The Lone Ranger T.V. Episodes


(Episodes 131 through 182)

"The Fugitive"  September 9, 1954  Episode # 131
The Lone Ranger and Tonto prevent a stage robbery near Risco, which is 
a town claimed by both the U.S. and Mexico, and which is occupied by 
outlaws. The Lone Ranger gets a note from the Texas governor in which
he clears Clay Trowbridge (Paul Langton) of a murder charge but Clay is 
unaware of his being cleared. Blaze (John Doucette) coerces Clay to hold 
up a stage where Clay is expected to use his former talent as a locksmith, 
to open the new lockboxes which are now inside the stages, under the 
seats. Blaze resorts to threatening Clay's gir, Rosita (Charlita) and Stack 
(Denver Pyle) ends up actually shooting Rosita as she explains the 
situation to the Lone Ranger and Tonto near the Rio Grande river. Rosita 
is taken to Dr. Bryant (Griff Barnett) for treatment Clay prevents Blaze from 
shooting the Lone Ranger and Blaze & Stack are captured and Clay is told 
of his being cleared by the governor.

"Ex-Marshall" September 16, 1954  Episode # 132
The Compton Gang, led by Lou Compton (Stanley Clements), is making 
a name for itself and has the Lone Ranger & Tonto anxious to put a stop 
to them.The Lone Ranger calls upon the experience and help of a 
former marshall, Frank Dean (Ray Teal) who retired after believing 
that he had lost his nerve. Dean had been badly shot up in Wyoming
about 3 years earlier and gave up his badge at that time. The Lone Ranger 
& Tonto are saved by Dean after he loads an empty gun with one of
the Ranger's silver bullets and surprises Lou Compton with what he 
also thought was an empty gun. Dean is given the chance to turn the 
Compton's over to the sheriff and collect the reward. Chick Compton is
played by House Peters, Jr., Barney Compton is played by John Cason 
and the sheriff is played by Tyler McVey.

"Message To Fort Apache" September 23, 1954  Episode # 133
Someone is illegeally selling rapid fire, repeating rifles to the Indians 
near Fort Apache. Lt. Jack Quincy (Scott Elliott) is given a secret 
dispatch at Fort McRae to be delivered to Major Harvey (Robert Livingston), 
naming the outlaws responsible for the gun sales. During a stage holdup, 
Lt. Quincy hides the dispatch in Rev. Walter Foster's (Chick Chandler) bible, 
as he and his daughter Mary (Nancy Hale) are passengers in the coach as 
well. John Boyer (Steve Brodie) is the leader of the outlaws and his two 
henchmen are Hatton (Sheb Wooley) and Gus (Lane Bradford). The Lone 
Ranger & Tonto are also searching for the gun sellers and help capture 
Boyer and his henchmen at Dr. Scott's (Charles Meredith) office after a 
brief fight. Col. Gaines is played by Fay Roope and Clem is played by 
Harry Harvey,Sr.

"The Frightened Woman" September 30, 1954  Episode # 134
Sheriff Lake (Don Harvey) is out of town and has hired Deputy Bowmont 
but Bowmont (Richard Travis) is nothing more than a crook and he first 
shows his intentions by being mean to Tonto. Bowmont is working with 
another bad guy, Waco (Zon Murray), in which $10,000 is stolen from 
John Morgan (Bruce Cowling). Jenny Houston (Emlen Davis) is a witness 
to the robbery and sees the robber's face. Jenny becomes frightened after
she realizes that she is the prime witness and she is frightened for the 
well-being of her son, Tommy (Rickey Murray), as well. Morgan tries to 
talk Jenny into staying in Powder Bend but Jenny at first flees in the stage, 
driven by Pete (Emmett Lynn) but returns to stand her ground. The Lone 
Ranger turns the tables on Bowmont & Waco, after the Lone Ranger & 
Tonto were captured by Bowmont & Waco. Jenny & Tommy Houston have 
decided to stay in Powder Bend after Bowmont & Waco are captured.

"Gold Town" October 7, 1954  Episode # 135
Kirk Meacham (James Craven) impersonates Edgar Wellington, 
an Englishman, in order to obtain half of the $100,000  Sam Bates 
estate which has been left to Wellington and to the Lone Ranger. 
The Lone Ranger intends to donate his half of the inheritance so a 
mining college can be built. The Ranger becomes suspicious when 
Meacham does some unusual things. One such thing is when the 
Ranger meets up and talks to Barnaby Boggs (Earle Hodgins) about 
Meacham obtaining a pair of weak-strength eyeglasses from Barnaby. 
Meacham's two friends, Corey (Myron Healey) and Ringo (James Parnell) 
help kidnap the real Wellington (Edward Ashley) and to try to ambush 
the Lone Ranger but Corey falls over a cliff during the ambush. The real 
Edgar Wellington is rescued from Meacham's cabin and agrees with the 
Lone Ranger to turn over his half of the inheritance for a mining college 
and to which Wellington admits that he wants to be the first student, 
due to his bad luck at mining so far. Pierre Watkin plays the role of Dan
Sherwood and Anthony Sydes plays the part of Tommy Denton.

