The Lone Ranger T.V. Episodes


(Episodes 79 through 130)

"Outlaw's Son" September 11, 1952  Episode # 79
The Lone Ranger & Tonto are pursuing the Glen Darby Gang. Jimmy Darby
(Bob Arthur) hates his father for being involved in criminal activities and upon 
his return to his estranged family, Glen Darby (Robert Rockwell), becomes 
remorseful. Glen ends up being arrested but is relieved that his criminal career 
is over. Amy Darby is played by Irene Vernon, Smokey Bains is played by John 
Pickard, Kansas Charley is played by Paul Fiero and Keg Wade is played by 
William Haade.

"Outlaw Underground" September 18, 1952  Episode # 80
Its 1878 and the location is near Oxbow, Texas. A newspaper reporter, Ned 
Anderson (Robert Clarke), arrives from the East and pretends to be a wanted 
man in order to meet and interview the Lone Ranger. An underground railroad 
for outlaws, run by Moley Sanders (Lester Dorr), is broken up by the Lone 
Ranger & Tonto. Michael Ansara plays the part of Hawk Mason, Lois Hall plays 
the part of Hale Monroe and Dick Reeves plays the part of Big Tom Davis. James 
Parnell plays the part of Peterson and John Downey plays the sheriff.

"Special Edition" September 25, 1952  Episode # 81
The "Crane Creek Weekly Nugget" is about to expose 3 investment crooks but
the owner, Joel Neal (Judd Holdren), is kidnapped and his wife, Martha (Nan Leslie) 
is forced to help the crooks, in order to protect Joe's life. The Lone Ranger & Tonto 
are familiar with this trio of bad guys, Gene Sloan (Larry Blake), Senator Dodd (Victor 
Sutherland) and Tom Sloan (John Close) and lend a helping hand to Mrs. Neal. Hal K. 
Dawson plays the part of Shorty and Marshall Ruth plays the part of the Sheriff.

"Desperado at Large" October 2, 1952  Episode # 82
The Kansas Kid/Joe Singer (Lee Van Cleef) commits a robbery & murder for which 
Tom Scott (Steven Clark)) is wrongly convicted and is about to be hung. The Lone 
Ranger & Tonto work with a U.S. Secret Service agent, Slim Roberts (Douglas 
Kennedy) to save the innocent Tom Scott. James Brown plays the role of Deputy 
Sandy Clifford, Steve Clark plays the Warden and Robert Filmer plays the part of 
Marshall Dixon.

"Through the Wall" October 9, 1952  Episode # 83
The town of Granite City is plagued by "The Death Gang" as they kill every
witness after they commit a crime. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are in the area 
to help bring this gang to justice. A second story has Toby Durbin (Dabbs Greer) 
returning to Granite City to right a wrong that he was involved in 30 years earlier. 
The Death Gang is led by Shim Davis (Douglas Evans) with two other members, 
Gus Mason (George Lynn) and Lem Norton (George Slocum). The Lone Ranger 
disguises himself as a professor of anthropology during part of the episode. A 
secret door in the escape-proof  jail is a part of this show. Sheriff Mansfield is 
played by Monte Blue, Sam Collins by Raymond Largay, Joe Stevens by Phil 
Tead and Jeff Durbin/The Fargo Kid is played by Mike Ragan.

"Jeb's Gold Mine"  October 16, 1952  Episode # 84
Jeb Mcauley (B. G. Norman) discovers gold on his grandfather's homestead claim 
and the crook, Jim Grady (Stephen Chase), also wants it. The Lone Ranger dons 
a hood to help protect the life of Colonel Mcauley (Raymond Greenleaf) and bring 
Grady to justice. The character of Sarge is played by Syd Saylor, Al is played by 
Robert Bray, Rufe is played by Lane Bradford and the sheriff is played by Rory 

"Frame for Two" October 23, 1952  Episode # 85
Silas Green (John Damler) pits two ranchers against each other in a
plot to gain ownership of both their ranches so he can gain control of 
the water rights in the valley. Green enlists the aid of his henchman, 
Brad Young (James Parnell) to cause Bob Arnold (Richard Crane) to 
think that Don Cutler (Robert Livingston) tried to ambush him. Arnold 
goes after Cutler but Green has already murdered Cutler and makes 
it appear that Arnold killed Cutler. The Lone Ranger & Tonto have their 
doubts about the guilt of Arnold and begin checking the site of the ambush 
at Castle Rock. Our two heroes run into Brad Young who confesses his 
role in the plot and is quick to inform them that Silas Green is the man in 
charge of the plot. Green even helps Arnold to escape from jail so that Green
can kill him during the escape attempt. The sheriff (Robert B. Williams) tells 
Arnold that the silver bullet that the Lone Ranger left for Arnold, "symbolizes 
justice and fair play and decency."

