"Highway Patrol"


November 7, 1955

Title screen for "Highway Patrol"

ZIV production of the episode "Hitchhiker"

CHP sergeant (John Hart) sitting at the desk

The sergeant (John Hart) takes some information
to Patrol Chief Dan Mathews (Broderick Crawford)

CHP sergeant (John Hart) continues
the case discussion with Mathews

One of several nice close-ups of
John Hart in this episode

John reports additional information
to Chief Mathews (Crawford)

John leaves Mathews as the insurance
man, Mr. Banning (William Hughes)
enters the office

John gives some information to
Chief Mathews (Crawford).

John's name appears in the ending credits.


John Hart appears as a California Highway Patrol sergeant. This episode concerns a man who commits murders
of hitchhikers that he picks up. Chief Dan Mathews (Broderick Crawford) quickly determines the reason is life
insurance fraud. An interesting show and it was nice to see John often in this episode. The "Highway Patrol" series
is currently owned by MGM and it would be nice to see the entire series released in a dvd set soon.


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