"Six Gun Sanctuary" October 14, 1954  Episode # 136
A small Western town, Reedville, is controlled by storekeeper Whittaker (Don 
Beddoe) who dreams of an outlaw kingdom. The Lone Ranger dons the disguise of 
outlaw, Buck Gannon, to help Sheriff Tom Lowell (Douglas Kennedy) regain 
control of the town. Whittaker and Notch Brice (Hal Baylor) are threatening 
his son, Rod Lowell (Harry Harvey, Jr.), with harm if the sheriff doesn't do 
as Whittaker says. Robert B. Williams plays the part of Hefty Phelps and 
Frank Fenton plays the part of Walt Smith.

"Outlaw's Trail" October 21, 1954  Episode # 137
It's 1867 and as 30 year old Reno Lawrence (Jack Elam) heads for Painted Post, 
he is being tracked by the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Marshal John Lawton (Robert Bice). 
Reno was hired by a former associate, Joe Tarbuck (Robert Bray), who has set 
himself and fellow outlaw, Charlie Park as the deputy and sheriff of Painted Post. 
Farmer Jim Sage (Christian Drake) is at odds with the cattlemen in the area and 
Tarbuck makes Reno think he is to kill Sage but Tarbuck plots to kill Lawrence 
(to get rid of him) and to frame Sage as the killer and incite the cattlemen to hang 
Sage. During a shootout, Tonto has to go to Rockville to bring help from Marshal 
Lawton who brings with him, reward posters for Lawrence, Tarbuck and Park. 
Tarbuck's plot to "bleed the territory dry" has been destroyed and Sage and the 
cattlemen, led by Clyde Norton (Hugh Sanders), vow to get along better.

"Stage To Teshimingo" October 28, 1954  Episode # 138
Morton Harper (Kenneth Patterson) leads a group of outlaws, responsible for 
many stage robberies, in order to drive the stageline out of business, which 
is owned by Joel Conway (Ben Welden). An abandoned mine with a secret 
entrance is where the bandits work from and the Lone Ranger & Tonto are 
nearly killed there when Cherokee Smith (Don Megown), Matt Rusk (Lane 
Bradfor) and Joe Crockett (Robert Foulk) set off some black powder in the 
mine to cause a cave-in. The Lone Ranger finds the secret entrance and he 
and Tonto escape and capture the four outlaws at the scene of another 
attempted stage robbery near Eagle Pass. The stage driver is Ike Beatty 
(Hank Worden) and the guard on the stage is Jeff Corby (Si Jenks).

"Texas Draw" November 4, 1954  Episode # 139
Near Trail City, Brother John Thorpe (Barry Kelley) plans to build a boys 
orphange on a plot of land but Crane Dillon (James Westerfield)  wants 
the land for the copper on it. Meanwhile, Dr. William Hubbard 
(Christopher Dark) is enroute to Thorpe's to settle an old score. Thorpe 
falsely accused Hubbard's father of a crime for which he was hanged 
but later found to be innocent.The Lone Ranger & Tonto help to get the 
young doctor's thinking changed. Virginia Thorpe is played by Marion 
Ross, Brazos is played by Joe Haworth and Matt is played by Frank 
Richards. Watch this episode to learn how the game of "Texas Draw" 
is played by the Lone Ranger himself.

"Rendezvous At Whipsaw" November 11, 1954  Episode # 140
A murder witness, Maud McKenzie (Anne O'Neal) and her brother, Silas 
Hartwell (Don Beddoe) are the target of a conspiracy by a gang of outlaws 
posing as respectable citizens until The Lone Ranger and Tonto restore 
justice. The outlaws are led by Matthew Block (Hugh Sanders) and he has 
two henchmen, Kelso (John Doucette) and Frankie (Paul Brinegar) who are 
trying to get another outlaw, Bat Larson (William Haade) out of the jail in 
Whipsaw, before he goes on trial for murder. Maud and Silas work with the
Lone Ranger in trying to learn the identity of the outlaws. Maud nearly ruins 
the Lone Ranger's plans when she unknowingly tips off Block about the Ranger's
plan to trap two of the outlaws with the help of Silas.

"Dan Reid's Fight For Life" November 18, 1954  Episode # 141
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) is on Summer vacation when he visits the Lone 
Ranger and Tonto. Dan sees two men gun down a Texas Ranger named 
Roy Barnett (John Stephenson). Roy had infiltrated the Juan Pedro Cardoza
gang but his identity had been discovered when Red Dixon (Mickey Simpson) 
came to camp and spotted him. Red and Gus Gotwals (Henry Kulky) tried to 
gun down Roy to protect the identity of Juan. The Lone Ranger & Tonto go after 
the Cardoza gang while Dan stays to protect the wounded Barnett but Red & 
Gus show up at the camp and while leading the outlaws away from Roy, Dan 
is captured. Dan prevents Juan Cardoza (Nestor Paiva) from shooting the Lone 
Ranger during a scene in the "Old Man Tunnel" mine after the Lone Ranger & 
Tonto attempt to smoke Juan and his comrades out of the mine.

