"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin"

1954-59 television series

John Hart in "The Outcast of Fort Apache"

Originally broadcast on December 10, 1954

The opening screen for
"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin".

John Hart is on the left in this screen shot and
he plays the bad guy named Maley.

Sgt. O'Hara, left, Lt. Sharp, center and Lt.
Masters, right, are talking about the problem in town.

This screen shot shows that the action is taking
place in the town of Salt River.

Maley (John Hart) pulls a gun on Lt. Sharp
(played by Richard Emory).

Lt. Masters is ordered to kill Rinty as a tied
up Lt. Sharp is watched by Maley (John Hart).

John Hart is on the left and Sheb Wooley is on
the right as they watch at Masters is to kill Rinty.

Harry Lauter, on the left, talks to Masters after
Rinty runs away, after Masters orders him to run.

Maley is in the middle of this screen shot.

Maley holds a gun on Lt. Rip Masters (James Brown).

Maley gets shot as he exits the building.

The Fort Apache stars discuss the aftermath.

Ending credits include Richard Emory as Lt.
Sharp and John Hart as Maley.

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