"Ranger in Danger" October 30, 1952  Episode # 86
The Bull Gunderson Gang has committed crimes which has netted 
them almost a quarter of a million dollars. Bull (Douglas Kennedy) 
brought into his gang recently, a young man by the name of Terry 
Britt (Robert Arthur). Terry owes Bull for saving his life. Meanwhile, 
the Lone Ranger & Tonto are searching for the gang but they are 
unaware that Joe Curly died and had been replaced by Terry. Bull 
learns through Terry, that 2 other members of his gang have been 
captured by the Lone ranger & Tonto and Bull decides to go after 
our two heroes. Bull gets Terry to lead the Lone Ranger & Tonto into 
a trap where they fall into a mine shaft. Terry is knocked into the same 
shaft by Bull after he expresses concern for the Lone Ranger & Tonto. 
Using Silver, the Lone Ranger uses a rope to climb out of the mine shaft 
and he captures Bull at the hideout. Terry will have to pay for his crimes
but he will no longer follow the ways of Bull Gunderson.

"Delayed Action"  November 6, 1952  Episode # 87
The Flint Taylor Gang, led by Flint Taylor (James Griffith), rob the Three Forks 
National Bank, kill a bank clerk and then are pursued by the Lone Ranger & 
Tonto. Tonto is jailed by Sheriff Hollister (Stanley Andrews) of Silver City and 
Tonto uses Scout to deliver a message to the Lone Ranger, before the gang is 
finally rounded up and jailed. Ben Welden plays the part of Taylor Gang member 
Pete and Billy Vincent plays the part of the other gang member, Jim Whiskers. 
Robert Foulk plays the part of George, a deputy and Gordon Wynne plays the 
part of Charlie.

"The Map" November 13, 1952  Episode # 88
Jeff Whalen (Harlan Warde) is a railroad surveyor who is carrying a map 
which Ross Colby (Frank Wilcox) and Dix Manson (Marshall Reed) want to
get from Whalen. Colby & Manson wound Whalen but Whalen is rescued by
the Lone Ranger & Tonto. Whalen is supposed to deliver the map to Ben 
Davis (Steve Darrell), a Trans West Railroad at the Clara Bentley (Geraldine Wall) 
home. Colby gets the drop on The Lone Ranger and Tonto and forces them into 
the cellar, along with Mrs. Bentley, her son Buddy (Lanny Rees) and Ben Davis. 
Colby attempts to set off a black powder charge to kill all of the hostages but
Tonto gets free of his ropes and pulls out the lit fuse. Buddy uses some of his
chemicals to surprise Colby & Manson as they reach the Rock Canyon area. A 
slight twist at the ending of this episode, as Tonto actually gets to tell Buddy 
who the masked man is, before Tonto and the Lone Ranger ride away.

"Trial by Fire" November 20, 1952  Episode # 89
The Lone Ranger & Tonto have been pursuing the infamous Burke Gang for
weeks. Job Burke (Stanley Andrews)  leads his two sons, Sam (Bob Wilke) 
and Perce (Mickey Simpson) to Crystal City. The Burkes end up robbing 
Colonel Webster (Pierre Watkin) of $20,000 near Crystal City and nearly kill 
him and his son, Steve (Ross Ford). Gail Davis plays the role of Mary Webster, 
Emerson Treacy plays the part of Doctor Holcomb, Ralph Peters is the waiter 
and Marshall Bradford plays the part of the sheriff.

"The Pledge" (aka "Word of Honor") November 27, 1952  Episode # 90
Jeff Hope (Ross Elliott) is in jail in Mesa Junction but Sheriff Jess Harper 
gets a note telling him that Jeff's wife is ill. Sheriff Harper lets Jeff out of 
jail so he can check on his wife, Nancy (Wanda McKay), with Jeff's promise 
to return in 2 hours. The letter is a fake and was written by Arne Mason (Hayden 
Rorke) and after Jeff leaves, Mason and his henchman, Bert (David McMahon) 
enter the jail, murder Sheriff Harper and Mason tries to burn the letter up. Mason 
& Bert then leave via the back door to make it appear that they arrive with the 
crowd of citizens who heard the shot. With the sheriff gone, Mason has control 
of the entire town now and with Bert as the acting sheriff, they plan on framing 
Jeff for the murder. Tonto discovers the partially burned letter which is the main 
piece of evidence the Lone Ranger uses against Mason and Bert. Mason thinks
he has gotten the piece of evidence and "accidentally" drops it in the campfire but
the Lone Ranger planned for that and only gave Mason an empty envelope. Judge 
Wells is played by Harry Cheshire and Doc Fairbanks is played by Sam Flint in 
this episode.

