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UPDATED on September 1, 2016!

September 01, 2016: "Dawn Moore remembers her father, The Lone Ranger" An interesting You Tube post by Rob Word, "A Word on Entertainment" production: 'THE LONE RANGER was my Father," remembers Dawn Moore A WORD ON WESTERNS

May 15, 2015: "The Lone Ranger Story" The 1955 TV Anniversary Special In 1955, The Lone Ranger, Inc. company produced a 22nd anniversary show titled "The Lone Ranger Story". This was an hour long tv special that answered the questions as to why the Lone Ranger wore a mask; where his horse, Silver, was acquired; how he met Tonto and why the Lone Ranger used silver bullets and where they came from. The tv special was in black & white and was comprised of the first three original tv episodes. The special was apparently broadcast first on February 12, 1955 on CBS and then was repeated the next day on ABC. From what I understand, this tv special was broadcast again in 1958, for the 25th anniversary of The Lone Ranger. I found this 1955 tv special on a dvd titled "The Lone Ranger Double-Barreled Feature", distributed by Legend Films. It is available at various retailers, Ebay and also from Legend Films, Inc. There is a second film on this dvd, "Hi-Yo Silver", the 1940 version, starring Lee Powell. Also, there are some extras on the dvd, including three tv episodes, in which Clayton Moore appeared in, one each of the following shows: Annie Oakley, The Ranger Rider and The Adventures of Kit Carson. A permanent link for a page that I did on this dvd can be found in my Internal Links section on my front page but here is the direct link to the page I did with some screen shots from the special, including the title screen: "The Lone Ranger Story" 1955 TV Special

December 28, 2015: "In Memory" 16 years ago today, on December 28, 1999, Clayton Moore passed away!

November 7, 2015: "The Lone Ranger" (1956) and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" (1958) on GRIT TV! Both of these Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels feature films will be broadcast on GRIT TV in November. Watch them both on Tuesday, November 17th, starting at 2 a.m. (Eastern) and ending at 6 a.m. (Eastern). If you miss this broadcast, you have another chance on seeing both again, on Thanksgiving afternoon, November 26th, starting at 2 p.m. (Eastern) through 6 p.m. (Eastern). "The Lone Ranger" leads off each broadcast.

September 14, 2015: "Clayton's 101st birthday today!" Today would have been Clayton Moore's 101st birthday and he is so very much still missed by his family as well as his many fans!

June 23, 2015: "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981) to be released on Blu-Ray! The Shout Factory! is releasing the 1981 "The Legend of the Lone Ranger", starring Klinton Spilsbury, Jason Robards and Christopher Lloyd, on July 14, 2015. The list price is $19.97 and the pre-order price is $16.97. It will be one dvd with the theatrical trailer as the bonus item and the run time is 100 minutes. You can check it out here: "Shout Factory!"

June 23, 2015: "Hake's Auction #215 with 63 Lone Ranger related items in it" There are a number of Lone Ranger items that might interest fans on the Hake's Auction which opened today and begins closing on July 16, 2015. Check each item to see the actual last time and day to bid. View the items here: "Hake's Auction #215"

February 24, 2015: "Hake's Auction #214 with 40 Lone Ranger related items in it" There are a number of Lone Ranger items that might interest fans on the Hake's Auction which opened today and closes on March 17 - 19th, 2015. Check each item to see the actual last time and day to bid. View the items here: "Hake's Auction #214"

December 13, 2014: "Annie Oakley - The Complete Series" Special Discount Until December 16th, 2014, you can purchase the "Annie Oakley - The Complete Series" on DVD at 40% off the suggested retail price at the VCI Entertainment web site. When checking out, apply the coupon code "40OFF" in the coupon box. You might also qualify for free shipping as well. Please check it out and you can get the details here: "40% OFF Annie Oakley" This set is well done by VCI and I urge you to purchase this set today and take advantage of this great promo discount before it expires! Clayton Moore does appear in one episode of the series and there are many "don't miss" extras included. See the original pilot episode which included Billy Gray from the "Father Knows Best" tv series and much more. See my special page on this series at: Annie Oakley - The Complete Series information page!

October 21, 2014: "Hake's Auction #213 with 39 Lone Ranger related items in it" There are a number of Lone Ranger items that might interest fans on the Hake's Auction which opened today and closes on November 11 - 13th, 2014. Check it out here: "Hake's Auction #213"

October 8, 2014: "Clayton Moore's Lone Ranger Mask on Auction - October 17-20th, 2014" This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a mask that Clayton Moore owned and which is currently owned by his daughter, Dawn Moore. Dawn has decided to put the mask up for auction and you can get the details here: "Mask Auction details here" UPDATE** Oct. 20, 2014 - The mask was not sold!