"Tenderfoot" November 25, 1954  Episode # 142
Ranch owner, Jim Ferris (William Forrest), is being pressured to sell his 
ranch to Gregg Stacey (Dan Riss) but Ferris is holding out to sell to a 
Charles De Witt (Robert Horton), an Eastern tenderfoot. Ferris is 
kidnapped and Stacey pretends to be Ferris. Stacey attempts to frighten 
away De Witt but the Lone Ranger & Tonto arrive to help him out. 
Newspaper publisher, Ed Barker (George Chandler), helps to identify the 
imposter for the Lone Ranger. Stacey's two henchmen are Judd Collins 
(Hal Baylor) and Pete Morales (Martin Garralaga).

"A Broken Match" December 2, 1954  Episode # 143
Jeff Williams (Robert Quarry), an ex-convict is accused of the murder of bank 
examiner, John Walker, but the murder was committed by Bert Fallon (Glen 
Gordon) under orders from Herman Martin (Whit Bissell). Bert drops a broken
match at several crime scenes and they lead the Lone Ranger & Tonto to the 
truth that Jeff Williams is innocent. Southwest Trust bank president, Frank 
Scott (Paul Keast) is unsure about Jeff but his daughter, Jean Scott (Nan Leslie)
has no doubts about the innocence of Jeff. The Ranger plays the part of the dead 
Bert Fallon, in order to flush out Herman Martin who sneaks into the doctor's
office to finish off a possible witness, not knowing that Fallon is already dead.
Sheriff Brigg's is played by Don Harvey and outlaw Cal is played by Fred Coby.

"Colorado Gold" December 9, 1954  Episode # 144
Luther Gage (Robert Shayne) blasted an opening from his "Queen Bee" mine 
into the "Mary Belle" and plans to steal the gold ore from the "Mary Belle". 
Jim Farnum (Gil Donaldson), son of the "Mary Belle" owner, is coming to 
investigate after Mrs. Farnum received a letter from Gage, telling her that her 
mine was about played out. Gage instructs Pete Lasco (Norman Keats) to kill 
Jim Farnum as he arrives by stagecoach. The Lone Ranger & Tonto know of 
the Farnums and arrive to help Jim. The Lone Ranger thwarts Gage's plot 
to blow up the new tunnel, with Jim inside it and Gage and his outlaw friends 
are brought to justice. Claudia Barrett plays the part of Mary Tanner, Gene 
Roth plays the part of the Blacksmith, George Barrows the part of Red and 
Mike Dengate is the stagecoach driver.

"Homer With A High Hat" December 16, 1954  Episode # 145
Homer Potts (Chick Chandler), an Eastern lawyer, came West to see his brother 
but doesn't like the West and wants to leave. Homer gets his high-hat shot and 
tossed into jail with Billy-Be-Hung (Tom Brown) and his gang, Vince (Fred Libby) and 
Garvey (Rex Throsen). Homer is forced to go along with a jail break and falls down 
a mine-shaft. Homer truns out to be the hero in assisting the Lone Ranger & Tonto 
finding stolen gold coins and getting the goods on Billy-Be-Hung, Garvey and Vince.
Marshall Jim is played by Peter Hanson, Ma Hank is played by Minerva Urecal, 
Cindy Powers is played by Kathleen Crowley and Lafe (the deputy) is played by 
Terry Frost.

"Two For Juan Ringo" December 23, 1954  Episode # 146
In this episode, the Lone Ranger & Tonto are returning from a trip to the 
masked man's hidden silver mine with silver bullets and silver bars. The 
Lone Ranger is stopping by Border City where his secret banker, George
Wilson (Lyle Talbot), lives and where George will exchange the silver bars 
for cash. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as Juan Ringo in an effort to 
get the evidence needed to bring Edward Ashton (John Hoyt) to justice. 
Ashton needs to have George Wilson and The Lone Ranger killed so he 
can finish the take-over of Border City and he thinks he has Juan Ringo 
hired to do the dirty work for him. Robert Bray plays the part of Mace, 
John Cason the part of Trip, Dennis Moore plays the part of John Molony 
and Bert Holland plays the part of Sam (the waiter).

"The Globe" December 30, 1954  Episode # 147
Cherokee Webster (Phil Tead) sells his played-out mine, "The Globe" 
but before he can head East, he is murdered by Lester Grey 
(Frank Ferguson) to protect a swindle being conducted by bankers Grey 
and his partner, Wardell Young (Stuart Randall). Another bank employee, 
Stan Ammons (Gregg Palmer), suspects something and is nearly killed 
by Grey but Stan survives and is found by the Lone Ranger & Tonto and 
saved. Despite an attempt to incriminate the Lone Ranger, Marshall 
Hawkins (Michael Whalen) finds stolen bank money and arrests Young 
and Grey. Phil Chambers plays the part of Charlie Bostic.

"Dan Reid's Sacrifice" January 6, 1955  Episode # 148
Great episode in which the Lone Ranger gives information that Dan Reid's horse, 
Victor, is the son of Silver. Dan (Chuck Courtney) is visiting the Lone Ranger & 
Tonto during summer vacation from college. There are rustlers in the area and as 
a result, Dan is nearly killed, when his horse, Victor, is stolen from him by Slade
Lewis (Mickey Knox). Tonto goes to work as a horse wrangler, and the Lone 
Ranger uses a disguise to capture Slade and his henchmen and rescue Pete 
Travis after a horse race between Silver & Victor. Slade's three henchmen are 
Blackie (Fred Graham), Ron Thursday (John Cliff) and Rusty (Bill Kennedy).