"Treason at Dry Creek" December 4, 1952  Episode # 91
Matt Yancy (Frank Fenton) and his wife Sarah (Ann Doran) operate a
Pony Express relay station at Dry Creek but are selling information to 
Yellow-Eye (Paul Fierro) which they obtain by opening U.S. Army dispatches. 
One express rider (Rand Brooks) is murdered by two Cheyenne Indians after 
Yellow-Eye decided to bypass Matt and ordered two braves to intercept the 
express rider. The Lone Ranger & Tonto interrupt the robbery of the express 
rider and finish delivering the dispatch to the Yancy's. The Lone Ranger 
discovers some sealing wax at the relay station and suspects what the 
Yancy's are up to. A false dispatch leads to a wounded Tonto but ultimate
capture of the Yancy's and of Yellow-Eye by General Morgan (Charles Evans)
with the assistance of the general manager of the Pony Express, Mr. Brown 
(Robert Carson). Another express rider, Jim, is played by Britt Wood.

"The Condemned Man" December 11, 1952  Episode # 92
Red Hawk (Maurice Jara) discovers gold on the Apache Reservation but he is 
murdered by Bill Cole (Myron Healy) by order of the Indian Agent, Cal Haskins 
(Don Beddoe) before he can tell his father, Chief Lone Eagle (Monte Blue). Lone 
Eagle gives Colonel Hayes (Russell Hicks) 24 hours to arrest the murderer. Haskins
wants an uprising so the Apaches will be booted off the reservation and Haskins and
Cole can claim the land and the gold. The Lone Ranger discovers evidence as to a 
suspect but the Lone Ranger must act as the condemned man in a fake execution. 
Haskins plans to turn the fake execution into a real execution when he instructs Cole 
to volunteer as a member of the firing squad and to use real ammo instead of blanks.
The sergeant is played by Rusty Westcoatt and Captain Davis is played by Charles 

"The New Neighbor" December 18, 1952  Episode # 93
Jed Rector (Walter Sande) has fenced off a waterhole formerly used by his neighbors 
and Jed isn't giving any explanations for his actions. Meanwhile, a new rancher isn't 
really a rancher but is actually Dr. Richard S. Pierce (John Alvin), running from the 
loss of his last patient which he blamed on himself. Jed's son, Jerry (B.G. Norman), 
is injured and urgently needs a doctor and the Lone Ranger convinces Dr. Pierce to 
come to the aid of Jerry, even though Jed had already threatened Pierce not to come
onto his property. It seems that Rector had diseased cattle and he was trying to prevent
his neighbor's herds from being infected by using the same waterhole. Other cast 
members included: Mary Rector (Barbara Woodell), Tex (Robert Forrest), Cal (Larry 
Hudson), the stagecoach driver (John Phillips) and the storekeeper (Edward Clark).

"Best Laid Plans" December 25, 1952  Episode # 94
Sunset Valley in the Spring of 1863 brings the  risk of a range war between
cattlemen and homesteaders after Sheriff Wilson is murdered. Deputy John 
Ross (Judd Holdren) is trying to keep things quiet but an impending election
between him and Slim Gordon (House Peters, Jr.) may be the deciding factor.
Jeff Seaton (John Pickard) is leader of the homesteaders and Chick Thompson 
(John Bryant) is the leader of the cattlemen. An attempt by Jeff's sister, Mary 
(Cathy Downs) to get her brother and Chick together to talk, nearly results
in a plot by Lee Gordon to have Chick & Mary murdered. Slim is assisted in 
his evil ideas by Ben Chalmers (Ralph Sanford) but the arrival of the Lone 
Ranger and Tonto in Sunset Valley results in the ultimate arrest of Slim 
Gordon and Ben Chalmers and their confessions.

"Indian Charlie" January 1, 1953  Episode # 95
Charlie Judd or Indian Charlie (Alan Wells) as he is known, is secretly 
assisting Sheriff Jim Dixson (Harry Harvey) in attempting to get the needed
evidence for the sheriff to arrest Bart Walton (Glenn Strange) and his gang.
No one knows of this plan, not even Charlie's mother, Mrs. Mary Judd (Sally 
Corner) nor the sheriff's deputy, Joe Blake (Walter Reed). Unknown to the 
sheriff, is the fact that Deputy Blake is the boss of the Walton gang and Blake 
has been giving information to Walton. The hangman's stump is where the 
Lone Ranger really gets involved and nearby, he is forced to "shoot" Charlie, 
but not before he and Charlie exchange a few words that Bart and Steve 
(John Cason) don't understand and it results in Charlie pretending to be 
shot. Bart, Joe Blake and Steve are all captured and Charlie's mother is 
finally told that her son hadn't really turned into a criminal after all.

