The Woman in the White Mask

May 12, 1955

The Lone Ranger & Silver racing up the hill
(and I have added the title)

The Lone Ranger & Dan Reid

Phyllis Coates plays the part of Jane Johnson who is seeking revenge

Dan Reid has found a clue, a broken horseshoe, at the scene of the latest holdup

The Lone Ranger & Dan have followed the robbers tracks to the Johnson ranch and have matched the broken horseshoe to a horse in the corral

Jane Johnson (Phyllis Coates) with her two ranch hands, Dike (Dick Reeves) and Colby (Denver Pyle)

The Lone Ranger & Dan show the broken horseshoe to Jane and her two hands and them them it was found the scene of the robbery

Dan and the Lone Rangerare talking to the mine operator, Jeff Stevens (Peter Johnson) who explains some interesting things to them

Jeff is looking for a man and woman to pay them compensation after their father was killed but has been unable to locate them

Dan & The Lone Ranger discuss the possibility that Jane and her brother, Phil, may be the ones that are due the compensation

The Lone Ranger and Jane are discussing the situation that caused Jane to exact revenge on the mining company

The stolen loot has been returned, Dike & Colby are in jail and Jeff Stevens is willing to give the Johnsons their compensation

The Lone Ranger & Dan Reid wave
goodbye at the end of the episode

The cast list of episode # 166
"The Woman in the White Mask"


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