September 25, 2014: "Dawn Moore interview by Mike Radich" Mike Radich posted an interview that he did with Dawn Moore in celebration of the 100th birthday of her father, Clayton Moore. You can listen to the interview here: "Dawn Moore Interview"

September 17, 2014: "Clayton Moore at 100 on CBS Sunday Morning" "Dawn Moore informed me today that the CBS Sunday Morning show honored Clayton Moore's 100th Birthday on an Almanac episode on September 14th. CBS posted it on You Tube. A very nice tribute to Clayton! You can view it here: "Clayton Moore at 100 on CBS" and then Dawn sent me this link as well: "Dawn Moore remembers her father, Clayton Moore, at 100" **NOTE: The CBS video on You Tube has been replaced with another page but no video: CBS on Clayton's 100th birthday

September 9, 2014: "Ohio State University Marching Band and The Lone Ranger" Yes, there is a connection between the Ohio State marching band and the Lone Ranger, this year. Check out the video and if you want to skip ahead to the 7:55 mark, you will start to see the connection. Or watch from the beginning of the video as this band is very good at their halftime show again this year: "Lone Ranger & Ohio State University"

September 8, 2014: "Clayton Moore at 100 with Frank Thompson" "A panel discussion, recorded on August 31, 2014 at Cinecon, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Clayton Moore. Host Frank Thompson is joined by Dawn Moore, the daughter of Clayton, producer and western authority Rob Word, and actor/comedian/radio personality Jay Thomas who tells his famous story about Clayton Moore which he has told on The David Letterman Show seventeen years in a row." I thought you might enjoy hearing this audio panel discussion. Frank Thompson assisted Clayton Moore in the writing of Clayton's book, "I Was That Masked Man". You can also download this audio recording for later listening. Get the details here : "Clayton Moore at 100 with Frank Thompson"

September 7, 2014: "Warner Bros. Celebrates Clayton Moore's Centennial" Just received this from Dawn Moore. In the Warner Bros. archives lives a Lone Ranger costume which has rarely seen the light of day. In honor of my father's birthday (September 14), they are taking it out of mothballs and propping it up on display for my appearance this coming Wednesday, September 10th at 6:00 p.m. I would love to see some friendly faces!! Ok, the dealio is NO Reservations and ONLY First Come/First Serve seating Ė the joint is small so get there early to be sure to get IN!! See my following page link for the details: "Clayton Moore Centennial"

August 28, 2014: "More on the Annie Oakley - The Complete TV series" VCI Entertainment has added some special short videos regarding the upcoming release of the Annie Oakley TV series. I have links to them on my Annie TV page. Clayton Moore was in one episode of Annie Oakley and I am looking at viewing a clean copy of the episode especially. The links to the videos and a link to the VCI Entertainment web site can be found near the bottom of that page: "Annie Oakley - The Complete TV series"

August 22, 2014: "VOTE for Cowboy of the Month - The Lone Ranger by August 31" The Lone Ranger Fan Club would like you to vote, daily, until the 31st of August at the Starline Brass Company Facebook page and make The Lone Ranger the Cowboy of the Month for August. There is no cost and no need to sign up. As I write this, The Lone Ranger is 32 votes behind the current leader so please vote today and once a day. You will see a white box that says Vote and you click on it and it will take you to the page where the various pictures are. The Lone Ranger is a look-a-like and you simply click on the Vote box in the photo: "VOTE for The Lone Ranger"

August 9, 2014: "75th Anniversary Collectors Edition of The Lone Ranger TV Show" Yes, this DVD set was originally released in 2011, and is still available. Check out the price of this 13 disc set, of seasons 1 & 2 for $11.69 at Wal Mart. Besides the tv episodes of seasons 1 & 2, the set includes Limited Edition Collectibles including Reproduction Trading Cards, "Victory Corps" Membership Kit and "Safety Club" Membership Request Card; 88-page Commemorative Book; Complete Episode Guide; Rare Comic Book & Photo Reprints; 3 Episodes From the 1960s Cartoon; Classic "Lassie" Episode featuring the Lone Ranger; Original Radio Broadcast from 1950. Check it out at: "The Lone Ranger 75th Anniv. Set"

July 31, 2014: "Annie Oakley - The Complete TV series is coming this Fall thanks to VCI Entertainment" Coming soon, Annie Oakley, the complete television show series. From the makers of the beautifully done 2 disc Special Edition sets of The Lone Ranger and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold, VCI Entertainment has put together a remastered, complete series of all 81 episodes of Annie Oakley, starring Gail Davis. With the help of Gail's daughter, Terrie, this should be an unforgettable package with lots of extras. Clayton Moore appeared in one episode of Annie Oakley titled "Annie Gets Her Man". For more information please see my new web page, including the release date of this coming release: "Annie Oakley - TV series is Coming in the Fall 2014!"

July 11, 2014: "Update on Jim Hollaert" I received the following message from Jim and he asked that I share it for his friends: "It has been hell the last few weeks. Iíve been in and out of the hospital, my Blood Platelets keep dropping and I have to go in for transfusions. I was supposed to start my 2nd round of chemo on Monday but wound up back here, I am still in the hospital with no release date in site, I donít think this treatment is doing much. Iím pretty sure the end is in sight for this old cowboy. Feel good one day and awful the next. Iím trying to hang in there but it is getting harder to fight when I canít go home. This is getting hard on Maxine but she wonít say so. Iíd like you to post the above so I donít have to type it to everyone I want to respond too." Please keep Jim and Maxine in your prayers!