"Empty Strong Box" January 8, 1953  Episode # 96
Warren Hunter (James Todd) is the dishonest agent for the Southwest 
Stage Lines in Red Rock and he fakes a robbery of a stage with help 
from his brother, Dusty Morgan (Ed Rand). Hunter lost $4,000 of the 
company's money while gambling. Tom Vincent (Don Mahin) is set up 
for the crime by Hunter who also plots to kill Dusty and Jeb Logan 
(Hugh Prosser). Sheriff Conners is played by Robert Carson and Joe 
Driscoll is played by Bud Osborne.
"Trader Boggs" January 15, 1953  Episode # 97
Barnaby Boggs (Hal Price) is about to help a friend's daughter, Ellie 
Gorham (Aline Towne), open a new store in Larabee but another man, 
Will Motter (I. Stanford Jolley), doesn't want the competition. Motter 
resorts to murder to maintain his monopoly. Varney is played by Zon 
Murray, Gig Austin is played by John Crawford and Sheriff Dunn is 
played by Kenne Duncan.

"Bandits in Uniform" January 22, 1953  Episode # 98
Andrew Gage (John Doucette) declares himself the tax collector in a part of 
the Southwest Territory and is abusing the new citizens of the U.S. The Lone 
Ranger & Tonto help Rafael Rodrigo (Gil Donaldson) and his grandfather, Don 
Esteban (I. Stanford Jolley), recover their ranch and money, along with the 
other citizens of the valley & jail Gage. Robert Bray plays the part of Ben, 
James Parnell plays the part of Rufe and George Douglas is the Governor.

"The Godless Men" January 29, 1953  Episode # 99
Rev. Randy Roberts (Hugh Beaumont) is trying to build a church in Gold 
City but Frank Ferris (Hugh Sanders) doesn't want anything to jeopardize 
his gambling, dance halls and saloons and fears a church. Esmeralda 
the parrott assists The Lone Ranger & Tonto. Ray Page plays the part of 
Wolf Cady and Keith Richards plays the part of Jed Glisson.

"The Devil's Bog" February 5, 1953  Episode # 100
At Mineral Wells, mosquitos from Devil's Bog are carrying a disease to the 
residents. The answer is to use dirt from Powder Hill to fill in the swamp. 
Grant Houston (Van Desautels) doesn't want that to happen as he recently 
buried the body of Jim Arnold (Hugh Prosser) on Powder Hill after Grant 
murdered him. Doctor Mervin Robbins (Harry Harvey) is trying to convince 
the townspeople to fill in the swamp. Frank Richards plays the part of Bill 
Adams, Barbara Wooddell plays the part of Martha Robbins, Ferris Taylor 
plays the part of Mayor Hudkins and Bruce Edwards plays the part of Jed 

"Right to Vote" February 12, 1953  Episode # 101
George Milliner (Douglas Kennedy), a local Blacksmith in the town of Hoville, 
has enough signatures on a petition to call for a new election. George is tired 
of the corrupt town being run by Whisper Dunlap (John Damler) but Dunlap hires 
a safecracker, Ray Noonan (Ben Welden), to open George's safe. Whisper 
murders George and when Noonan tries to leave, Whisper shoots him but doesn't 
kill him. The Lone Ranger and Tonto save Noonan who in turn, later opens the safe 
belonging to Whisper Dunlap and the stolen petition is re-turned to Pete Milliner 
(Richard Avonde), George's brother. Note in the ending credits that the last name 
given to Whisper is Davis but throughout the spoken dialogue of the episode, 
his last name is Dunlap. Noonan had a great line in it too: "Open up in the 
name of the law". Dick Elliott plays the part of Mayor Wilkins.

"The Sheriff's Son" February 19, 1953  Episode # 102
Matt Lake (Alan Wells) served 4 years in prison for armed robbery as a member 
of the Midnight Gang. Matt had been captured by Sheriff Jim Lake (Hugh Prosser), 
his father. Matt plans on returning to Big Rock to marry Janie Owens (Claudia Barrett), 
the daughter of the Midnight Gang leader, Doctor Owens (Emerson Treacy). Doc Owens
fakes the shooting death of Joe Menard (William Haade) in an attempt to force Matt to 
rejoin the gang. The Lone Ranger and Tonto discover the plot and Menard is taken to
Pirate's Cave where Matt is hiding to prove to Matt and to Sheriff Lake that Menard is 
indeed alive. Warden Carl Dawes is played by Walter Bonn.

