"Dan Reid's Sacrifice"

January 6, 1955

The Lone Ranger & Tonto are looking for horse thieves and waiting for Dan to arrive.

Dan Reid is approaching camp when he spots a runaway horse being chased by two men.

Dan realizes that his horse, Victor, has the ability to catch the runaway horse and promptly captures it.

Dan has unknowingly helped out two horse thieves and about to be attacked by the outlaws and lose Victor.

Dan's sacrifice, in order to help the Ranger capture the outlaws, is to let the outlaws keep Victor for now.

Tonto is accepted by the outlaws as a worker when he demonstrates his ability to calm Victor.

Tonto provides Dan with an update on Victor, when Tonto returns to camp, to update the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger is asking Dan who would win a race between Silver and Silver's son, Victor.

The Lone Ranger shows up at the outlaws spread in disguise and challenges them to a horse race between "their" horse (Victor) and his stallion.

Dan can't resist checking on Victor and arrives at the outlaw's base of operations and sees Victor but also causes problems after the horse race.

Percy Helton plays the part of Pete Travis in this episode. I always enjoyed watching this actor in anything he performed in.

The Lone Ranger & Dan are outside of the burning cabin, waiting for the outlaws to come out.

The Lone Ranger, Tonto and Dan Reid riding off together at the conclusion of this episode.

The cast list for "Dan Reid's Sacrifice".
Episode # 148



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