Review by Robert Booth

Just wanted to pass on to all Lone Ranger fans, if you have not ordered or purchased your Lone Ranger dvd's yet, you better get moving, you are missing the opportunity to own the only two full length color features Clayton did as the unforgettable LONE RANGER. I refer to The Lone Ranger and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold. I knew Clayton as The Lone Ranger, and I knew him as Clayton the man so these dvd's were a must. I saw The Lone Ranger when it played in 1956 when I was a teenager. I loved that movie then and I love that movie now, 45 years later. Since I have both dvd's I will cherish them till I die, and since my children also met Clayton, they also have the dvd's and they will be among their most cherished possessions.

The dvd's are remastered and beautiful. I have the MGM vhs copy of The Lone Ranger, and compared to the remastered dvd's by VCI Entertainment, the VHS copy is 3rd rate. Imperfections in the tape from the film have been corrected, color variations visible on the tape are no longer visible on the dvd. The color and clarity are like you were there during filming.

The extra features that VCI added were well worth the extra wait from the original release date back in Dec. The interview with Dawn Moore, (Claytons daughter), was superbly done with Leonard Maltin. She gave a little insight into the man that portrayed the masked hero for 50 years. She tells little stories about her father, on and off the set and how the Lone Ranger character was fun. Hear how Clayton white washed Silver in order to keep with the shooting schedule.

There is also an interview with Michael Ansara ( Angry Horse) and how he and Clayton became friends as neighbors across a lake.

Clayton's induction into the Cowboy Hall of Fame is preceded by Glen Campbell playing The William Tell Overture on of all things, a guitar. Remarkably done with perfection. In another extra, Clayton also accepts induction into the Cowboy Hall of Fame for his faithful indian companion, Tonto, portrayed over the years by none other, than the late Jay Silverheels.

There are also many photos, trailers, and of course The Lone Ranger Creed. If you are a true Clayton Moore, Lone Ranger fan, these dvd's are a must at any cost. If you are not a Lone Ranger fan, once you see these two dvd's, you will be. Don't be sorry later. My congratulations go to the men and women at VCI Entertainment for this beautiful tribute to that man in the mask, CLAYTON MOORE, THE LONE RANGER. Thank you with all my heart.

VCI Entertainment's Lone Ranger CDs are vintage Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels at the top of their game. Besides the two classic Lone Ranger movies re-mastered for this set, the CDs contain many bonus elements including insightful interviews with Dawn Moore and Michael Ansara that alone make these discs well worth owning. Listening to Dawn Moore reminisce with Leonard Maltin about her father's fascinating life was worth the price of the CD's alone, and something that people will want to watch over and over again. No Lone Ranger fan should be without these splendid examples of Clayton Moore's finest work.
--Chuck Campbell, Thousand Oaks, CA

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