June 24, 2014: "Vote for The Lone Ranger as TV Guide's "Favorite Male Action Hero" I don't know how long this vote is lasting but on this day, you can vote for The Lone Ranger as your favorite male action hero. The other are two choices are B.A. Baracus (The A-Team) or The Arrow (Arrow). Vote while you can. This is the last match-up of the first round: "TV Guide Facebook page"

June 24, 2014: "Hake's Auction # 212 Now Open for bids on Lone Ranger & Clayton Moore items" There are some nice and a couple of rare Lone Ranger items up for bid at the Hake's Auction web site. The auction closes for these items on July 17th: "Hake's Auction # 212" Be sure to search the words "Clayton Moore" to get all of those items too.

June 20, 2014: "Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger items up for auction" A&S Auction Company, Waco, Texas, has some Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger items up for auction on July 12, 2014. On their web site, they write: "We are proud to be offering at public auction the Lone Ranger outfit made for Clayton Moore (Lone Ranger) by Colt, Bohlin, & Nudie!". The lot numbers for the items are: 101, 102, 103 and 105B. Excellent photos of the items along with a description for each lot are on the web site. "A&S Auction Co" - Click on the CURRENT AUCTION - July 12, 2014 See more information button

June 13, 2014: "The Hawk of Wild River" I added a few screen captures from this 1952 movie release which had Clayton Moore playing the part of bad man, The Hawk: "The Hawk of Wild River" This is a Durango Kid movie and the movie was released last month by Sony.

June 11, 2014: "Seriously Ill - Jim Hollaert" Jim is a big Clayton Moore and Lone Ranger fan and a good friend of mine. I learned tonight that Jim was diagnosed with AML Leukemia today. It is a very fast moving and agressive cancer and it may or may not go into remission with treatment. Jim will be starting chemo treatments in the next day or two with the first round scheduled to last for 4 months. Jim would welcome extra prayers for the coming days, weeks and months and hopefully they will bring him success with the chemo treatments. Jim told me that he has his computer close at hand and he would be happy to hear from his fellow Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger fans. Please send me your messages of encouragement and I will pass them on to Jim. Email your messages to:

April 29, 2014: "Buffalo Bill Center of the West Acquires Lone Rangerís Pistol" The Buffalo Bill Center of the West has acquired a revolver that belonged to the late actor, John Hart. It's currently on display in the Centerís Cody Firearms Museum. An article about this acquisition appeared in my local evening paper tonight. You can get more information at the museum web site: "Buffalo Bill Center of the West"

April 29, 2014: "Who Was That Masked Man? The Story of the Lone Ranger by David Rothel has been released! Yes, the book is available again with updated and revised material. Thanks to Boyd Magers of "Western Clippings" for the heads-up on this. You can purchase it direct from the Lone Pine Museum and check out the material here: "Who Was That Masked Man"

April 29, 2014: "The Hawk of Wild River" is being released on May 6, 21014! A rare feature film, "The Hawk of Wild River", starring Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid, is being released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Clayton Moore appears as The Hawk in this movie which I have never seen myself. Check your favorite dvd retailer to pre-order/order this movie which is being released on May 6th. Thanks to Boyd Magers of "Western Clippings" for the heads-up on this bit of great news. NOTE** June 11, 2014 - The Encore Westerns channel recently ran the movie and additional showings are scheduled as follows: Tuesday, June 24th at 9:40 A.M. (EDT); Wednesday, June 25th at 5:25 A.M. (EDT); Sunday, June 29th at 7:25 A.M. (EDT) and again at 2:35 P.M. (EDT) and Saturday, August 2nd at 5:35 A.M. (EDT). There might be additional broadcasts but this is all that I have at this point.

February 25, 2014: "Annie Oakley TV series" If you have any interest in acquiring the complete Annie Oakley tv series, starring Gail Davis, please make VCI Entertainment aware. They are trying to determine the demand for the complete series on DVD. A few years ago, VCI did a wonderful release of the two Lone Ranger movies from 1956 & 1958, starring Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels. They have a great reputation for doing quality work on the dvds that they release for sale. Tell them what you would like to see for extras to be included with a set also. Photos, episode guide, filming bloopers and biographies of the stars would be some of my requests. Clayton Moore appeared in one of the 81 episodes of "Annie Oakley". You can reach them at their web site: "VCI Entertainment"

February 25, 2014: "Article on the Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger guns in "Guns of the Old West" magazine" In the Spring 2014 issue of "Guns of the Old West" magazine, is an article about various TV cowboy shows and the guns that the stars used, including Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger. A Wal Mart store near me has this issue in their magazine rack but check your favorite magazine seller.