"Tumblerock Law" February 26, 1953  Episode # 103
The town of Tumblerock has been taken over by the crook, Ace Broderick
(Steve Broide) and his henchmen. After Sheriff Brooks (Paul Birch) gets the 
evidence on Ace for buying votes for an upcoming election, Ace murders 
the sheriff. Ted Brooks (Richard Crane), the sheriff's son, comes from back 
East after being offered the sheriff's job by the town. Tom confronts Ace 
and is wounded, kidnapped and taken to a shack. The Lone Ranger & Tonto 
help the deputy, Tom Crothers (Tom London) find the missing Ted Brooks 
and gets two of Ace's henchmen, Pete (Bill Slack) & Joe (Kim Spalding) to 
sign statements against Ace and his crooked lawyer, Magill (Byron Foulger). 
The Lone Ranger is deputized by Crothers and then the Lone Ranger wounds 
Ace in an old-fashioned gunfight on a Tumblerock street.

"Sinner by Proxy" March 5, 1953  Episode # 104
Frank Tolliver (Stephen Chase) commits a $50,000 robbery at the Johnsville Bank 
and then pays $1,000 to Ben Lambert (Russ Conway) to confess, as Ben badly 
needs money to feed his family. The Lone Ranger is also implicated in the robbery 
on orders from Tolliver. Hugh Sanders plays the part of Sheriff Burley, Greta Granstedt 
plays the part of Mary Lambert, Dee Pollock is Bill Lambert, Ross Elliott is Deputy 
Lawson, Paul Hogan is Kane and Mickey Simpson plays the part of Jake.

"A Stage for Madamoiselle" March 12, 1953  Episode # 105
Samuel DeWitt (Frank Wilcox) & Rex Miller (Douglas Evans) are using 
an unsuspecting young woman, Maggie Moran, billed as a French singer 
Marianne Mornay (Noreen Nash), as cover while they rob the various towns 
they visit. As townspeople attend the opera, DeWitt & Miller work with a 
third man, Zeke (Lane Bradford), to commit various crimes in the town. 
The Lone Ranger & Tonto work with Maggie to bring Dewitt, Miller & Zeke 
to justice and Maggie learns that she is as appreciated as much as an 
American singer as she is prtending to be a French singer.

"A Son by Adoption" March 19, 1953  Episode # 106
Six years ago, Swifty Seldon (William Challee) was captured by Wells Fargo 
agent, Hank Crowell (Russ Conway) and Hank eventually adopted Seldon's 
son, Terry (Dennis Ross). Seldon was released from prison and wanted to get 
his son back and his share of the loot form the old robbery from Jeb Logan 
(Frank Richards) & his henchman, named Gimp (Peter Mamakos). Seldon 
eventually learns that Crowell told Terry that his real father, Terry "Swift" Seldon 
was murdered, saving Hank's life, in order to spare the boy knowing that his 
father was a crook. Seldon eventually does give his life while protecting Hank 
from being murdered by Jeb Logan. Logan and Gimp are brought and Hank 
promises to tell Terry what really happened to his father.

"Mrs. Banker" March 26, 1953  Episode # 107
Bank president, Mabel Howard (Esther Somers), is finding it hard to be a 
woman running a bank and a string of robberies of bank money is adding 
to her troubles. John Portis (Dan White) is causing her problems and each 
suspects  the other of assisting in the robberies. Mrs. Howard's assistant,
Bill Breck (Robert Neil) is actually in league with Mike (Steve Mitchell) to 
rob the stagecoaches. The Sheriff (Harmon Stevens) is unable to solve the
robberies and the Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old prospector and 
he and Tonto end up solving the crime spree and a capturing Bill & Mike.

"Trouble in Town" April 2, 1953  Episode # 108
Roger Burnett (Lyle Talbot) tries to ruin the bank of Jonathan Wilkins (Dayton 
Lummis) by spreading false rumors and starting a run on the bank. Its all so 
Burnett can buy up cheap property after the bank will be forced to call in its 
loans so it can pay its debts. A spur rowel becomes an important piece of 
evidence for the Lone Ranger in order to solve this case. Ross Ford plays the 
part of Tom Williard, Jim Moloney plays the part of Ted Burnett, William 
Fawcett plays the part of Bert Gilroy, Fred Essler plays the part of Otto Heindorf, 
Mira McKinney plays the part of Mrs. Peabody and John Cason is Charlie.

"Black Gold" April 9, 1953  Episode # 109
Kenny Austin (Todd Karns), a government geologist, discovers oil deposits on 
nearby property and he tries to keep it quiet but he has a tendency to talk in
his sleep. Newton Larch (Jim Hayward) hears Kenny talking and arranges for 
Leland Spinner (Robert Shayne) to come to town to help buy up the property 
from unsuspecting landowners. William Vedder plays the part of Tad Wayburn.

