PBS/Roadshow web site: "Antiques Roadshow" Oh yes, the appraisal for this mask, was for $25,000. This web address will give you a chance to search for your own local PBS channel schedule, as long as you know your zip code: "Antiques Roadshow Broadcast Schedule"

March 31, 2005: Two more Clayton Moore downloads: alcus sent me two more downloads that might be of interest to you. One is the trailer for the 1956 film "The Lone Ranger" - movie trailer and the second is for "Radar Men from the Moon" - Chapter 1 See the news item below for additional details on another item.

March 30, 2005: Clayton's WW II training film now available: My thanks to a Clayton fan, alcus, for sending me a link to a web site that has the WW II training film that Clayton appeared in. I have some screen shots from it on my web site which I had added in 2001. Clayton does have some speaking parts in the film and you can't miss his distinctive voice. Clayton did several of these training films and perhaps they will be found somewhere on this web site too. I viewed the MPEG1 version by left mouse clicking on it and I downloaded it by right clicking on it. It is nearly 84 MBs in size, so keep that in mind. I tried downloading the MPEG4 verison but then my REAL Player was unable to find the software update it needed to play it. I found the MPEG1 version a very satisfactory one. : "Target - Invisible" View it and download it here!" For those of you who haven't seen it, here is my web page link, with still shots which I made from a video copy of the film in 2001: "Target - Invisible"

March 25, 2005: Glow-in-the-dark rings are delayed: Jim Hollaert advised me that he has learned the the Lone Ranger Glow-in-the-dark childrens rings are delayed in manufacturing and the new release date is sometime in June. See my January 12th news item for more details on the rings.

March 25, 2005: Lone Ranger items on Morphy Auctions: Morphy Auctions has an auction coming up on March 31st with some interesting Lone Ranger items. Note that this is a special Ebay offering and if you are inclined to bid, make sure you understand all the rules and costs. Note that there is a buyer's premium added to each item, of an additional 17%, so include that and all other costs before you bid. Here's the address to get an advance look at the Lone Ranger items up for sale: "Morphy Lone Ranger Auction"

March 4, 2005: More on the United Kingdom Lone Ranger DVDs: Another Lone Ranger fan, Jerry, directed me to a UK DVD seller web site. From that web site, you will see that this set is for use only in European Region 2. Unless you own a Region 2 or a multi-regional DVD player (rare in the United States), fans in the USA and Canada will not be able to play this DVD set. You can still check out the information at the UK web site here: "United Kingdom -"

March 3, 2005: WHT (World Harvest Television) is on DirecTV: WHT broadcasts The Lone Ranger show and has informed me that they can be found on DirecTV satellite as well as being on some cable systems.

March 2, 2005: DirecTV commercial! I know its a bit late and most of you may have already watched it but have you seen the DirecTV commercial? It was first seen during the Superbowl but I have seen it quite a few times since then. For those who haven't seen it, it's a commercial which starts with a young boy in a house and as he walks through doorways, he ages about 10 years or so. The young boy ends up to be an older man in the present time period. The best part is when he enters the 2nd room and there is a t.v. set with the opening of The Lone Ranger show playing on it. The image of Clayton and Silver is enhanced with the familiar opening narration and tune. I've seen the commerical on local channels as well as the History Channel and everything in between. It's one commercial that I enjoy watching and if you haven't seen it yet, maybe you'll catch it before it disappears.

March 1, 2005: Lone Ranger Season 5 coming to DVD: BUT, it may not be the best news for many of us, as the 5 disc DVD set is being released only in the United Kingdom and is not scheduled for distribution in the USA. Season 5 is the last season of The Lone Ranger and all 39 episodes are in color. A spokesman for the company involved in the UK distribution has informed me that the episodes have been digitally enhanced. The spokesman also informed me that his company has not edited the episodes and that there will not be any "extras". Hopefully the company involved has received the complete and unedited episodes from Classic Media. Lone Ranger fans in the United Kingdom, look for the release on April 25, 2005. Hopefully a UK Lone Ranger fan will let us know what they end up with and I, for one, hope it's the original broadcast length episodes.

February 22, 2005: Lone Ranger Movie Petition! Rumors still abound that the next Lone Ranger movie will change the role of Tonto to that of a woman. If you want to express your opinion against this rumored plan, please read Joe Southern's petition and sign if you agree with what Joe has written. If you sign, you can add your comments as well. Click here to check it out: "Retain Tonto Petition"

February 18, 2005: Reminder for John Hart's public appearance: Just over a week before the 8th Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival which will be held at the Ramada Inn Convention Center, 15494 Palmdale Road, Victorville, CA. on February 26th & 27th. John will be there as will House Peters Jr. and others. Get the details and a phone number to call for information on the current guest list here: "John Hart to make a guest appearance" and see my January 9th news item too.