February 25, 2014: "Hake's Auction # 211 Now Open" Hake's Auction # 211 has just opened for bids and there are 18 Lone Ranger items up for bids. One item of interest is "LONE RANGER CLAYTON MOORE'S PERSONALLY OWNED & WORN HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME STAR PIN". Starting bid for that item is $750.00. Other items include a number of rings. See the items here: "Hake's Auction # 211"

September 9, 2013: "Article on the Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger holsters in "Guns of the Old West" magazine" In the Fall 2013 issue of "Guns of the Old West" magazine, is a several page article titled "ALFONSOíS OF HOLLYWOOD Ė HOLSTERS OF THE HEROES" by Bob Arganbright. The cover has a small photo of Clayton in the upper right hand corner. A Wal Mart near me carries this issue in their magazine rack but check your favorite magazine seller. Here is their web site with a couple of the first paragraphs of the article in this issue. You can pick up the issue to finish the remainder of the article: "Guns of the Old West - Fall 2013"

August 18, 2013: "movie film/video of Clayton Moore & Silver" A short silent movie film/video of Clayton Moore & Silver is on You Tube with the added soundtrack of the Lone Ranger theme music. Only 2 minutes and 30 seconds long but still a chance to see the "real" Lone Ranger from 1965. My thanks to the poster of the film/video: "Clayton from 1965 appearance"

August 1, 2013: "Interesting magazine for Lone Ranger and TV Cowboy fans" There is a new "bookazine" that Clayton Moore fan, Bob Booth, found and directed me to find as well. This book-magazine is copyright of Event Bookazine/Hudson Publications, Lincroft, NJ, 2013. Its a 128 page publication in color and black & white with lots of photos and articles. On this issue cover is a standard but very nice color photo of Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels as The Lone Ranger & Tonto. A nice photo of Clayton on page 28, an ad for the newest Lone Ranger movie and photos and articles on a lot of tv cowboy shows. Some of the shows include "The Rifleman", "Wanted: Dead or Alive", "Cheyenne", "Sky King", "The Gene Autry Show", "The Roy Rogers Show", and others. Bob found a copy at a K-Mart magazine rack and I found a copy on a Wal Mart magazine rack for $9.99. Amazon has them available and I'm sure that you can find a copy somewhere, if you are interested. I'll include a link to the Amazon site so you can see the cover. "Event Bookazine - The Lone Ranger and All The Favorite Television Cowboy Heroes"

July 3, 2013: "Lone Ranger movie collectibles available at the Disney Store" For those who are looking for the new movie collectible items, you might want to check out the Disney Store. Items included are a badge pin set, T-shirs, Lego collector sets, action figures, mugs, pen set, etc.: "Lone Ranger/Disney Store" Thanks Bill!

July 1, 2013: "Hake's Auction # 209 now open" Hake's Auction # 209 opened today for bidding and it includes 38 Lone Ranger related items. Some interesting items to view. "Hake's Aucton # 209"

June 30, 2013: "Lone Ranger theme music paired with the new movie trailer" Thanks to Bob Booth for sending this link to You Tube with scenes from the new Lone Ranger movie with the Lone Ranger theme music attached. Not sure who did this but something interesting to watch and listen to: "Lone Ranger trailer with music" Thanks Bob!

June 22, 2013: "Lone Ranger movie videos on" Here are some Lone Ranger videos that you may want to watch. A couple of them have aired recently on the Encore Westerns channel! "Lone Ranger videos on Disney" You can scroll down during the advertisement to see your choice of videos to watch!

June 22, 2013: "Get a Lone Ranger Boot at 2 Disney Parks"! Posted by Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Food Writer: "A root beer slush in a cool Lone Ranger souvenir boot is just a little reminder of the July 3 premiere of Walt Disney Picturesí ďThe Lone RangerĒ American action-adventure western comedy film. Found only at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom Park for $8.99 (3.99 without the souvenir boot). However, if you are visiting Disneyland park, be sure to visit the Golden Horseshoe for a Root Beer Float in the Lone Ranger souvenir boot starting tomorrow. (June 22nd)" "Souvenir Lone Ranger Boot drink cup" Thanks to Bill Jensen for sending me this news!

June 22, 2013: "Lone Ranger episodes on ME TV on June 30, 2013" ME TV is broadcasting 8 episodes of The Lone Ranger tv show on Sunday, June 30th , starting at 2 p.m. Central time. The episodes are: "Enter the Lone Ranger", "A Matter of Courage", "Damsels in Distress", "The Beeler Gang", "The Whimsical Bandit", "Dead Man's Chest", "Drink Of Water", and "Desert Adventure". Thanks to Bob Booth for letting me know about the broadcast of these episodes!

June 19, 2013: "Dawn Moore on Leonard Maltin's Blog! Be sure to catch Dawn Moore in Leonard Maltin's Blog, regarding the auction on June 22nd. Also click on a couple of links, one regarding Dawn's current business venture and another piece that she wrote regarding Jay Silverheels, a couple of years ago. There are nice photos of Dawn and her father on Leonard's blog too: "Leonard Maltin's Blog with Dawn Moore" Thanks for sending me the link Dawn!

April 9, 2013: "Three Original Lone Ranger Costumes for Sale at Denver Auction" Dawn Moore has informed me that THREE Lone Ranger outfits from her father's collection and other items, will be up for auction on the Brian Lebelís 24th Annual Old West Auction, June 22, 2013. You can view a PDF of the press release here: "Brian Lebelís 24th Annual Old West Auction" Thanks for the information Dawn!