"The Durango Kid" April 16, 1953  Episode # 110
The Durango Kid (James Griffith) has escaped from prison and is headed for 
the Three Forks area to even the score with Judge Scott (Pierre Watkin) who 
sentenced Durango to life. Molly O'Connel (Nan Leslie) has also come to the 
area to find her long lost brother and whom she doesn't know by sight. Molly 
mistakenly comes to think that the Durango Kid is her brother when in fact 
her brother is actually the Wells Fargo Express agent. The Lone Ranger and 
Tonto help bring the Durango Kid to justice as Molly informs her brother that 
he was unfairly convicted of a crime many years ago and tells him that he has 
recently been pardoned for the conviction in Rhode Island. Judd Holdren plays 
the part of Larry Courtland, Lee Shumway is Sheriff Jackson and Fred Libby 
plays the part of Slim.

"The Deserter" April 23, 1953  Episode # 111
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) appears in this episode in which an Army
deserter, Private Jack Carey (Rand Brooks), tries to redeem himself
by helping the Lone Ranger & Tonto locate the Dirk Blaisdell Gang's
hideout. During this time, Tonto is recognized by one of the gang, Smiley 
Hawks (Lane Bradford) but Carey slips Tonto a knife to cut himself free and 
also jumps Dirk (Gene Roth) as he is about to shoot the Lone Ranger. Lt. 
Stevens (Keith Richards) has a good line near the end of the episode that 
goes like this: "There really is a Lone Ranger." Robert Foulk plays the part 
of Sergeant Macy.

"Embezzler's Harvest" April 30, 1953  Episode # 112
Tim Dillon (Harry Harvey) has collected a large sum of money for the 
Tranton County Irrigation Committee. Martin Ludlow (Stephen Chase) 
and his son, Charlie Ludlow (Leonard Freeman) murder Dillon and try to
cover their crime by dumping Dillon's body into Satan's Gorge. They 
want to make it appear that Dillon vanished with the money. The Lone 
Ranger & Tonto, assist Tim Dillon's daughter, Madeleine Dillon (Lois Hall), 
after discovering a valuable clue, Tim's gold watch, near Satan's Gorge. 
Martin is tricked into revealing to the Lone Ranger, where the stolen money 
is hidden in a mine and both Martin & Charlie are brought to justice.

"El Toro" May 7, 1953  Episode # 113
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), the Lone Ranger's nephew, unknowingly saves 
the life of a criminal known as El Toro (Eugene Wesson) after a mine collapses. 
Later, El Toro returns the favor by jumping in front of the Lone Ranger when Pete 
Caspar (Richard Avonde) tries to murder him. El Toro tells Dan that he has repaid 
his debt, just before he dies. Jim Hayward plays the part of Slim Dawson, Robert 
Spencer plays the part of Dusty and Stan Blystone plays the part of Sheriff Conners.

"The Brown Pony" May 14, 1953  Episode # 114
Frank Clayton is in prison but innocent and Bull Harper (Lee Van Cleef) & 
Pecos (Charles Stevens) escape with the evidence of a watch & written note, 
that could prove Frank's innocence. Bull attempts to extort money from Martha 
Clayton (Adele Longmire) in exchange for giving her the evidence which could 
set her husband free. Tommy Clayton's (Dennis Ross) pony," Brownie" comes 
"knocking at the door" which helps to save the life of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

"Triple Cross" May 21, 1953  Episode # 115
Three crooks double cross each other in trying to get their hands on $50,000 of 
Wells Fargo Company stolen money. Susan Rich (Judy Nugent), daughter of 
murdered Deputy Ned Rich, is trying to find the stolen money in Stone Canyon. 
Sam Scott (James Todd), Scar Wilson (Fred Coby) and Dobe Anderson (John Cliff) 
are the crooks. The Lone Ranger & Tonto come to the aid of Susan & Sheriff Enright 
(Jack Ingram). The role of Ken Bruckner is played by Joseph Haworth.

"Wake of War" May 28, 1953  Episode # 116
Businessman Proctor Davis (Don Beddoe) uses leftover hostilities of the Civil War to 
his advantage to run gambling halls & "cafes" in Mintonville. Southerner, Longstreet 
Turner (Sheb Wooley), and Northerner, Jess Chase (Richard Crane), join forces with 
the Lone Ranger & Tonto to bring Proctor and the crooked Deputy Watts (John 
Crawford), their just punishment. Hugh Prosser plays the part of Hilton McCabe.

"Death in the Forest" June 4, 1953  Episode # 117
Earl Rand (John Damler) conspires with his brother, George (Judd Holdren), to have 
Governor John Taggert (Raymond Greenleaf) murdered so Earl can be made the governor. 
The plot is overheard by an old drifter (Phil Tead). The Lone Ranger & Tonto work with 
Sheriff Casey (Lee Roberts) & Doctor Barnes (DeForest Kelley), to save the governor at 
the Indian River crossing near Batesville. Edwin Rand plays the part of Leo Shell and 
Mickey Simpson plays the part of the stagecoach driver.