"Enfield Rifle" January 13, 1955  Episode # 149
Its the Enfield rifle, a new repeating rifle versus the older single-shot Springfield rifle 
in this episode. Bad guy Oscar Vale (Frank Ferguson), an Indian agent for the 
reservation near Fort Manning, Montana Territory, has smuggled in the Enfields and 
is waiting for more. He plans on getting braves from the nearby reservation in a 
conflict with the town of Argus City and while they are doing that, Vale & Gray Wolf 
(Rico Alaniz) plan to clean out the bank and head for the border.The Lone Ranger, 
Tonto, Colonel Dower (Walter Coy) and Lt. Tipton (Rand Brooks) have plans for a 
different ending. Peter Mamakos plays the part of Pierre, Bobker Ben Ali plays the 
part of Jacques and Maurice Jara plays the part of Running Deer.

"The School Story" January 20, 1955  Episode # 150
Tommy Righter (Lee Aaker) doesn't want the new school built in Rugged 
Gap but when 2 robbers dressed as Indians steal $4,000 from his mother 
and the school board, he goes after them. Tonto is at first accused of 
being involved with the robbery. Jeb & Lew Cates (Norman Keats & John 
Doucette) are the bad guys and the Lone Ranger & Tonto pursue the 
thieves and Tommy. At the end, Tommy Righter tells the masked man 
that he has changed his mind about going to school and has decided 
that school is necessary for him "to be a lawman or a preacher or a 
doctor or a Lone Ranger." Tommy gets a coveted gift as well---a silver 
bullet. Madge Meredith plays the part of Mrs. Righter, Dick Elliott as 
the storekeeper, Stanley Andrews as Deacon Caleb, Paul Birch as the 
sheriff and Raymond Meurer is the ticket clerk.

"The Quiet Highwayman" January 27, 1955  Episode # 151
A trio of three bandits is led by a man known as The Quiet Highwayman
because he never talks but uses signals to his men. Sheriff Lathrop 
(Francis MacDonald) is perplexed by the robberies. Dan Reid 
(Chuck Courtney) is visiting his uncle, the Lone Ranger and Tonto and 
gets involved in the search for the robbers. Tonto is familiar with one
victim, Ed Bates (Harry Harvey,Sr.) and his wife Flora (Kathryn Card). 
Two leading townspeople, Gill Canby (Hugh Sanders) and Frank Atkins 
(Dan Riss) have muddy boots and this proves to be an important
clue for the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Dan Reid. Dennis King, Jr. plays
the role of the First Outlaw and Roger Dreed has the role as the Second

"Heritage Of Treason" February 3, 1955  Episode # 152
The Lone Ranger & Tonto have been searching for Ace Martin (Stuart Randall) 
and his partner, Windy (Peter Whitney), for days. Ace is carrying half of some 
plans devised by Aaron Burr 50 years earlier to make the southwest territory 
a kingdom. Ace needs a man with money, Mr. Halstead (Charles Halton), to 
carry out the plan. John Digger is carrying the second half of the plans and is 
murdered by Ace & Windy. Ace & Windy are then double-crossed by Halstead 
as he wants the land for himself but the Lone Ranger & Tonto aren't about to 
let this crook get away. Don Haggerty plays the part of the sheriff, Ed Hinton 
the part of Stag and Burt Mustin is the Stage Driver.

"The Lost Chalice" February 10, 1955  Episode # 153
The Lone Ranger & Tonto are heading for drought ridden Mission Valley
to meet with an old friend, the Padre (Edward Colmans). A special chalice 
is stolen from the mission by Hoaky Carter (James Griffith) and 2 other 
crooks, Judd (Joseph Turkel) & Reno (William Challee). A hidden map
may lead them to the LostTreasure of Mission Valley. An old miner, 
Jose (Julian Rivero), is forced to translate Spanish writing on the map, 
which turn out to be verses from the Bible. The Lone Ranger searches
the Sawtooth Range for the outlaws and his kidnapped friend, Tonto.

"Code Of The Pioneers" February 17, 1955  Episode # 154
Tonto is visiting Washington D.C. in this episode which has the Lone 
Ranger and his nephew, Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), working together 
to stop outlaw Elias P. Bradley (Lyle Talbot) and his henchmen, Luke 
Potter (Harry Lauter) , Ames (Bill Kennedy) and Pete (Ron Sha'an). 
Bradley is trying to prevent Marshall Grant (Walter Reed) from winning 
the election for sheriff. Bradley steals the press from the Gold Creek 
"Clarion" newspaper office, owned by Mrs. James Curtis (Emlen Davis). 
Her son, Jimmy Curtis (Barry Curtis), goes after the thieves and uses 
his pony Prince and a bag of flour to bring the Lone Ranger and Dan to 
his aid. Paul Keast plays the part of storekeeper, Sam Hawkins.

