"26 MEN"

in "Shadow of Doubt"

October 14, 1958

"26 MEN" title screen

"Shadow of Doubt" is the name of this episode.

The main star of this series is Tristram Coffin as Captain
Tom Rynning and the co-star was Kelo Henderson
as Clint Travis

This episode is apparently a true story according to this
screen with only the real names of the characters being changed.

The episode opens with a brief
explanation by Capt. Tom Rynning

From l to r: Kelso Henderson as Ranger Travis, Chuck Courtney
as Ranger McDevitt and Denver Pyle as Ranger Haskins.

This story is about Ranger McDevitts passing out when the
stress level builds up. Seems that McDevitt witnessed his
father's death and it has affected him ever since.

A sign showing that we are at the Ranger Headquarters for
the Territory of Arizona. The year of this story is 1905 and
this story begins on September 27th.

McDevitt has turned in his resignation to the Captain and
finally confesses to him as to what his problem is and the
Captain tries to convince him to work through it.

McDevitt has a friend, named Peggy Johnson, who tells him
that she & her family are moving to dangerous territory
near Nogales.

Ranger McDevitt tries to talk Mr. Johnson out of moving to
Nogales but the land has been bought and the family has no
choice but to move.

Ranger McDevitt cautions the Johnson's to be careful as the
Apache Indians are causing problems in the Nogales area.

Army Col. Mitchell meets with Capt. Rynning to inform him
that the Army will not be able to assist him in tracking down
the outlaws selling rifles to the Apache Indians.

During a patrol near Nogales, the Rangers find a wagon of
rifles and then come upon the Johnson family, dead and
the girl, Peggy, missing. Ranger McDevitt is beside
himself with not knowing where Peggy is.

McDevitt temporarily freezes up again but upon hearing
Peggy scream, McDevitt springs in to action, drawing the
attention and gunfire of the Apaches.

Peggy is very upset as she watches Ranger McDevitt wrestle
with her Apache guard in a struggle for a knife.

The Apache Indian manages to fall on his own knife and
McDevitt not only rescues Peggy but has also over-powered
his own fear.

The cast list for "Shadow of Doubt".


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