Trigger Finger

April 7, 1955

The famous opening screen!

Dan Reid is reading a letter that he has written to Tonto

Dan continues with his letter to Tonto who is off visiting his friend Chief Thundercloud

Dan and Sheriff John Trent discussing the stage robbery

Dan Reid is played by Chuck Courtney

The Lone Ranger has disguised himself as an Easterner to the amusement of his nephew

Sheriff Trent thanks the Lone Ranger & Dan for their help in the robbery

The Lone Ranger & Dan Reid pause to wave a good-bye



Writer's credited for this episode

The cast of "Trigger Finger"

"Trigger Finger"

April 7, 1955

Episode # 161

Written by Lee Berg & Frank Moss and Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald. Based on the radio play by Fran Striker

Directed by William J. Thiele




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