"Highway Patrol"

"Harbor Story"

February 11, 1956

Title screen for "Highway Patrol"

Broderick Crawford as Patrol Chief Mathews
and John Hart as a CHP sergeant

Chief Mathews(Crawford) and the CHP
sergeant (John Hart) go over the map

3 of the 4 bad guys in the Harbor Story

A skin diver witness, Bill Martin, (Stuart Whitman)
should never have turned his back on this bad guy!

The CHP sergeant (John Hart) and Chief
Mathews (Crawford) discuss the next step.

Dan Mathews (Crawford) and CHP sergeant (Hart)
try to figure out where the robbers will head.

CHP sergeant (Hart) and Mathews
discuss the next step.

Dan Mathews gives his usual friendly
bit of advice at the end of the episode.

John's name appears in the ending credits.


John Hart appears as a California Highway Patrol sergeant. This episode concerns a 4 man robbery team.
Three of the men are seen robbing the Crestdale Bank and a bystander shot by one of the robbers as they
leave the scene. The three robbers make their way to the beach, change clothes and pretend to be fishermen.
The await the arrival of a boat to pick them up but a skin diver inadvertently intterupts them and is assaulted
by the same robber who shot the bystander at the bank. They dump the skin diver, Bill Martin, played by Stuart
Whitman, in the water but he is later rescued. Three weeks earlier,the Marble Point bank was robbed and Patrol
Chief Dan Mathews suspects the same gang. Some time later, the Fair Grove Bank is held up and Mathews tracks
them down to another beach. After getting rid of 2 children in the area, Mathews approaches the men and places
them under arrest. Mathews is momentarily involved in a struggle after one of the robbers throws sand in his face.
CHP patrolman Hansen (Guy Williams) is forced to shoot one of the robbers as he is about to shoot Mathews.
John Hart plays the part of a CHP sergeant in the office and is seen in several scenes.


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