February 13, 2013: "Lone Ranger in Legos in April 2013! The Lone Ranger, based on the upcoming movie, will be available in several Legos collector sets. You can see images of them at the following web site: "Legos gives you The Lone Ranger in April, 2013" and a You Tube video can be seen here: "Legos and The Lone Ranger on You Tube"

August 1, 2012: "Armie Hammer with tidbits about the Lone Ranger" movie! Steven Jorgenson told me about a short video of Armie Hammer in an interview on Access Hollywood, which you can watch on There is a short ad before the 2:58 minute video plays. You can watch that interview here: "Armie Hammer on the new Lone Ranger movie" Thanks for the information Steven!

August 1, 2012: "Classic Media to be acquired by DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.! Thanks to Heyward W. Watford, III for information regarding an agreement for the acuisition of Classic media by DreanWorks Animation. This would also include The Lone Ranger. You can read the press release here, on the web site: "DreamWorks Animation to Acquire Classic Media'"

July 19, 2012: "Lone Ranger" movie trailer! Apparently a short movie trailer for the new Lone Ranger movie was shown at the recent Comic-Con convention in San Diego, CA. The L.A. Times reports: "The footage was more a glimpse into the world and look of the film than a plot summary. It focused on a speeding locomotive hurtling down a track through an arid landscape of the Old West. Viewers got to see Depp and Hammer in costume. The two ride together on horseback, and at another point Depp appears to be hanging on the underbelly of the train. (Disney said it would not immediately make the trailer available online.)" You can currently read the entire article here: "Lone Ranger movie trailer - not yet released to the public"

July 3, 2012: "Hake's Auction # 206 now OPEN for Bidding!Bidding is now open for Hake's Auction # 206. There are a number of Lone Ranger items available, including a complete Super 8mm sound movie set of "The Lone Ranger". Take a look at the items here: "Hake's Auction # 206 - Lone Ranger'"

June 16, 2012: "Lone Ranger" movie over budget and Behind Schedule-Again!!Its not really a surprise, but the new Lone Ranger movie is way behind schedule and back at its $250 million previously unacceptable budget. Take a look here: "Lone Ranger movie in the Hollywood Reporter"

June 16, 2012: "Lone Ranger Chronicles" Tim Lasiuta sent me a link to "THE FIRST EVER COLLECTION of NEW Lone Ranger prose stories!", "Lone Ranger Chronicles". Available in soft cover or hard cover and stories written by 15 authors. You might be interested also in a new novel titled "THE LONE RANGER: Vendetta" by Howard Hpkins. These books are available on the web site and can be seen here: "Lone Ranger Chronicles'" **NOTE: Steve Jorgenson informed me that the introduction in "Lone Ranger Chronicles" was written by Dawn Moore, Clayton's daughter!

May 13, 2012: Old Lone Ranger newspaper comic strips online!Lone Ranger fan Steve Jorgenson passed along a web site where fans can view some of the old newspaper Lone Ranger comic strips. Sign up with your name and email address and you can view a number of the old strips, some in color from 1938 through 1949. Take a look here: "Lone Ranger newspaper comic strips"

May 3, 2012: Jack White to Score 'The Lone Ranger' Al Dittrich sent me the following links regarding the music for the new Lone Ranger movie. You can view the links here: "White to Score 'The Lone Ranger'" and this one for a little different take on the same theme: "Jack White's 'Lone Ranger' Score " . (Hey, I just report this stuff and it doesn't mean I like any of it). Thanks for the information Al!

April 28, 2012: Johnny Depp reveals origins of Tonto makeup from 'The Lone Ranger'!This comes from the "Entertainment Weekly" web site: "EXCLUSIVE by Anthony Breznican"

April 16, 2012: "Johnny Depp meets visitors on the set of the "Lone Ranger" movie" Leo Pando sent me a photo of Johnny Depp meeting Navajo President Ben Shelly and Gayle Dineí Chacon, Surgeon General of the Navajo Nation, on the new movie set. I found a link that shows two photos. You can view that link here: "Johnny Depp meets visitors on the movie set" . I had trouble getting the link to load but eventually, it did load, so be patient.

March 27, 2012: "The Lone Ranger" (1956) movie on Turner Classic Movies channel!Although its not 100% certain to be there in 2 months, "The Lone Ranger" (1956) movie with Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels, is currently on the TCM channel advance schedule for broadcast on June 2nd at 3:30 p.m. (CDT)/ 4:30 p.m. (EDT).

March 7, 2012: "Photo of Johnny Depp as Tonto" Al Dittrich sent me a link to a photo of what Disney apparently is what the "new" Tonto is going to look like. You also get a look at the "new" Lone Ranger in his outfit. How sad is this movie going to be!!!! "See what the Disney Lone Ranger and Tonto look like"

March 2, 2012: "Hake's Auction selling the 1933 radio script of the pilot episode and more":Hake's Auction # 205 is now open for bids. A big item is "THE LONE RANGER" HISTORIC SCRIPT FOR VERY FIRST PILOT EPISODE OF RADIO SHOW". The starting bid is $2,000. Check it out, along with other Lone Ranger items at; Hake's Auction # 205 - Lone Ranger items