"The Gentleman from Julesburg" June 11, 1953  Episode # 118
A cheating gambler, Pete Stacey (Walter Reed), cheats Bill Clark (Robert Neil) of all his 
money. Jules (Eddy Waller), a stable owner, is actually the father of Bill, but no one knows 
that, except Jules. Jule's real name is Walter Clark. "The Gambler's Prayer" is necessary 
for Jules to get Bill's money back and to help put Stacey & Luce (Fred Libby) behind bars. 
Sheriff Martin is played by Robert Filmer and Nan Leslie plays the part of Kitty Martin.

"Hidden Fortune"  June 18, 1953  Episode # 119
Ross Mason (Steve Darrell) serves a 10 year prison term so he will be free to dig up 
$100,000 in stolen money from the Glenville Bank robbery. A house owned by Frank 
(Hugh Prosser) & Martha (Ann Doran) Carlson has been built directly on top of the 
buried loot. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as Frank in order to recover the stolen 
money before Mason can locate and take off with it, with help from his friend, Dave 
(I. Stanford Jolley). The part of Warden Lewis is played by Bruce Payne.

"The Old Cowboy"  June 25, 1953  Episode # 120
Jack Brewster (Russell Simpson) is an old cowboy who ranches near the town 
of Little Falls. Railroad Agent Harry Gibson (Frank Fenton) is murdered in a plot 
by Rafe Paulson (Steve Brodie) & Ox Grant (Bill Slack), to get Jack's ranch. 
Jack's poor vision and his stubborness to admit it lead to additional problems 
for the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Denver Pyle appears as Deputy French and 
Terry Frost plays the part of Sheriff Blake.

"Woman from Omaha" July 2, 1953  Episode # 121
Nell Martin's (Minera Urecal)) Lone Star Stage Line is being busted by Lem 
Bixby (John Damler) who wants the Lone Star and a second stage line, the 
Texas Ranger Stage Line for his own use. The Lone Ranger and Tonto help 
clear Sam Blake (Harry Harvey) and put Bixby, Spike (John Cliff) and Joe 
(Charles Horvath) behind bars. Hank Worden plays the part of Whip and 
Terry Wilson plays the part of Hank, the stage driver. Nell and Sam talk 
about merging their stage lines and maybe rename it, The Lone Ranger 
Stage Line.

"Gunpowder Joe" July 9, 1953  Episode #122
The last surviving 3 members of the notorious Cavendish Gang, Tom Casley (Glenn 
Strange), Slim (Mauritz Hugo) and Duke (Frank Richards) are released from prison 
after serving 15 years. They immediately commit crimes while enroute to recover 
$150,000 in stolen gold. Gunpowder Joe (Chubby Johnson) and his burro, Clarabelle, 
are unwitting assistants to the Cavendish Gang. Gunpowder Joe has some difficulty 
in remembering Tonto's name in this episode. Storekeeper Sam Caldwell is played 
by Herb Lytton and the sheriff is played by Stan Blystone.

"The Midnight Rider" July 16, 1953  Episode # 123
Bob Jessup's father, Carl Jessup (Steve Darrell), is murdered and his mine stolen, by 
Jim Benson (Harry Woods). Bob Jessup (Darryl Hickman) tries to avenge his father's 
death by repeatedly robbing the Esmerelda Mining Company, managed by Benson. 
Bob is suspected of being The Midnight Rider. The Lone Ranger and Tonto come to 
the aid of Bob and Sheriff McClure (Guy E. Hearn). Harry Chesire plays the part of 
Doc Wilson, Hal K. Dawson plays the part of Charlie, Mickey Simpson plays the 
part of Hank Taylor and Billy Vincent plays te part of Biff.

"Stage to Estacado" July 23, 1953  Episode # 124
Don (Sheb Wooley) & Ann (Phyllis Coates) Wyman want to get the new 
stage franchise in Estacado but outlaw Dan Gerber (Ian MacDonald) wants 
it bad enough to try to murder Don. The Lone Ranger & Tonto have heard 
that Gerber is in the area and with their assistance, they help the Wyman's 
fulfill their dream of getting the stage line operating to Estacado. Lee Van 
Cleef plays the part of Jango, Dougles Evans plays the part of Cass Warren 
and Monte Blue plays the part of Sheriff Ed Gilman.