"The Law Lady" February 24, 1955  Episode # 155
After Sheriff Richard Lee was murdered by Chad Harrison (Richard Travis) 
a year earlier, Mrs. Clare Lee (Marjorie Lord) became sheriff and has been 
hunting for her husband's killer. Deputy Taylor (Peter Hanson) doesn't think 
a woman should be the sheriff and tries to solve the murder before Clare 
does it. Harrison uses his henchman, Smitty (Don Garrett), in an attempt 
to frame the Lone Ranger by using melted down silver coins to mold them 
into silver bullets. The silver bullets have a flaw that lead to Harrison's 

"Uncle Ed" March 3, 1955  Episode # 156
Uncle Ed Andrews (Will Wright) is one of the first pioneers in the area 
and he enjoys telling stories of his adventures but his nephew and his 
wife, Frank & Laura Adams (Bruce Cowling & June Whitley) consider 
them tall tales. Frank & Laura even refuse to believe Ed when he tells 
them he met a masked man on a big white horse and an Indian. Uncle 
Ed becomes a hero to his family when he risks his life to protect them 
from Lefty Mott (Pete Mamakos) and his gang. Only Ed's grand-niece, 
Susan (Nadene Ashdown), believes in Ed and she ends up setting the 
facts straight for her parents and Ed begins to tell Susan another story---
"about the kindest, bravest and most wonderful man who ever lived"--- 
The Lone Ranger! Ed Hinton has the role of Jake Logan, Frank Hagney 
has the role of Mike Carney and John Damler plays the part of Sheriff 

"Jornado Del Muerto" March 10, 1955  Episode # 157
A white man named Crazy Wolf (Rick Vallin) was adopted by an 
Apache tribe, led by Chief Luzito (Joseph Vitale). Juan (Steven Ritch), 
grand-son of Luzito thinks that Crazy Wolf is great but Crazy Wolf 
has been trying to poison Luzito for some time. The Lone Ranger & 
Tonto transport the very ill Luzito across a desert to get him to a 
doctor (Marshall Bradford) for treatment. Along the way, Juan and 
Crazy Wolf stop them and Juan believes that Chief Luzito is dead. 
The Lone Ranger manages to get a confession out of Crazy Wolf 
about the poisoning of Luzito and Juan is able to hear the confession 
and finally realizes that Crazy Wolf is not a friend nor a leader. Richard 
Crane plays the part of Lieut. Wilson,  John Hubbard plays part of 
Major Trask, Ray Montgomery plays the part of the Courier and 
Raymond Meurer plays the part of the Guard.

"Sunstroke Mesa" March 17, 1955  Episode # 158
The Sunstroke Mesa area, including the town of Mesa City has 
had very little rainfall in months. The Lone Ranger sends his nephew, 
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), to make an anonymous contribution to 
an irrigation project. After delivering the money to Walter Crofts (Joseph 
Crehan), three men rob Mr. Crofts who in turn wounds one of the men, 
Johnny Barton (Dwayne Hickman). Dan is succesful in getting Johnny 
to change his ways and as a result, Dan & Johnny are left at the mercy 
of the sun by Johnny's uncle, Matt Coleman (John Pickard) and Vic 
Murdock (John Mansfield). The Lone Ranger & Tonto locate the two 
young men with help from Dan's horse, Victor, and the two other 
robbers are captured by the Lone Ranger. Don Harvey plays the role
of Sheriff Craven.

"Sawtelle Saga's End" March 24, 1955  Episode # 159
Maggie Sawtelle has brought up her two nephews, 
Benny (Robert Foulk) & Pete (Peter Hanson) Sawtelle, to be
criminals on her behalf and they knock off the Wells Fargo office in
Sandstone. The Sawtelle brand is the clue the Lone Ranger needs to 
bring the family to justice. Frances Bavier (Aunt Bea on Andy Griffith) 
guest stars as the dominating Aunt Maggie. Even Tonto would rather 
deal with someone else other than her as he says at the end of this 
episode. William Forrest plays the part of Sheriff Taylor and Paul 
Keast plays the part of Matt Welsh.

"The Too-Perfect Signature" March 31, 1955  Episode # 160
The Lone Ranger and Tonto go after an unscrupulous lawyer, Henry Stacy (Stacey 
Keach) after he forges documents to obtain the Bar T ranch from Tom Tabor (Ray 
Teal). Tom is awaiting his sister, Agatha Tabor (Katharine Warren) to arrive and she
has already had the excitement of riding in a runaway stage (driven by Glenn Strange).
Agatha pretends to faint and later on in the episode, she pretends to faint again, in 
order to help the Lone Ranger. Stacy orders his hernchman, Matt Corson (Will White)
to ambush Tom and when he doesn't complete the job, Matt attempts to burn down
Doctor Gotwals (Charles Meredith) home, with Tom Tabor in it. The sheriff is played 
by Terry Frost in this episode, where Stacy & Frost are both apprehended after the
Lone Ranger uses a piece of tracing paper to determine that the signatures on the 
forged documents are "too-perfect" because the signatures are identical.

"Trigger Finger" April 7, 1955  Episode # 161
The Lone Ranger and his nephew, Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), assist Sheriff
John Trent (Douglas Kennedy) in the recovery of $10,000 in stolen cash from 
the Wells Fargo Company. Tonto is missing from this episode and we are told 
that he is visiting Chief Thunder Cloud. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as 
an Eastern dude after discovering a dummy bullet which contains a map to the 
hidden stolen money. Newspaper publisher, Frank Crowell (Stacy Keach), is 
the leader of the outlaws. Zack, the deputy sheriff, is played by Steve Dunhill, 
Laura Elliot plays the part of Mary Mason and Keith Richards plays the part of 
Hook Mason. Two other bad guys working for Crowell are Taggert Casey as 
Miller and Mickey Simpson plays the part of Holt.

