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Robert Arthur, boy actor, a.k.a. Robert Arthaud


Robert Arthur appeared in three episodes of The Lone Ranger show between 1950 and 1952 with one episode with Clayton Moore and two episodes with John Hart as The Lone Ranger. I recently estbalished contact with Mr. Arthur and he supplied me with some interesting bits of information on his experience on The Lone Ranger show. Robert wrote the following about his experiences:


"Thank you for contacting me about "The Lone Ranger". I remember making several episodes of the TV series, but I never knew the titles of them or how to research them."


"I believe that we made them at The Corriganville Ranch out in Chatsworth. Clayton Moore was a nice gentleman and so was Jay Silverheels, I wore the same cowboy outfit in each of them. They wanted it dirty and used-looking. You could stand it up by itself in the corner and put it on the next day as is. One time in the summer, it was over a hundred degrees out there. With reflectors shining the sun in your face and the cowboy outfit on, the horses and we were broiled. My poor horse, saddled and under me, coughed and collapsed. I was afraid it was dead but they revived it and we went on shooting."


"Another time, it rained so hard in Beverly Glen Canyon where I lived, (Beverly Glen Canyon became a river) I called a friend of mine and asked if I could spend the night at his apartment in town. He said sure, that I could have the guest room and bath. We shot long hours and did an episode every few days, so when I got to his apartment, I took off the outfit, stood it in the corner, and went into a deep sleep. Just before going to sleep, I put my special diet breakfast in his refrigerator and called my answering service to wake me at five in the morning."


"I forgot it was not my phone. So when the phone later rang, I sprang out of bed, said "I'm up, Thank you" and dashed around in a daze. I ate my sawdust breakfast and wondered if my friend ever came home. The house was quiet as a tomb. I looked outside to see if he got a morning newspaper. There was none. So, I got into my car and marveled at all the people up at that hour. Streets were busy and all the lights were on in the buildings. Oh well, I thought. This is Los Angeles."


"We were shooting interiors of The Lone Ranger at the Fox Western Studios. When I got to the studio, it was all dark. The gate man asked, "What are you doing here Mr. Arthur?" I said, "I've come to work." At ten at night" he asked. I hadn't realized that when I answered the phone, it was my friend's phone and not my answering service. So I guess I had slept a few hours and felt rested. Sheepishly, I returned to the apartment where a big party was in full swing. I joined the party in my Lone Ranger outfit and stayed up the rest of the night and then went to work at five-thirty in the morning. I always said all you had to do in those old westerns was say "He went that-away", and you'd be in the right script."


Another episode I remember is this: "One night I was watching one of the old Lone Ranger programs and wondered aloud who the kid was. I told myself I must be slipping, that I should remember his name and thought that I might have known him very well at one time. Gradually it dawned on me that the kid was me!"


Robert sent me the picture of himself that you see above as well as his filmography. He went on to say that: "Unfortunately, most of my memorabilia, photographs, stills, etc. were lost in the earthquake of 1994 that we suffered in Los Angeles. I had everything in a storage locker under the Santa Monica Freeway. The freeway collapsed on top of it and they bulldozed everything away, including my scrapbooks and pictures."


Robert Arthur appeared in the following Lone Ranger episodes:

"Trouble for Tonto" July 20, 1950 Episode # 45

"Outlaw's Son" September 11, 1952 Episode # 79

"Ranger in Danger" October 30, 1952 Episode # 86

The following photos of Robert Arthur are from an episode of
The Lone Ranger titled "Ranger in Danger" from October 30, 1952

Robert Arthur plays the part of Terry Britt, who was saved from an Indian attack by Bull Gunderson. Terry has been following the criminal ever since.

Bull Gunderson (Douglas Kennedy) is talking to Terry Britt in the hide-out and he learns that 2 other members of his gang have been arrested.

Terry is beaten up by Bull to make his story more believeable when Terry is "found" by The Lone Ranger in the ambush plot.

Another scene shortly after Terry is beaten as part of the plot to lead them to their death down an old mine shaft.

Terry is found by the Lone Ranger & Tonto and are taken in by his story of being attacked by two men.

The Lone Ranger & Tonto provide medical aid to Terry while listening to his story.

Terry will be punished for his crimes but promises that he will never again follow Gunderson.

John Hart, Jay Silverheels, Douglas Kennedy and Robert Arthur star in this episode


Thanks to Robert Arthur for his willingness to share some information about his experiences with The Lone Ranger show. I always enjoy hearing from any actor who appeared on The Lone Ranger show and in the various Lone Ranger movies.

* On October 1, 2008, Robert passed away at his home in Aberdeen, WA.

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