"Sheriff of Wichita"

with Clayton Moore


Title screen of "Sheriff of Wichita".

Movie credits including Clayton Moore.

Text explaining a bit of the story which
also involves a missing Army payroll.

Raymond d'Arcy (Clayton Moore)
escapes from prison.

Ray d'Arcy sheds his prison uniform for
some civilian clothes.

Deputy Jack Thorpe (House Peters, Jr.), and
Jess Jenkins (Earle Hodgins).

Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller) is a friend of d'Arcy's
and is followed by Deputy Jack Thorpe.

LtoR: Rocky Lane, Deputy Thorpe (House Peters,Jr)
and US Marshal James (Edmund Cobb).

Sam Stark (Roy Barcroft)
is after the missing Army payroll.

Abandoned Fort Borden is the
scene for a lot of the action.

d'Arcy (Clayton) is captured by Rocky Lane at the old fort.

Close-up of Rocky & d'Arcy.

Another close-up of Rocky Lane & d'Arcy.

Neither d'Arcy nor Nugget can believe what they've just heard.

LtoR: Howard Thornton (Gene Roth),
d'Arcy and Nugget Clark at the fort.

LtoR: Nugget, Captain Ira Flanders (Trevor Bardette),
Thornton & d'Arcy at the fort.

Rocky Lane has discovered a new visitor at
fort, Nancy Bishop (Lyn Wilde).

LtoR: Thornton, Rocky,
Nugget and Ray d'Arcy.

Out of the fort looking for the payroll. LtoR:
d'Arcy, Bishop,Nugget and Rocky.

d'Arcy gets some great news near
the end of the movie.

Nugget finds out that he shouldn't have thrown
away the envelope given to him by Rocky.



Clayton plays the part of Raymond d'Arcy a former Army Lieutenant who was convicted of stealing an army payroll,
which he denied. Rocky Lane takes over the search for d'Arcy when Nugget realizes Deputy Thorpe is following him.
This is an involved plot as it seems the army payroll was never located and everyone assumed that d'Arcy hid it and now
that he's escaped, everyone thinks he's going after the loot. The law and the bad guys are all involved in this interesting
plot. What happened to the payroll? Is d'Arcy really innocent? What ever happened to Major Alvin Bishop who completely
vanished after the payroll turned up missing? You'll have to watch it to get the answers!

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