"The Tell-Tale Bullet" April 14, 1955  Episode # 162
Dr. Harris Doyle's (Roy Roberts ) son, Howard (Alan Dinehart III), is involved 
in a bank robbery to get money to pay off his gambling debts but is 
wounded by The Lone Ranger near Bartonville. Howard cooperates with 
the Lone Ranger & Tonto to get the goods on Tuck Hanna (Anthony Caruso), 
Cash Nasby (John Cason) and Jeb Sullivan (Dennis Weaver) and put them in 
jail where they belong.

"False Accusations" April 21, 1955  Episode # 163
Telegraph agent John Delroy (Whit Bissell) and his accomplice, Mike Barty 
(Robert Bray), have been committing robberies in and around Rock Point, 
New Mexico in 1875. Barty is called the Midnight Rider and the Lone Ranger 
& Tonto are on their way to the area to help out Sheriff Charlie McClellan 
(Michael Whalen). Barty impersonates the Lone Ranger during a daylight 
robbery of the bank. The Lone Ranger uses the disguise of Pancho, a Mexican 
man, to help obtain the evidence needed to bring the Midnight Rider to justice. 
Our Lone Ranger is wounded in this episode and loses his memory for a 3 hour 
period. Harry Harvey, Sr. plays the role of Fred Niles, Bruce Cowling plays the 
part of Marshall Bill Collins and Marshall Reed plays the part of the deputy sheriff.

"Gold Freight" April 28, 1955  Episode # 164
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) returns to Eagle City and is the middle of a dispute 
concerning the Sam Slater Freight Lines. Two crooks plot to start their own freight 
line to end up with a monopoly. Jake Ronson (House Peters, Jr.) & Suede Nelson 
(Richard Wessel) do their best to turn the miners against Sam Slater (Ted de Corsia). 
Tonto and the Lone Ranger have to work quickly to save Slater and Dan from being 
hung and expose Ronson & Nelsons' true criminal motive to the miners. Kenneth 
MacDonald plays the part of Sheriff Mason, James Diehl plays the part of Tom, Fred 
Libby plays the part of the 1st Townsman and the Ken Duncan, Jr. plays the part of 
the 2nd Townsman. 

"Wanted: The Lone Ranger" May 5, 1955  Episode 165
Outlaw Buck Wingate (Richard Travis) established his own town called 
Wingate City in a disputed strip of land between the territories of Colorado 
& New Mexico. The Lone Ranger and Tonto disguise themeselves as Kinky 
& Bobo, two clowns in part of a medicine show, operated by Col. Oglethorpe 
(Jesse White). They plan to enter Wingate City and capture Buck. Sheb 
Wooley is one of the outlaws, named Tex. Col. Oglethorpe helps capture 
Wingate but at the end, he confirms that the real hero is, The Lone Ranger!
William Challee plays the part of Hawk, James Courtney plays the part of 
Flick and Mike Dengate plays the part of Corey. Al Jackson plays the part 
of Bobo the clown and Ray Saunders plays the part of Kinky the clown before 
the Lone Ranger and Tonto assumed the roles.

"The Woman in the White Mask" May 12, 1955  Episode # 166
Robbers, led by a woman in a white mask, have been affecting the 
Stevens Mine particularly hard. The Lone Ranger and his nephew, 
Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), interrupt one stage robbery where 
more Stevens Mine money is taken. According to the Lone Ranger, 
Tonto is staying with a Padre friend, while Tonto recovers from an 
attack of fever. Jane Johnson (Phyllis Coates) and her brother, Phil 
Johnson (Jack Dimond), are exacting revenge upon the Stevens 
Mine for the death of their father many years before. Colby (Denver 
Pyle) & Dike (Rick Reeves) are Jane's cohorts in crime but have no 
interest in the revenge aspect. Peter Thompson plays the part of Jeff 
Stevens and Gregg Barton is the stage driver.

"The Bounty Hunter" May 19, 1955  Episode # 167
Outlaw Glenn Bolton's robbery of a stagecoach is interrupted by Tonto 
and the Lone Ranger. Bolton (Richard Reeves) is wounded and his partner 
captured but Bolton escapes and is befriended by crook Lex Sharp 
(Russ Conway). Sharp hatches a plan to turn Bolton in to get the reward, 
Bolton can receive treatment by Doc Williams (Gil Fallman) and then 
Sharp will help Bolton to escape. The Lone Ranger is suspicious of Sharp's 
story of his fake capture of Bolton and tricks Bolton into revealing the plot 
to Sheriff Collins (Pierre Watkins). Bolton steps into a large trap, literally!

"Showdown at Sand Creek" May 26, 1955  Episode # 168
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are coming to Sand Creek to visit their old 
friend and sheriff, Clay Houston. Willy Brady (Paul Burke) & his accomplice, 
Blake (Robert B. Williams), have murdered Clay and taken over the town and 
Jim (Christian Drake), Clay's brother, assumes the position of sheriff.  The 
Lone Ranger instructs Jim in the "fetch draw'. Jim's wife, Betty (Nancy Hale), 
is not pleased with Jim's decision and in a shootout, she is wounded and Jim 
faces Brady in a showdown as the Lone Ranger watches Blake to insure Jim 
has a chance. Brady removes Clay's missing badge from his pocket and tosses 
it to Jim and both draw but Jim wins this round. Jim has some some good 
words from his brother to share with Betty: "A man couldn't have a better friend, 
than the Lone Ranger." Stacy Keach plays the role of Wesley Carter and Phil 
Tead plays the role of Pop Dawson.

