Sunstroke Mesa

March 17, 1955

The opening screen!

Dwayne Hickman is one of the guest stars and his role in this episode is Johnny Barton

Dan and Tonto discussing their separate errands

Dan and Walter Croft are intent upon the 3 robbers who just made their getaway

Johnny has just found out from his Uncle Matt that he will be abandoned as Johnny was wounded and is slowing their getaway

Dan pauses to quench his thirst as he pursues the 3 robbers and in doing so, he spots the abandoned Johnny and gives him aid

Matt Coleman & Vic Murdock return to find that Johnny refuses to allow Dan to be left to die as he was by his uncle and both are tied up and left by Matt & Vic

Dan & Johnny shake hands as this episode ends with the capture of Matt Coleman & Vic Murdock


Writer's credited for this episode

The cast of "Sunstroke Mesa"

"Sunstroke Mesa"

March 17, 1955

Episode # 158

Directed by Oscar Rudolph




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