in "Ambush in Coyote Canyon"

The opening title screen from
"The Range Rider"

Title screen for this episode,
"Ambush in Coyote Canyon"

Dick West played by Dick Jones and The
Range Rider, played by Jock Mahoney

L to R: Deputy Bert Lanyon, Supt. Martin
Wickets (Clayton Moore) and Sheriff Jim Austin

This is Clay Matthews, Wells Fargo detective,
shot on the stagecoach by "Al" (Harry Lauter).

Clayton plays Superintendent Martin Wickets
of the Eureka Mining Company, seen here with
Sheriff Jim Austin (Lane Chandler, I think).

Clayton is the leader of a gang stealing gold
shipments from the Eureka Minning Co.

The Range Rider & Dick West with Supt. Wickets,
discussing the $250,000 in gold shipment.

Wicketts does nothing to help the Range Rider
of being a suspected thief after the safe was
blown last night, even though the money was
not removed from the office.

Wicketts informs the jailed Range Rider that
the gold will be shipped to Sacramento as
planned, despite the Rider's request to wait
on the shipment.

Wicketts meets with Al to discuss the last minute
details of the stage robbery and Wicketts will be
riding the stage to throw off suspicion on himself.

How does the Range Rider get out of jail, get to
the robbery scene and throw fists with Wicketts? I
can't tell you all of that in this little space!

The cast list for "Ambush in Coyote Canyon"
directed by Ross Lederman and screenplay
by John K. Butler.

The final scene of this Range Rider episode. I
bought my copy of this episode at Capt. Bijou.



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