March 2, 2012: "Two new cars for the Lionel Lone Ranger train set!" I just looked at the 2012 Lionel catalog and they are adding two new cars you can add to your "The Lone Ranger Wild West Set". Yes, you can still order the original set as well. The two new cars that are available for separate purchase are: The Lone Ranger Boxcar for $59.99 and The Lone Ranger Gondola with Gunpowder Vats for $64.99. The train set as well as the 2 new cars are on pages 38 & 39 of the new catalog. "Two new cars for the Lionel Lone Ranger train set"

February 24, 2012: "Texas Co-op Power magazine article":Thanks to Clay Chenault for passing along a link to an article from Texas Co-op Power, the March 2012 issue, regarding the Lone Ranger. The article was submitted to Texas Co-op Power by Martha Deeringer. Texas Co-op Power

February 10, 2012: "Flyover of the Lone Ranger movie set" Thanks to Chuck Hornung for alerting me that this footage is avaialble from channel 13, KRQE, in New Mexico: "Lone Ranger movie set?" The New Mexico State Film Office will neither confirm or deny that this is the Lone Ranger set.

November 13, 2011: "New Lone Ranger comic book writer interview":Thanks to Rick Bulger for passing along a link to an interview with the writer of the Lone Ranger comic book. The new comic book series will be released, starting in January, 2012. Ande Parks Interview at Comic Book Resources

October 28, 2011: "Dynamite Entertainment is coming out with a new Lone Ranger Comic Book series" According to SCOOP, a new, ongoing Lone Ranger is set to debut in January 2012. See what SCOOP says about it here: "Dynamite - Lone Ranger Comic Book" Unfortunately, I think it will be very similar to the first series by Dynamite which I disliked immensely. Here's the information direct from Dynamite: "Dynamite - Lone Ranger Comic Book returns"

October 8, 2011: "Dawn Moore writes about Jay Silverheels and Kemo Sabe":Dawn wrote a very interesting article about Jay Silverheels and her father, Clayton Moore for the Huff Post Entertainemnt web site on October 7, 2011. Be sure to read it here: Dawn about Jay Silverheels in Huff Post Entertainment and then read more from Dawn in a blog with some great photos here! Dawn Moore on Jay Silverheels . Thanks Dawn, for the information and the great article!

September 27, 2011: "The Lone Ranger movie might still be alive afterall" Thanks to Rick Bulger for passing along the latest regarding the Lone Ranger movie saga. Apparently, the budget concerns have been answered and an announcement is expected this week to officially tell us the movie is on again. Unfortunately, the stars and the storyline are going to be the same. You can read some of the details here: "Lone Ranger movie might be back on again!" (*Note, you can continue to vote on the news item directly below and I urge you to vote for # 33, The opening for The Lone Ranger tv show!)

September 4, 2011: "VOTE for "The Lone Ranger" as having the best 1950s prime-time TV opening sequence ": Just in from the pen of Dawn Moore: "What 1950s prime-time TV opening sequence was the best? With those stirring first notes of the William Tell Overture and the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver, of course it's THE LONE RANGER!! The show first aired the day after my father's 35th birthday September 15, 1949, so consider this a little birthday nod, andÖVOTE! (it's #33)" : "VOTE for # 33, that The Lone Ranger had the best 1950's - 60's TV opening!" by clicking on this line. Click on # 33 to see and hear the opening and then scroll down an inch or so to vote . Dawn would appreciate many votes for The Lone Ranger. (At the Los Angeles Times Magazine web site)

September 4, 2011: "Don Diamond Died" After reading my latest copy of Western Clippings today, I saw their report that Don Diamond died on June 19, 2011. Don played the character "Pedro Martinez" in episode # 7, titled "Pete and Pedro" of The Lone Ranger. That episode was first broadcast on October 27, 1949. Don's appearance on The Lone Ranger was his first acting gig. You can see Don's obituary at the "Variety" web site here: "Don Diamond Dies at 90" Belated sympathy to Don's family and friends.

September 4, 2011: "The Lone Ranger" movie, Dead? or maybe its not! " From Al Dittrich comes a web news page that maybe, the Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp isn't 100% dead yet. A second link linkfrom Variety at least has a nice photo of Clayton Moore and Silver as they mention the not quite dead movie. Check them both out but I think if the movie is made, the photo of Clayton and Silver will be the closest we'll get to seeing anything decent. The links can be found here: "Huffington Post and the LR movie news" and the second link is here: : "Variety ShowBlitz and the LR movie news" . Thanks for the update Al!.

August 18, 2011: "WHOOPS! The Lone Ranger movie is Cancelled!": Thanks to Bob Booth for the following information regarding the cancellation of the movie that was to star Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer: "The Lone Ranger movie has been cancelled!"

August 11, 2011: "The Lone Ranger" first movie set being built in New Mexico! " From The Lone Ranger Fan Club comes the news that construction work has begun on the first movie set for the new Lone Ranger movie. The Fan Club has provided a link where you can see the set and some details. The first filming is scheduled for October and will include filming location in three locations in Grant County, New Mexico and some filming in Texas. here: "New Mexico Filming" The Lone Ranger Fan Club is also supplying a link to an Open Casting Call for the "Lone Ranger" movie, which will be in Silver City, New Mexico on Sunday, August 21st. Go to the link for additional information if you are interested in the open casting call for movie extras: "Lone Ranger open casting call for movie extras" Thanks to the Lone Ranger Fan Club for the new information.