"Heart of a Cheater" June 2, 1955  Episode # 169
Grandpa Jim Haskell is misleading his grandson, Shelby (Tommy Ivo), 
into thinking that a criminal's way of life is fun and exciting, and Elizabeth, 
his mother is against it entirely. Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) meets the
Lone Ranger and tells him about a bank robbery in Brayless where a 
guard was murdered. The robbers are Moose Miller & Pecos Smith 
and they seek shelter from Jim Haskell based on his reputation of 
helping outlaws. Jim Haskell changes his view about criminals and 
Shelby helps to save the life of the Lone Ranger.

"The Swami" June 9, 1955  Episode # 170
A good Barnaby Boggs episode where Barnaby (Earle Hodgins) teams 
up with a crook who calls himself Swami Yoganto (Lou Krugman). The 
Swami, whose real name is Steve Smith, uses hypnotism to find out 
information to help his two pals, Spike Naylor (Kem Dibbs) & Dobe 
(Chuck Carson), pull off robberies. Even the Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan 
Reid (Chuck Courtney), becomes a victim and endangers the lives of
the Lone Ranger, Tonto, Hardrock Hazen (Eddy Waller) and Dan himself. 
The Lone Ranger uses a disguise and assistance from Barnaby Boggs 
to bring the Swami and his cohorts to justice.

"Sheriff for Sale" June 16, 1955  Episode # 171
Sheriff Jack Morrison (Peter Hanson) and his wife Shirley (Helen Seamon), 
find the going tough when they attempt to stand up to the crook Hutch 
Conent (Larry Blake) and his two henchmen, Ed Gullion (Larry Hudson) 
and Tiger (Aaron Saxon). Conent makes it appear that he paid Jack bribe 
money to leave town but he was actually kidnapped. The Lone Ranger and
Tonto are friends with Jack and arrive to rescue Jack from the secret room
and get the goods on Conent and his two men. The entire town learns that
they all have to work together to protect their town from crooks like Conent.
Thurston Hall plays the part of Claud Pierce.

"Six-Gun Artist" June 23, 1955  Episode # 172
The Lone Ranger and Tonto have to try to solve a series of holdups in the
Mesa Junction area. Lovestruck Sheriff Will Harrington (Guy Williams) doesn't
want to believe that Julia Gregory (Elaine Riley), with the help of Hack Davis 
(Norman Willis) and Lafe (Mort Mills), are pulling the numerous stage robberies. 
The Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old man and Tonto gets a chance to 
save the life of his friend when he bursts through a door as Hack is about to gun 
down the Lone Ranger. Emmett Lynn plays the role of Hutch.

"Death Goes to Press" June 30, 1955  Episode # 173
The town is Cactus City and Cassius Holt (Frank Ferguson) and Smiley 
Phillips (Peter Hanson) team up to kill the owner of the local newspaper, 
the Daily Star, and Phillips will be the sole owner. Honest Newt Hubbard 
(Guy Sorel), the sheriff, is framed for the murder of Colonel Ingersoll 
(Addison Richards), the newspaper owner. The Lone Ranger & Tonto arrive 
in Cap Rock county to help their friend, Sheriff Hubbard and get the the 
bottom of the conspiracy. Kenneth MacDonald plays the part of Zack.

"Return of Dice Dawson" July 7, 1955  Episode # 174
Dice Dawson has been a reformed outlaw for a number of years and has been
living in the Elliott City area under the assumed name of Jay Thomasson 
(Harry Carey, Jr.) and with his wife, Nellie (Barbara Eiler). Ken Elliott (James Todd) 
has been pulling off robberies with his henchman, Jack Duff (Harry Lauter), and 
blaming the robberies and now a murder, on Dice Dawson, by leaving a pair of 
black dice at the scene of each crime. The Lone Ranger and Tonto work with 
Sheriff Dave Chamberlain (Herbert Heyes), to bring the true outlaws to justice
and to clear the name of Dice Dawson. The Lone Ranger suggests that Jay re-
assume his true name of Dice Dawson and show the youngsters who have 
gone astray, that they too, can change their ways. Al Wyatt plays the part of
Marshal Lanning.

"Adventure at Arbuckle" July 14, 1955  Episode # 175
The daughter of a newspaper publisher, Susan Starr (Nan Leslie), is determined 
to find out who murdered her father and offers a reward of $2,000 for the information. 
Case Gordon (Lou Krugman) with help from the likes of Hardtack, Dick Sundell 
(James Griffith) and others, has taken over the town of Arbuckle. The Lone Ranger 
and Tonto help Miss Starr and Doc Grayson (Ray Teal) bring the murderers to 
justice and for Doc Grayson to gain back his self respect which he had lost after 
his wife had recently died. William Challee plays the part of Bad-Eye and Paul 
Keast plays the part of Howard Biddle.

