Clayton Moore Memorial

Service on January 16, 2000

in Pictures

Front cover of the Memorial booklet

A page from the memorial booklet showing the speakers

A page from the memorial with a thank you from Dawn Moore

A page from the memorial booklet with the Lone Ranger Creed

The mounted police honor guard

Directional sign for the memorial

Big lobby card of Clayton and Jay

Display with Clayton's hat, gun and holster set and his mask

Closeup of the rock in the display case

Clayton's saddle on top of a Silver look-a-like. The saddle was on loan
by the Wrather Corporation for Clayton's memorial service

Mr. Michael Gerrity with the horse and saddle

Part of the crowd outside the Wells Fargo Theater

My thanks to Joe King for supplying me with the scans of the memorial booklet and my thanks to Tony Montesione for his pictures from the service so that all of us who could not attend the service have a chance to see them. Thanks Marie & Colleen for the two nice pictures.

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