June 1, 2011: "Hake's Auction # 203": Hake's Auction # 203 has opened for bidding. There are 41 associated Lone Ranger items listed that might interest Lone Ranger fans. The auction begins closing out on June 21st. Check it out here: "Hake's Auction # 203"

May 17, 2011: "The Lone Ranger to be played in the movie by...! " Well, according to the Cowboys & Indians blog site, as of today, May 17, 2011, its going to be Arnie Hammer. Read it at the Cowboys & Indians blog site here: "Johnny Depp's Tonto has found his Kemo Sabe" And the movie could be released as early as Fall 2012!

May 17, 2011: "Tonto in Cowboys & Indians magazine": Joe Southern wants us to know that the current issue of Cowboys & Indians "lists Tonto as one of the best movie Indians and also has a nice interview with Michael Horse." Its on newsstands now! Thanks for the information Joe.

April 29, 2011: "Retro Television Network is now Me-TV! "Correction" - Me-TV has replaced the tv network formerly known at RTV in my area and they have also included a new program line-up. Several old tv westerns will be available but, unfortunately, not The Lone Ranger or at least not yet anyway. There will be some shows that the central stars of The Lone Ranger appeared in and I will try to include all of those on my TV Schedule page. The western tv shows being broadcast will include: Marshall Dillon, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Rawhide, Branded, The Guns of Will Sonnet, Bonanza, The Wild Wild West and Stagecoach West. Other shows that will be broadcast, in which Clayton, Jay, Chuck or John appeared in will be: Perry Mason, I Love Lucy, Cannon, Rawhide, 12 O'Clock High, Branded, The Wild Wild West, Get Smart, The Brady Bunch and Happy Days. There are quite a few additional shows that will be broadcast as well. ME-TV only gives an advance schedule of about 2 weeks so I will have to add updates to the TV Schedule page to keep it current as possible.

April 25, 2011: "The Lone Ranger Compilation DVD set": I have been informed that the included 10 episodes on the Lone Ranger Compilation DVD set are: The Fugitive, The Law Lady, Wanted: The Lone Ranger, The Swami, One Nation Indivisible, The Wooden Rifle, The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan, Twisted Track, Outlaw Masquerade and Journey to San Carlos. I haven't seen the DVD set myself and have no plans to purchase it and am relying on the what an Ebay seller has told me. This set was released by Vivendi Entertainment on April 19th.

April 6, 2011: "The Lone Ranger - 75th Anniversary dvd set for $19.96" at! Are you still on the fence and waiting for a good price on The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary dvd set? You might consider it now at $19.96 and you might also get free shipping to the Wal Mart store nearest to you for pickup. Still no word on the 10 episode titles in the Lone Ranger Compilation dvd due for release on April 19th. Here's the link to Wal Mart: "The Lone Ranger - 75th Anniversary DVD set"

March 31, 2011: "The Lone Ranger Fan Club website is now at it's new location": Just in from the Lone Ranger Fan Club:"Update to all Lone Ranger Fan Club Members - As of last night, 3-30-2011, The Lone Ranger Fan Club website is now at it's new location with our server. Today is our so to speak testing day to see if there are any major problems during the move to it's new home. You will see some minor changes. Now that we have it at our location and control we will begin with the redesigning and additions over the next 7 months." Check it out here: "TLRFC website" Don't forget to check out the membership page if you want to renew your membership or become a new member. For the year 2011, membership free, with a minimal charge beginning on 1 January 2012.

March 5, 2011: "The Lone Ranger - 75th Anniversary dvd set for $25.29"! Still on the fence and waiting for a good price on The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary dvd set? You might consider it now at $25.29 and you can get free shipping at as well. The previous price at Deep Discount was $31.09, about a month ago and at Wal Mart online the price is $26.94 plus tax and you might be able to have it shipped for free to your nearest Wal Mart store for pickup.

March 3, 2011: Playset Magazine issue # 55: For those who like to collect various magazines with stories and/or photos of Clayton Moore or The Lone Ranger, you might want to check out issue # 55 of Playset Magazine. This is the January-February - 2011 issue and it is still available for purchase on the Playset web site for $8.50 plus $1.75 for shipping and handling (in the US). Canada and overseas can also order it. Get the details here: Playset Magazine # 55" . **ALSO, note that the current issue, # 56 apparently has a a related article in regards to the Lone Ranger titled "LONE RANGER REVISITED". You can get details on issue # 56 here: Playset Magazine # 56" .