"The Perfect Crime" July 30, 1953  Episode # 125
A former professor, Craig Gordon (Hayden Rorke), who embezzled school 
funds, becomes a school teacher in the West to serve as cover after he 
decides to turn to a life of crime. His target is a local bank filled with 
$250,000 in gold dust. A newly hired teacher, Naomi Courtwright 
(Phyllis Coates), just happens to be the student who turned Gordon 
in as the embezzler at her university. The Lone Ranger disguises 
himself as a Mexican in this episode which includes a secret room. 
Richard Avonde plays the part of Bart Devlin, Robert Bray plays the 
part of Dan Glick, Edna Holland plays the part of Liz Powell, Terry 
Frost plays the part of the sheriff and Bud Osborne is the 
stagecoach driver.

"The Ghost of Coyote Canyon" August 6, 1953  Episode # 126
Stories of a ghost in Coyote Canyon were started by Crazy Joe (Lucien 
Littlefield) to keep people away from the area. Joe is the last remaining 
member of the Beeler Gang and he and Sheriff's Deputy Henry Flack 
(John Pickard), are operating a fencing operation. They have loot from 
robberies hidden in a secret room room behind a clost door in Joe's shack. 
Sheriff Allbright (Tom London) is unaware of his deputy's criminal act-
vities as the Lone Ranger goes in disguise as Senor DeVarga, an expert in
the supernatural. The Lone Ranger and Tonto discover the body of a 
Consolidated Insurance Company detective, named Granville, who was
undercover in the area, pretending to be businessman, Walter Vail 
(Marshall Reed). The "ghost" is actually another criminal named Meeker 
(Richard Alexander) and all three crooks are brought to justice by the 
Lone Ranger & Tonto and Sheriff Allbright is given the reward money 
so he can afford to retire. Hank Worden plays the part of Ed.

"Old Bailey" August 13, 1953  Episode # 127
Lazy Q ranch owner, Walt Wortham (Ray Montgomery), is murdered 
by gambler J. O. Cain (Bruce Cowling) in an attempt to get Wortham's 
ranch, shortly after a meeting at the Gold Coin Cafe. "Old Bailey" 
(Phil Tead) tries to borrow $500 from Cain but won't say why he needs 
the money. Old Bailey is framed for Wortham's murder. The Lone Ranger 
introduces himself to Bailey by presenting him a "silver bullet" and then 
he and Tonto do their best to help Bailey and to bring Cain to justice as 
well. Otto is played by John Crawford and Sheriff Moss is played by 
Steve Pendleton.

"Prisoner in Jeopardy" August 20, 1953  Episode # 128
Bob West (Richard Crane) is returning to Deep Well to marry Virginia Elston 
(Dorothy Patrick), after being released from prison. West is abducted from 
the stagecoach by men hired by crooked lawyer, Slate Corbaley (Frank Wilcox). 
The stage is robbed and West is set up to take the blame. The Lone Ranger & 
Tonto arrive and are suspicious from the beginning and with some assistance 
from Sheriff Roberts (Stan Blystone), Corbaley and his thugs are brought to 
justice. If Slate had properly defended West years ago, West would never have 
been convicted of the crime for which he went to prison. House Peters, Jr. plays 
the role of O'Neil, Jerome Sheldon plays the role of Thorsen and Dick Rich plays 
the role of Bernal.

"Diamond in the Rough" August 27, 1953  Episode # 129
Rex Jordan (Leo Britt), a jewel thief, steals the famed Marsden Diamond 
from a visiting diplomat in the Western Territory. The Lone Ranger & Tonto 
don't know that the diamond is hidden by Jordan in the body of a ventriloquist's 
dummy, as the Lone Ranger closes in on him and Bat Anders. Marshall Hayes 
(Harry Lauter) in Panamint City assists our heroes in finding the diamond and 
putting Jordan and  Bat Anders (House Peters, Jr.) behind bars. The vetriloquist, 
is James A. M. Boswell (Emory Parnell) and his dummy is named Bosco.

"The Red Mark"  September 3, 1953  Episode # 130
The Lone Ranger & Tonto are headed for the silver mine to replenish their supply 
of silver and bullets but are near Badger City and decide to stop as the Ranger 
has heard that the crook, Hank Durgan (Steve Roberts), is in town. After a string 
of robberies, a shipment of money is marked and is sent by stage. Durgan robs 
the stage and after learning its been marked, stashes it in his home. Durgan sets 
up Bob Larkin (Alan Wells) by switching a marked bill, hoping to cause Andrew 
Larkin (Frank Fenton) to suffer a fatal heart attack. The Lone Ranger gives a "gift" 
to Andrew & Bob Larkin before he and Tonto leave town. Paul Bryar plays the part 
of Jeb Parkes and Tom London plays the part of Sheriff Dexter.

* NOTE: This is a partial and incomplete listing, but with some time, I hope to complete
the entire television episodes synopsis. This season last updated on April 20, 2007.

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