"Sheep Thieves"

February 9, 1950

The Lone Ranger opening

Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney) is on his way to visit
his uncle, The Lone Ranger.

Another picture of Dan in the stagecoach.

Dan and Carlos Medrano (Jimmy Ogg) have switched
clothes and Dan is lending Carlos his pocket watch
which had been his father's.

Dan is mistakenly kidnapped by two outlaws
who think he is the real Carlos Medrano.

The Lone Ranger & Tonto discover the stage-
coach with the injured Carlos Medrano inside it.

Dan used the fireplace to send out a smoke
signal which is seen by the Lone Ranger & Tonto,
angering the bad guys.

The cabin where Dan Reid is being held captive.

Dan is tied and soon to be joined by Tonto who
was spotted, captured and brought into the cabin.

The six "good guys" are togther at the end of
the episode when Dan is rescued and Carlos was
treated & his life saved.


The final scene of "Sheep Thieves" where the
Lone Ranger & Tonto ride away from the
Medrano ranch.

Partial cast list of episode # 22 "Sheep Thieves"
Notice that Chuck's last name is misspelled.


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