February 22, 2011: "ATTENTION: Lone Ranger Fan Club members and potential new members"! The new owner, Tex Holland, of the Lone Ranger Fan Club is making some big changes since taking it over this month. I urge all members and potential new members to click on the web site and see what everyone needs to do to retain their membership or to become a member for the first time. The first year, 2011, will be "free" and you need to let them know that you want to be on their mailing list and a member. It appears that the "Silver Bullet" newsletter will be delivered via email, saving on postage costs and in a much lower membership fee. Current members will be able to renew for $6/year and new members will pay membership dues of $7/year membership in January, 2012. The first issue of the new "Silver Bullet" newsletter will have additional details, so make sure you sign up and givem them your contact information and to get on the emailing list. The old LRFC web site is being merged to a new web site as well. Sign up for a membership or membership renewal here: "The NEW Lone Ranger Fan Club" Here is the old fan club web site: "Old Lone Ranger fan club"

February 2, 2011: Regarding the News item from January 12, 2011, More Lone Ranger on DVD: The DVDs are being released by Vivendi Entertainment which acquired the distribution rights of titles held by Genius Products, Inc., about 18 months ago. They now show the cover artwork for the compilation DVD as well as the cover artwork for the 1956 & 1958 movies DVD on the web site. The compilation DVD advertises "10 Legendary episodes" on the DVD cover but I have not yet found the titles that will be included. At least they show a photo of Clayton and Jay on the compilation DVD but strangely, they were not included on the movies DVD cover. Both have the release date of April 19, 2011. Check out the artwork and other details at Amazon here: "Lone Ranger 10 episode Compilation DVD" and "Lone Ranger 1956 & 1958 movies DVD" Both products distributed by Vivendi Entertainment!

January 26, 2011: "Get the Classic Media "The Lone Ranger" first 2 seasons set for $34.93 or $31.09": If you're still waiting to buy the Classic Media release of seasons 1 & 2 of "The Lone Ranger", you might check out today's price for the set at Its the lowest price that I've seen yet for this set at Amazon. Take a look at: "Classic Media - The Lone Ranger set" BUT, I just found it at for $31.09 and a choice of free shipping for the same set. You can view it at the following web site but when you search for it, put in the exact following code to easily find it: Lone Ranger (75th Ae/ce) "Deep Discount - The Lone Ranger set"

January 22, 2011: "GREAT NEWS: All 39 episodes of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" with John Hart are being released on DVD: Tom Dischley informed me tonight that all 39 episodes of "Hawkeye asnd the Last of the Mohicans" are being released in a 5 disc set on January 31, 2011. Now the bad news, its being released in England and will be Region 2 dvds, so North America and other regions that are not Region 2 will be out of luck. Unless, of course, you have a multi-region DVD player. I'm not familiar with the releasing company which appears to be called Network DVD. If anyone buys this set, feel free to get in touch with me and give me a review of the set. I'll give you the web site that I found for this company and for the Hawkeye set that will be in stock on January 31, 2011: "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans for £40.84" Thanks for alerting me Tom.! By the way, my currency converter puts this set at about $65 in US dollars.

January 13, 2011: "Who won the Happy Trails Children's Foundation drawing for the Clayton Moore Tribute gunrig, spurs & mask?": The winner was Tom Bayliss of North Carolina. You can read all about it at the Happy Trails Children's Foundation web site and find out what the prize will be in the next drawing in 2011. It will be a tribute to Roy Rogers. "The Silver Screen Legend winner is..."

January 12, 2011: "Hakes Auction # 202" You have about 21 days or so to check out a variety of Lone Ranger items up for auction at the Hake's web site. One item is a poster from 1941 with a contest to name Silver's son and win the colt or $1,000 in cash. Another item is a contract with Douglas Kennedy to appear in the movie "The Lone Ranger and the Lake of Fire" (later renamed "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold"). There's also a plastic gym bag from the 1950s. After you looked at the Lone Ranger items you might want to search for additional items for your other favorite cowboy heroes, such as Roy Rogers, Gail Davis, Sky King, etc. The auction begins to close on February 1st. Check out the auction at Hake's here: "Hake's Auction # 202"

January 12, 2011: "More Lone Ranger on DVD": Thanks to Tony G. for alerting me to this bit of news! On April 19, 2011, two new dvds will be released by Classic Media. The first DVD is a 10 episode compilation DVD but the episode titles aren't yet available and I'm not sure what the purpose of it is, especially if they are episodes from seasons one or two. Also on April 19th, Classic Media is releasing a second DVD and this will contain both Lone Ranger movies with Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels. These are of course titled "The Lone Ranger" (1956) and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" (1958). No details yet on the format of the movies, extras, etc. if any. As of this date, there is no artwork shown for either DVD but both are available for pre-order at Each DVD is available at the pre-order price of $7.93. Once more information is gathered, I'll add it to this page. Here's the links to both DVDs, although there really isn't enough information yet for anyone to purchase these, almost sight unseen. "Lone Ranger 10 episode Compilation DVD" and "Lone Ranger 1956 & 1958 movies DVD" This information has come from a variety of sources. Purchase only after you are satisfied as to what you will actually be receiving. More information should become available as we get nearer the release date.


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  • Clayton Moore died on December 28, 1999

  • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver

  • Clayton's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6914 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Jay Silverheels died on March 5, 1980

  • Tonto's horse was named Scout

  • Jay's star for Television, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located at 6538 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Chuck Courtney died on January 19, 2000

  • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

  • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version. Clayton also defines it as meaning "faithful friend"

  • Clayton Moore's autobiography was published in the Fall of 1996 and copies are available from your favorite bookstore, in hardback or paperback

  • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

  • The two Lone Ranger feature movies by Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels were: "The Lone Ranger" 1956 and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" 1958

  • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed

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