My Review of the Dynamite Lone Ranger Comic Book

I have held off on commenting on the Dynamite Entertainmentís Lone Ranger comic book but after viewing issue # 3,
I have to give my opinion now. I had decided to go through the latest issue of this comic, page by page, before I bought it, unlike
the previous two issues. I had been forewarned of what this issue contained but I didnít want to believe it until I actually saw it in print.
This so-called comic is fit only to line the bottom of a bird cage. In # 3, we see a guy dig up the graves containing the bodies of the
murdered Texas Rangers, leaving the exposed remains to be fed upon by vultures. The writer apparently has a fixation for vulture feeding
as this is the second time for vultures to feed on human flesh in this series. The writer has the new Lone Ranger going to a saloon, apparently
breaking in and having a drink. The writer has this new Lone Ranger pistol-whipping Tonto and of course, he also has him stealing Tontoís horse.

As if this comic isnít disgusting enough, we are treated to a drawing of a dead man sitting in a chair, who apparently has committed
suicide, as we get to see his brain matter splattered on the wall. There was more but I had seen enough. Iím angry that Classic Media has
permitted Dynamite to produce this work of garbage. One can imagine what Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels would have thought if they
had lived to see this revolting and vile comic. Dynamite has turned The Lone Ranger story into a 3rd rate horror story and Classic Media has
apparently given its nod of approval. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of The Lone Ranger my remaining hope is that Entertainment Rights will
try to repair the damage that Classic Media & Dynamite have inflicted on my childhood hero. I didn't buy this issue and I will not buy future issues.

December 21, 2006.

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