February 4, 2005: Lone Ranger Fan Club web site revised! Joe Southern is pleased to announce that his Lone Ranger Fan Club web site has recently been revised and invites all Lone Ranger fans to stop by and check it out. Joe has improved some pages and added some new ones. Click here to check it: "Lone Ranger Fan Club"

February 2, 2005: Puzzle Page: I'm trying an experiment to see if there is any interest in a Lone Ranger puzzle page and how it should be done. The intial puzzle will be a word search and fairly easy, I think. I'll have a permanent link to it from my Internal Links page that can be found on my front page but I'll also include the link with this News item: "Lone Ranger Puzzle Page"

January 27, 2005: See John Hart in "The Greatest American Hero" on DVD! My thanks to Lone Ranger fan Mark Largent for alerting me that the first season of "The Greatest American Hero" is going to be released on DVD on February 8, 2005. The list price for this set is $29.95 but check around and you can find it for less. This particular episode, "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys", is very well done and John appears in costume as The Lone Ranger in this episode which was first broadcast on April 29, 1981.

January 12, 2005: Glow-in-the dark Lone Ranger rings: Sometime in March, 2005, you will have the opportunity to purchase 5 different children-sized, glow in the dark Lone Ranger rings. The rings will indeed be sized for small fingers but would look great as a part of a collectibles display too. The manufacturer will be selling them only to retail outlets and will not be making direct sales of the rings to individuals. More details later but you can take an advance look at them on page 2 of my collectibles page: "New Lone Ranger rings"

January 9, 2005: See John Hart in person in February! If you are going to be in the Victorville, CA area on February 26th & 27th, you will have the opportunity to see John Hart and a number of other guest celebrities. The occasion will be the 8th Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival which will be held at the Ramada Inn Convention Center, 15494 Palmdale Road, Victorville, CA. Ticket prices aren't available yet and you may wish to confirm the guest schedule line-up with the organization as the date gets a bit closer. "A highlight of the festival this year will be the Saturday Night Awards Banquet featuring a special Celebrity Panel Discussion, hosted by Boyd Magers, founder and publisher of the popular Western Clippings newsletter. Two additional outstanding Celebrity Panels hosted by Boyd Magers will be held Saturday and Sunday during the festival." I don't know which, if any, panels John will be a part of, so be sure to ask, when you call for information. The Saturday night banquet, on the 26th, requires advanced reservations, if you want to attend. Get the details and a phone number to call for information here: "John Hart to make a guest appearance"Thanks to my friend, Chuck Campbell, for directing me to this event!

January 8, 2005: Sandy Sanders died: Just wanted to let you know that Sandy Sanders passed away on Jaunary 2, 2005 in California. Sandy appeared in 3 episodes of The Lone Ranger and was probably best known for his work of stuntman. Sandy was a stunt double for both Clayton Moore and Gene Autry, during his long career. Sandy also did stunt work or appeared in roles on many other T.V. shows, including The Roy Rogers Show, The Adventures of Kit Carson, The Ranger Rider, etc. Sandy appeared in six movies with Clayton Moore, in two movies with Jay Silverheels and in one movie with John Hart. Sandy was born in Deaf Smith County, Texas on May 23, 1919. Sandy is survived by his wife, Maureen, his step-children and 4 grandchildren. Deepest sympathy is extended to the Sanders family for their loss.

January 7, 2005: Jay Silverheels photo at Canada History Channel web site: While checking out the availability of the Jay Silverheels documentary, "Jay Silverheels: The Man Beside The Mask" (2000), for a fan, I ran across an interesting photo, used by the History Television Canada web site, of Jay in his hockey uniform and yes, the documentary video is still advertised for sale. I've been trying to convince the Westerns channel to broadcast the film and I will continue to do so. **NOTE: Correction on Jan. 9, 2004, the photo is not of Jay but is a photo of Jacques Plante. Apparently they either used the wrong photo or the wrong text for this page. I have removed the link to this page and thanks to Judy F. for pointing out my error.

January 7, 2005: Info on the "new" Lone Ranger movie: Joe Southern of The Silver Bullet newsletter, informed me that he found out a little bit about the progress of the new Lone Ranger movie production. Joe reports that the movie now has a director, Jonathan Mostow, who was the director for Terminator 3 and U-571. The script is currently being re-written by screenwriter, Laeta Kalogridis, who has writing credits for X-Men, Alexander, Laura Croft: Tomb Raider and Scream 3. Laeta also developed and wrote the T.V. series Birds of Prey for the WB network. Joe told me that he is a bit concerned for the role of the character of Tonto in this latest movie attempt, reportedly scheduled for release in 2006, based on the writer, who favors strong female roles, and the rumor of Tonto being cast as a woman. Check the next issue of The Silver Bullet for any other details that Joe may have discovered.


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  • Clayton Moore passed away on December 28, 1999

  • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver

  • Clayton's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6914 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Tonto's horse was named Scout

  • Jay's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6538 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

  • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version. Clayton also defines it as meaning "faithful friend"

  • Clayton Moore's autobiography was published in the Fall of 1996 and copies are available from your favorite bookstore, in hardback or paperback

  • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

  • The two Lone Ranger feature movies by Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels were: "The Lone Ranger" 1956 and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" 1958

  • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed

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