"The Return"  July 21, 1955  Episode # 176
The new Indian Agent Bradford (Frank Wilcox) and a new teacher, Talana 
(Yvette Dugay), come to start their new jobs but Talana's brother, Kat-Kem
(Christopher Dark), has been stirring up the tribe lately and is in jail after being 
captured by the Lone Ranger and Tonto a week earlier. Bradford unfairly refuses 
to let Talana teach and she decides to help Kat-kem escape from jail. Tonto is 
captured by Kat-Kem on Cloud Mountain and Talana tricks the Lone Ranger into 
coming where Kat-Kem vows to kill him. Talana changes her mind and is wounded 
when she jumps in front of the masked man. After a struggle with Tonto, Kat-Kem 
falls on his own knife and dies. Bradford realizes his error and decides to let Talana 
teach at the new Indian school. Terry Frost plays the part of Sheriff Grenfell and 
Reed Howes plays the part of the stage driver.

"Framed for Murder" July 28, 1955  Episode # 177
Jim Blake (Jimmy Best - James Best) hits a valuable gold strike and offers to 
share his good fortune with the store-keeper, Roger Gillman (Whit Bissell), 
who grubstaked him. Crooked lawyer, John Carter (David Bruce), plots to get 
the mine from Jim by blackmailing Gillman. Carter plots to kill Jim and to frame 
Tonto for the murder but the Lone Ranger and Sheriff Dawson (Robert Carson) 
arrive in time to save Jim from being shot by Gillman. Jan Shepard plays the 
role of Ruth Foster and Marshall plays the role of Tom Foster. 

"Trapped"  August 4, 1955  Episode # 178
Gaff Morgan (Taggart Casey) & The Kid aka Jack Hall (Robert Ellis) escape from 
the U.S. Territorial Prison with assistance provided by a man named Bennett 
(Frank Ferguson) who runs the Chimney Wells Trading Post. In exchange for his 
help, Bennett has the two rob the railroad payroll at the Gainesville Bank. Hall 
looks up to Morgan but realizes his error when Morgan leaves Hall to die alone 
after Hall was shot during the holdup. As he leaves, Morgan tells Hall that 
"a man's only got one friend, his gun." The Lone Ranger uses a battering ram to 
get out of a locked room, barely in time to pull the fuse out of a keg of gun powder.
Deputy sheriff Sawyer (John Doucette) is in cahoots with Bennett. Marshall Bradford 
plays the role of the sheriff.

"The Bait: Gold" August 11, 1955  Episode # 179
Mine owner, Tom Harding (Michael Whalen) and his daughter, Terry (Joan Hovis), 
have had their gold shipments stolen repeatedly from the stageline. Fellow mine 
owner, Fred Fulton (George Neise), is behind the robberies with help from his two 
henchmen, Bart (Richard Avonde) & Hank (John Phillips). Fulton is trying to
drive Harding out of business so he can buy his mine and take control of a newly
discovered vein of ore that runs from Fulton's mine into the Harding mine. The Lone
Ranger & Tonto get help from the Hardings as well as the stage driver, Jud (Hank 
Worden), to put these outlaws out-of-business.

"The Sheriff's Wife" August 18, 1955  Episode # 180
Sheriff Frank Russell (John Bryant) in Parkersburg, needs help because of two 
outlaw brothers, named Jack (Jack Elam) & Ray Miles (Joseph Turkel). With 
the help of crooked deputy Buck Waters (Hugh Sanders), the Miles intend to 
kill Sheriff Russell and then ambush the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Ella Russll 
(Elaine Edwards), the sheriff's wife, goes on the hunt for the Miles brothers, 
camped near Coyote Pass, after they attempt to kill her husband.

"Counterfeit Redskins" August 25, 1955  Episode # 181
Bea Slate (John Doucette) and his gang of outlaws are trying to get the land 
from the homesteaders by creating a conflict between them and Chief Grey 
Eagle (Peter Mamakos) and his people by dressing as counterfeit Indians. 
The Lone Ranger is wounded in a leg by Garth Sandrich (Harry Lauter) and 
Tonto does much of the investigation which includes finding a horse with a 
broken horseshoe. Paul Langton plays the part of Regis Bassett, Russell 
Johnson plays the part of Tom Levering, Mel Welles is Sheriff Pender and 
Wayne Schatter plays the part of Reno in this episode. 

"One Nation Indivisible" September 1, 1955  Episode # 182
Brad (Tyler MacDuff)& Jeff (Don Garner) Stanton have lost their parents and the 
family farm as a result of the Civil War and head West to find jobs. Crooked banker 
Fred Logan (Lyle Talbot) and his nephew Ben (Rand Brooks), plot to falsely accuse 
the Stantons of a bank robbery and then plan to kill them. All this so the Logans can 
retain a strongbox loaded with gold and jewelry that Tom Davis (Watson Downs) is 
trying to get back from Logan. Brad sure "saw the spirit of cooperation tonight." "A 
Northerner, a masked man and an Indian all risked their lives for two Southerners." 
Sheriff Maxwell (Roy Barcroft) extends the Stantons a job offer and tells them that 
he doesn't know the masked man's real name but that "He believes in our country 
as one nation indivisible".

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the entire television episodes synopsis. This season last updated on February 16, 2003.

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