The Swami

June 9, 1955

The Lone Ranger opening

Lou Krugman plays the part of Swami Yoganto

Dan arrives in town to purchase supplies when he spots an old friend, Barnaby Boggs

Barnaby and Dan discuss Barnaby's latest business venture

Dan meets Swami Yoganto with his crystal ball

Dan is unknowingly hypnotized by the Swami and Dan divulges the location of The Lone Ranger's campsite to the outlaw

The Lone Ranger suspects the Swami of evil-doing after they are attacked and Dan relates a similar story of seeing the Swami, as Hardrock Hazen told, before he was robbed

The Swami, aka Steve Smith, and his henchman, Spike Naylor are talking over the attack at the Lone Ranger's camp in which the outlaw, Dobe, was shot & killed by Spike

The Lone Ranger is disguised in a plot to get evidence from the Swami, with clothing provided by Barnaby Boggs

The Lone Ranger's reaction after the Swami told him of pending good fortune coming his way and after the Swami thought the Ranger was hypnotized or was he?



The Swami is in jail with Spike Naylor and all the stolen property has been returned to the rightful owners

The cast list of episode # 170 "Sunstroke Mesa"


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