"Robert Arthur Filmography"


"Robert Arthur Film Credits"

"Sunset Beat" (1990) as a minister

"Senior Prom" (1988) as a shocked minister

"Skin Deep" (1988) as a wacky minister

"Beverly Hills Brats" (1988) as an eccentric salesman

"Switchblade" (1959) as a juvenile delinquent

"Young and Wild" (1958) as Jerry Coltrin

"Hellcats of the Navy" (1957) as a navy crewman, Freddy Warren

"Three Violent People" (1956) as a one-legged Rebel veteran

"The Desperadoes are in Town" (1956) as Lenny Kesh

"Top of the World" (1955) as Lieutenant Skippy McGuire

"Return from the Sea" (1954) as a sailor named Porter

"Take the High Ground" (1953) as Donald Quentin Dover IV

"Young Bess" (1953) as Barnaby

"The System" (1953) as Rex Merrick

"The Ring" (1952) as a boxing opponent, Billy Smith

"Just for You" (1952) as Jerry Blake

"On the Loose" (1951) as Larry Lindsay

"The Big Carnival" (1951) as Herbie Cook

"Air Cadet" (1951) as Walt Carver

"September Affair" (1950) as David Lawrence Jr

"Belles on Their Toes" (1952) as Frank Gilbreth

"Twelve O'Clock High" (1949) as Sergeant McIllhenny, General Savage's Driver

"You're My Everything" (1949) as College Boy (Harold)

"Mother is a Freshman" (1949) as Beaumont Jackson

"Yellow Sky" (1948) as Bull Run

"Green Grass of Wyoming" (1948) as Ken

"Mother Wore Tights" (1947) as Bob Clarkman

"The Devil on Wheels" (1947)

"Nora Prentiss" (1947) as Gregory Talbot

"Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" (1946) as Harry Townsend

"Nobody Lives Forever" (1946) as bell hop

"Night and Day" (1946) as a customer

"Never Say Good-bye" (1945) as bell hop

"Danger Signal" (1945) as a young boy

"Too Young to Know" (1945) as Jimmy

"Roughly Speaking" (1945) as Frankie at 17

"Mildred Pierce" (1945) as high school boy (uncredited)


"Robert Arthur TV Credits"

Robert Arthur has starred or been featured in over 600 television shows from 1950 to date, including:

"Playhouse 90", "Men of Annapolis", "Sky King", "Telephone Hour", "FBI", "Lux Video", "Matinee Theater", "Twelve O'Clock High", "Star Theatre", "Four Star Playhouse", "Philco Playhouse", "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.", "Screen Directors Playhouse", "Navy Log", "Fireside Theatre", "Cross Roads", "Public Defender", "Waterfront", "John Nesbitt's Passing Parade", "Frontier", "Code 3", "Revue Productions", "The Lone Ranger", "Frontier Doctor", "Family Films", "G.E. Theatre", "Lux Presents Hollywood", "General Hospital", "Highway to Heaven", "Designing Women", "Sunset Beat"


Thanks to Robert Arthur for his willingness to share some information about his experiences with The Lone Ranger show. I always enjoy hearing from any actor who has appeared on The Lone Ranger show.

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